Jesuit chaplains & Rathfarnham Castle in the First World War

This exhibition tells the story of the Jesuits chaplains and Rathfarnham Castle in the First World War.  In 1913, the Jesuits purchased Rathfarnham Castle and during the war, it housed Jesuits who were attending university and missioners.  The Castle provided a sacred space, where the Jesuits prayed and played.   Jesuit chaplains Frs Willie Doyle, Joseph Flinn, Henry Gill and Patrick O’ Mara were missioners based at Rathfarnham Castle, prior to their serving as chaplains in the First World War.  Jesuit chaplains served at the frontline with the soldiers.  In the circumstances of war, some chaplains were transformed into truly exceptional men and for others who survived the conflict, they never recovered from their war-time experiences.  In remembering them, we need to read the past with respect and to acknowledge the different traditions and loyalties.

The exhibition features the award-winning graphic short, A Perfect Trust, by illustrator, Alan Dunne, original photographs and artifacts from the Irish Jesuit Archives relating to the First World War and Rathfarnham Castle, and a personal memento by the artist, Rita Duffy.

3rd November-10th December 2017