The Jesuits at Rathfarnham Castle, 1913-1923

Rebellion and Revolution in Dublin: Voices from a Suburb, Rathfarnham, 1913-23 is a collection of essays, edited by Marnie Hay and Daire Keogh, which explores connections between the Irish revolution and the people and places of the Dublin suburb of Rathfarnham. The Irish Jesuit Archives has an article on The Jesuits at Rathfarnham Castle, 1913-1923. It details Jesuit experiences at Rathfarnham during the First World War and subsequent years. The Juniors (Jesuits who attended university) had a debating society which reflected the issues of the day in Irish society.

The first motion of 1914 was ‘That women should have the vote’; the motion was rejected.  The second motion was to the effect that if ‘Ireland were granted Home Rule, it would not be to her advantage to maintain the connection with England’. The debate on this motion was of an ‘extremely stormy character, and terminated in the repudiation of the Imperial connection’. Other debates in 1915 and 1916 concentrated on the Irish language,  Catholicism and conscription. After the events of Easter 1916, the debates were cancelled for the rest of the year.

The book is available from any South Dublin Library or here.