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Wrafter, Joseph, 1865-1934, Jesuit priest

  • Person
  • 09 August 1865-05 September 1934

J 705

WW1 Chaplain

Born 09 August 1865, Rosenallis, Co Offaly
Entered 03 November 1883, Milltown/Dromore
Ordained 1899
Professed 15 August 1902
Died 05 September 1934, St Francis Xavier, Gardiner St, Dublin

by 1894 at Leuven Belgium (BELG) studying
by 1901 at Sartirana, Merate, Como, Italy (VEN) making Tertianship
by 1917 Military Chaplain : 8th Royal Munster Fusiliers, France
by 1918 Military Chaplain : 7th Leinster Regiment, BEF France
by 1919 Military Chaplain : Chaplain to the Forces, Schveningen, Netherlands

HIB Menologies SJ : Note from Nicholas Walsh Entry :
He died in the end room of Bannon’s corridor, and the Provincial William Delaney and Minister Joseph Wrafter were with him at the end.”

Wrigley, William, 1859-1883, Jesuit scholastic

  • Person
  • 21 August 1859-24 February 1883

Born 21 August 1859, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Entered 31 January 1880, Sevenhill Australia - Austriaco-Hungaricae Province (ASR-HUN)
Died 24 February 1883, St Ignatius College, Riverview, Sydney, Australia

Transcribed ASR-HUN to HIB : 1882

HIB Menologies SJ :
Early education at St Patrick’s College, and Melbourne University.

First Australian Jesuit to join HIB

Died at Riverview of a stroke, following a cricket match in which he had played, 24/02/1883. His death had a profound effect on the students, all went to Confession that night and Mass the following day. At the funeral, they walked in procession, three abreast.

Wulfe, James, 1724-1783, Jesuit priest

  • Person
  • 1724-19 June 1783

Born 1724, El Puerta de Santa Maria, Cadiz, Spain
Entered 1748, Seville, Spain - Baeticae Province (BAE)
Ordained c 1754,
Died 19 June 1783, Ferrara, Italy - Peruvianae Province (PER)

1751 or 1754 He went to Peru certainly there in 1754 and already ordained.
Procurator in several colleges.
At the time of the expulsion he was acting as Prefect of the Houses of Retreats and the Confraternity of Loreto at Arequipa. He survived a journey, and landed in Italy, where he joined other Spanish exiles. He died at Ferrara in 1783.

Yeomans, William, 1925-1989. Jesuit priest

  • Person
  • 10 May 1925-08 January 1989

Born 10 May 1925, Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Entered 07 September 1942, Roehampton London - Angliae Province (ANG)
Ordained 31 July 1956
Professed 02 February 1960
Died 08 January 1989, London, England - Angliae Province (ANG)

by 1948 came to Tulllabeg (HIB) studying 1947-1950
by 1973 came to work at Veritas Communications Centre in Booterstown (HIB)

Young, Charles, 1798-1896, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/448
  • Person
  • 21 December 1798-16 January 1896

Born: 21 December 1798, Dublin
Entered: 02 September 1832, Hodder, Stonyhurst, England (ANG)
Ordained: by 1844
Professed: 15 August 1852
Died: 16 January 1896, St Stanislaus College, Tullabeg, County Offaly

by 1839 in Namur studying Physics
by 1852 in Rome studying
by 1854 at Malta College teaching (ANG)

HIB Menologies SJ :
He had two brothers Priests of the Dublin Diocese, William and Henry - Henry was buried in the vaults of the Pro-Cathedral.
He had been a merchant who purchased Belvedere House for the Jesuits before Ent.
He had travelled much during his life, especially in Spain.

He studied in Rome and spent some time in Malta.
He was in the Dublin Residence for a short time.
He was Spiritual Father for long periods in Clongowes and Tullabeg.

Note from John MacDonald Entry :
He was attended there in his last hours by the saintly Charles Young.

Note from Patrick Rickaby Entry :
He also had a wonderful gift of taking care of the sick. This he did at Tullabeg, where he watched over the venerable Charles Young who died in his 98th year.

Young, John, 1589-1664, Jesuit priest

  • Person
  • 15 August 1589-13 July 1664

Born 15 August 1589, Cashel, Co Tipperary
Entered 13 May 1610, St Andrea, Rome, Italy - Romanae Province (ROM)
Ordained 1621, Louvain, Belgium
Professed 14 July 1633
Died 13 July 1664, Irish College, Rome, Italy - Romanae Province (ROM)

Had studied Rhetoric before Entry then at Douai and Louvain
1655 In Irish College Rome (Fr Ferri being Rector)
1656-1660 Rector Irish College Rome (Bellarmino and Philip Roche are Consultors)
1662 John Young and William St Leger ask and obtain a papal indulgence for 100 Irish Jesuits (Arch Ir Col Rom XXVI 6)
Taught Humanities, Greek was Preacher, Superior, Master of Novices and Tertian Instructor
He wrote “Relationem de Civitate Corcagie et de Civicate Kilkennie” and “Libros Tres Militia Evangelicae” and “Vitam St Patrick Apostoli” and many other books.
His portrait was published in 1793 by William Richardson, Castle St, Leinster Sq, London

Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
Son of Robert Yong and Beatrice née Sall or Sallan (Sallanus)
Studied Humanities in Flanders before Ent, and then in the Society two years Philosophy and four years Theology.
1624 Sent to Ireland. He knew Latin, Greek, Irish, English, French and some Italian.
He taught Humanities and Greek for eight years; Preacher and Confessor for thirty years; Director of BVM Sodality twenty years; Superior of various Residences eighteen years; Master of Novices at Kilkenny and Galway five years; Consultor of Mission five years; Vice-Superior of Mission one year. (HIB CAT 1650 - ARSI) also Master of Tertians
He devoted himself to the Irish Mission for thirty years, chiefly in Cork, Waterford and Galway. During the persecution, he frequently went to people’s houses disguised as a miller.
He laid the foundation for the Novitiate at Waterford (should be Kilkenny?). He had to move this Novitiate to Galway, on account of the advance of the rebel Parliamentary forces, and was soon compelled to go with his novices to Europe.
He was then made Rector of the Irish College in Rome, and he was in office for eight years, and died in Rome 13/07/1664 aged 75 (Tanners “Confessors SJ”)
Several of his letters are extant and interesting. Several to Fr General dated Kilkenny, 30/01/1647, 30/06/1648, 31/12/1648, 08/02/1649, 22/06/1649 describe the situation relating to the history of this period. Later there are two letters from Galway to Fr General, 20/04/1650 and 14/08/1650 (Oliver, Stonyhurst MSS).
A Writer; A very holy Priest; He took a Vow to observe the Rules.
Mercure Verdier (Irish Mission Visitor reporting in 1649) described him as “a distinguished Preacher, and remarkable for every species of religious virtue”
Father General ordered his portrait to be taken after death and his panegyric to be preached in the Roman College

Fr Francis Finegan SJ :
Son of Robert and Beatrice née Sall
Had made his classical education in Flanders before Ent 13/05/1610 Rome
1612-1617 After First Vows, because of ill health, he was sent to Belgium and Courtray (Kortrijk) for Regency where he taught Greek.
1617-1621 He was then sent for Philosophy at Antwerp and Theology at Louvain where he was Ordained 1621.
1621 Sent to Ireland and Cashel, Clonmel and Kilkenny - to the great regret of Lessius who had wanted him appointed as a Chair in Philosophy - where he devoted himself to teaching young people and giving missions.
For many years he was Superior at the Cork Residence
When the Novitiate opened in Kilkenny he was appointed Novice Master
1646-1647 During the inter-regnum that followed the resignation of Robert Nugent as Mission Superior he acted as Vice-Superior of the Irish Mission
1651-1656 When the invasion of Cromwell resulted in the closure of the Novitiate he went back to Rome, initially as Procurator of the Irish Mission (1651) and then sent as Spiritual Father of the Irish College (1652-1656) as well as Tertian Instructor in Romanae Province (ROM)
1656 Rector of Irish College Rome 24/02/1656 where he remained until he died in Office 13/07/1664
He died with the reputation of a Saint. Wonderful stories were told of the favours he received from God in prayer, and information as to his virtues was gathered in Ireland and forwarded to Rome as if it was intended to prepare his cause for beatification.

Yüan Ting-tung, Matthew, 1923-1991, Jesuit priest

  • Person
  • 15 September 1923-08 May 1991

Born 15 September 1923, Shanghai, China
Entered 30 August 1945, Angliae Province (ANG)
Ordained 18 March 1956
Professed 02 February 1963
Died 08 May 1991, Linkou, Taipei, Taiwan - Sinensis Province (CHN)

by 1959 came to Aberdeen Hong Kong (HIB) teaching

Zarnitz, Clemens, 1851-1928, Jesuit priest

  • Person
  • 04 February 1851-17 May 1928

Born 04 February 1851, Beverungen, Westfalen, Germany
Entered 30 September 1869, Friedrichsburg Germany - Germaniae Province (GER)
Ordained 1882
Professed 15 August 1887
Died 17 May 1928, Dortmund, Westfalen, Germany - Germaniae Province (GER)

by 1885 came to Milltown (HIB) to lecture 1884-1886

Zenti, Francesco, 1814-1851, Jesuit brother

  • Person
  • 21 July 1814-16/02/1851

Born 21 July 1814, Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy
Entered 06 September 1840, Chieri Italy - Taurensis Province (TAUR)
Died 16 February 1851, Dublin - Taurensis Province (TAUR)

Part of the St Beuno’s, Wales community at the time of death

Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
On the dispersion of the TAUR Province in the Revolution of 1848, he was sent to England and lived at St Beuno’s College.
His mind became affected and he was sent to Hartfield House, Drumcondra, Dublin for treatment.
He had a few days clarity and was able to go to Confession and Communion, but a few days later he suffered a hemorrhage, died and is buried at Glasnevin

Zimmerman, Athanasius, 1839-1911, Jesuit priest

  • Person
  • 05 November 1839-12 March 1911

Born 05 November 1839, Betra, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Entered 22 October 1857, Baden-Würtemberg, Germany - Germaniae Province (GER)
Ordained 1872
Professed 15 August 1876
Died 12 March 1911, Valkenburg, Netherlands - Germaniae Province (GER)

Came to HIB to teach at Clongowes 1877 - 1885

de Bénazé, Octave Joseph, 1843-1908, Jesuit priest

  • Person
  • 14 September 1843-08 September 1908

Born 14 September 1843, Meillac, Brittany, France
Entered 03 March 1876, Angers, France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Ordained 1883
Professed 15 August 1891
Died 08 September 1908, Meillac, Brittany, France - Franciae Province (FRA)

Part of the Angers, France community at the time of death

by 1886 came to Mungret (HIB) as Minister, Teacher and Church 1885-1887

de Colgrave, Andrew Geoge, 1717-1768, Jesuit priest

  • Person
  • 17 November 1717-19 October 1768,

Born 17 November 1717, Ireland
Entered 02 September 1734, Rheims, Champagne, France - Campaniae Province (CAMP)
Professed 02 February 1752
Died 19 October 1768, Spetchley Park, Worcs, England - Angliae Province (ANG)

1746 was in 3rd year Theology
1752 at Dijon where he took 4 Vows on 02/02/1752
1754 Befoe this had taught Humanities and Philosophy for 5 years
In 1761 and 1763 Catalogue

Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
1746 In Third year Theology
1748-1754 Taught Philosophy in CAMP at Dijon
1754 Sent to ANG

de Leny, William, 1692-1760, Jesuit brother

  • Person
  • 11 August 1692-

Born 11 August 1692, Dublin
Entered 16 July 1717, Asunción, Paraguay - Paraguayensis Province (PAR)
Died 13 May 1760, Córdoba de Tucuman, Argentina - Paraguayensis Province (PAR)

Fr John MacErlean SJ :
1720-1730 At College of Buenos Aires, Argentina
1730-1736 At College of Córdoba de Tucuman, Argentina
1736-1746 At College of Corrientes, Argentina (on the Paraná)
1748 At College of Córdoba de Tucuman, Argentina until his death in 1760

de MacCarthy, Nicolas Tuite, 1769-1833, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/279
  • Person
  • 21 May 1769-03 May 1833

Born: 21 May 1769, Dublin
Entered: 07 February 1818, Paris France - Galliae Province (GALL)
Ordained: 1814 - pre Entry
Professed: 15 August 1828, Annecy, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France
Died: 03 May 1833, Annecy, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France - Galliae Province (GALL)

Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
From an illustrious Irish family. Aged four they moved to Toulouse, seeking liberty of conscience he couldn’t find in his own country.

After Ordination in 1814, he began that brilliant career which placed him in the foremost ranks of the most distinguished modern Preachers.
1817 or 1826 He was offered a Bishopric of Montaubon, but declined it to enter the Society , which he did the same year.

As a Religious, and until his death, he appeared in the principal pulpits in France, ad after 1830 preached in Rome, Turin and Annecy (cf de Backer “Biblioth. des Écrivains SJ”, where he has a list of his numerous published sermons and other works)
He was regarded in France as the ablest of her Preachers,
(cf Foley’s Collectanea)

de Maistre, Joseph, 1861-1931, Jesuit priest

  • Person
  • 21 June 1861-03 May 1931

Born 21 June 1861, Beaumesnil, Normandy, France
Entered 14 August 1878, Angers France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Ordained 1891
Professed 02 February 1894
Died 03 May 1931, Paris, France - Franciae Province (FRA)

by 1883 came to Limerick (HIB) for Regency 1882-1887

Ó Brolcháin, Pádraic, 1909-1955, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/315
  • Person
  • 22 October 1909-08 January 1955

Born: 22 October 1909, Dublin
Entered: 01 September 1928, St Stanislaus College, Tullabeg, County Offaly
Ordained: 13 May 1942
Professed: 02 February 1945
Died: 08 January 1955, Dublin

Part of Coláiste Iognáid community, Galway at time of his death.

Ó Cahan, Matthew, 1703-1739, Jesuit priest

  • Person
  • 21 September 1703-15 September 1739

Born 21 September 1703, Lisbon, Portugal
Entered 13 September 1720, Bordeaux, France - Aquitaniae Province (AQUIT)
Ordained 1730, Bordeaux, France
Professed 1737
Died 15 September 1739, Irish College, Poitiers, France - Aquitaniae Province (AQUIT)

1733-1737 At Irish College Poitiers teaching Humanities and Rhetoric
of Irish parentage

Fr Francis Finegan SJ :
Early education in Philosophy was at Irish College Poitiers
1722-1728 After First Vows he spent six years Regency and Périgueux and La Rochelle.
1728-1732 He then was set for Theology at Bordeaux and was Ordained 1730
1732-1733 He was sent teaching at Agen for a year
1733 Sent to Irish College Poitiers as Procurator, where he worked until he died 15/09/1739. He was regarded by his contemporaries as a man of deeply religious virtue
Ignatius Kelly and his successor, Thomas Hennessy both tried to have Matthew assigned to the Irish Mission. This is but one of many instances where Irish Jesuits regarded Jesuits born abroad of Irish parents as belonging potentially to their Mission in Ireland.

Ó Cathain, Seán, 1905-1989, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/317
  • Person
  • 27 May 1905-26 December 1989

Born: 27 May 1905, Belfast, County Antrim
Entered: 31 August 1923, St Stanislaus College, Tullabeg, County Offaly
Ordained: 31 July 1938
Professed: 02 February 1941
Died: 26 December 1989, Dublin

Part of the Sacred Heart community, Limerick.

by 1930 at Berchmanskolleg, Pullach, Germany (GER S) studying

Ó Duibhir, Sean, 1921-2007, Jesuit priest and irish language editor

  • IE IJA J/583
  • Person
  • 21 April 1921-23 October 2007

Born: 21 April 1921, Limerick City, County Limerick
Entered: 07 September 1939
Ordained: 31 July 1953
Professed: 05 November 1977
Died: 23 October 2007, St Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin

Part of the Milltown Park, Dublin community at the time of death.

Ó Laoghaire, Diarmuid, 1915-2001, Jesuit priest

  • Person
  • 01 August 1915-21 July 2001

J 639

Born 01 August 1915, Dublin
Entered 07 September 1933, Emo
Ordained 28 July 1948
Professed 02 February 1951
Died 21 July 2001, St Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin

Part of the Milltown Park, Dublin community at the time of death

by 1944 at St Mary’s College, Aberystwyth, Wales (ANG) studying

Ó Neachtain, Peadar, 1709-1756, Jesuit priest

  • Person
  • 29 June 1709-28 October 1756

Alias Ignatius Norton

Born 29 June 1709, Dublin
Entered 27 May 1729, Madrid, Spain - Toletanae Province (TOLE)
Ordained 1737, Toledo, Spain
Professed 02 February 1749
Died 28 October 1756, Murcia, Spain - Toletanae Province (TOLE)

Taught Rhetoric, Minis and Moral Theology. Was Prefect of Studies

Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
Son of Teig (son of William) O’Neachtan and his wife Catherina Birmingham, not Cruice as O’Reilly wrongly states in his “Irish Writers”. A man named Birmingham is called in irish “MacFeorais” and a lady “Ni Cheoris:. Mrs O’Neachtan is called “mother of the reverend learned Father Peter O’Neachtan, of the holy Ordere of Jesus - do Naom Ord Iosa”
Note from John O’Neachton Entry :
A John O’Neachton wote verses “on the death of Catherine Cruice, wife of Teig O’Neachton, and mother of Peter SJ. They began : “Catriona ni Ceoris an oigbean bus aille - Catherinea Cruice, the young woman (who) was beautiful” (O’Reilly “Irish Writers”)

Fr Francis Finegan SJ :
Son of Tadgh or Thady (poet) and Catherine née Nic Fheorais (Birmingham). Baptised by Canon Valentine Rivers (an alumnus of the Dublin Jesuit School)
Early education was at the Jesuit School in Dublin under Milo O’Byrne and then Philosophy at Canon John Harold’s Academy. In May 1728 with a letter of reccommendation to the Rector, he headed for Santiago (the events of his journey are recorded in a poem by his father), and after a few months there enterd the Irish College at Salamanca for a year before Ent 27/05/1729 Madrid
After First Vows he was sent for studies to Alcalà and for Theology to Toledo where he was Ordained 1737
1737-1743 Sent to teach Rhetoric to the Jesuit Scholastics at Villarejo
1743-1745 Sent to Alcalà to teach Philosophy
1745-1755 Sent to Murcia for a Chair of Moral theology.
1755 He was sent back to Alcalà to teach Moral Theology, but his health failed him afterwards and he had to resign. He moved to Murcia and died there 28/10/1756
In the Society Ó Neachtain was known by the anglicised version “Norton”. As an Irish speaker, The Mission Superior Thomas Hennessy had made representations to have him sent to the Irish Mission. His Superiors in TOLE had such a high regard for his gifts that they refused to release him.
His Obit pays triute to a man of high intellectual gifts, which inspired so many of his Spanish students, though he was also much sought after by lay people as a Spiritual Guide.

Ó Peicín, Diarmuid, 1916-2008, Jesuit priest

  • Person
  • 16 October 1916-04 March 2008

J 611

Born 16 October 1916, Dublin
Entered 07 September 1934, Emo
Ordained 31 July 1949
Professed 15 August 1953
Died 04 March 2008, Cherryfield Lodge, Dublin

Part of the Milltown Park, Dublin at the time of death

Dermot Peakin - by 1985 Diarmuid Ó Peicín;

by 1967 at Handsworth Birmingham (ANG) working
by 1968 at Erdington Birmingham (ANG) working
by 1970 at Walthamstow, London (ANG) working
by 1971 at London, England (ANG) working
by 1975 at Dockhead London (ANG) working
by 1976 at Redcross London (ANG) working
by 1977 at London W2 (ANG) working
by 1978 at Rotherhithe London (ANG) working

Ó Riordan, Colm, 1919-1992, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/534
  • Person
  • 31 May 1919-02 December 1992

Born: 31 May 1919, Oranmore, County Galway
Entered 07 September 1936, St Mary's, Emo, County Laois
Ordained: 31 July 1949
Professed: 05 November 1977
Died: 02 December 1992, Heathrow Airport, London, England in transit to Jesuit Residence, Kitwe, Zambia.

by 1952 at Chikuni, Chisekesi, N Rhodesia (POL Mi) working - fourth wave of Zambian Missioners

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