Jesuit conference

"God has blessed the Society with an incomparable fund of documents which allow us to contemplate clearly our origins, our fundamental charism."
Pedro Arrupe SJ

"Increasing interest in Jesuit history during the last two decades reveals the importance of our archives for understanding many dimensions of not only our own history but also Church and global history during the past five centuries…it is certainly gratifying, humbling and encouraging that so many people who are not Jesuits take advantage of our archives and study the Society’s past."
Adolfo Nicolas SJ


The Irish Jesuit Archives (IJA) contains the records of the Jesuits in Ireland from 1575 onwards. The archives primary role is to preserve and protect the memory of Irish Jesuits. It acts as a bridge between past, present and future. You can find out about what the archives holds, what resources are online, how to contact us and who we are.

August 2014:
The bull Sollicitudo omnium ecclesiarum of 7 August 1814 restored the Society of Jesus

July 2014:
Hiberniae Catalogs for the years of the Roothaan generalte (1829-53)