Fr John Sullivan SJ

On 13 May 2017 at the Church of St Francis Xavier, Gardiner Street, Dublin, Fr John Sullivan SJ (1861-1933) will be beatified. For further information: Fr John Sullivan SJ

The Irish Jesuit Archives has a small amount of material on Fr Sullivan, and interestingly so does the state. The OPW Library has a collection of 40 books that were in the possession of Rathfarnham Castle, where Fr John Sullivan SJ was Rector  (1919-1924). 12 of those books were in Fr Sullivan’s room at the time of his death. Marsh’s Library and the British Library both have online, examples of books that Fr John’s brother, Sir Edward Sullivan,  decorated, as he pursued his hobby of bookbinding.

Some material on Fr John Sullivan SJ can be found in the National Archives of Ireland in papers from the Department of Foreign Affairs (1960). There was coordination between the Department of External Affairs, the Irish Jesuits, the Vatican and the Irish Embassy in the Holy See, over the transfer of the papers (weighing 87 kilos) connected to the start of the beatification process for Fr John Sullivan SJ. There seems to have been some apprehension with the transfer of the case of papers from Dublin to Rome, as ‘apart from deliberate or Customs interference, there are people who collect seals.’ The transfer went smoothly, and Aer Lingus only charged a fee of £19.12.2.