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Allenou, Sylvain, 1854-1916, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/872
  • Person
  • 02 July 1854-28 July 1916

Born: 02 July 1854, Paimpol, Brittany, France
Entered: 03 March 1876, Angers France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Ordained: 1888
Final vows: 02 February 1892
Died 28 July 1916, Poitiers, Vienne, France - Franciae Province (FRA)

by 1885 came to Mungret (HIB) for Regency

Aubier, Jean, 1826-1898, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/883
  • Person
  • 05 June 1826-28 June 1898

Born: 05 June 1826, Villemurlin, Centre-Val de Loire, France
Entered: 11 September 1850, Angers, France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Ordained: 1855
Final vows: 15 August 1867
Died: 28 June 1898, St Mary's College, Canterbury, England - Franciae Province (FRA)

by 1887 came to Mungret (HIB) as Minister, Teacher and working in the Church 1886-1888

Baron, François, 1834-1922, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/896
  • Person
  • 21 April 1834-23 September 1922

Born: 21 April 1834, Marcilly-en-Gault, France
Entered: 21 November 1871, Angers France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Ordained: - pre Entry
Final vows: 15 August 1883
Died: 23 September 1922, Laval, France - Franciae Province (FRA)

by 1881 came to Milltown (HIB) as Min Jun 1881-1882

Barthélemy, Marc, 1857-1913, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/907
  • Person
  • 16 January 1857-17 November 1913

Born: 16 January 1857, Rouen, Normany, France
Entered: 22 November 1874, Angers, France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Ordained: 1888
Final vows: 08 September 1895
Died: 17 November 1913, Bulawayo, Northern Rhodesia - Franciae Province (FRA)

by 1886 came to Mungret (HIB) for Regency

Carré, Eugene, 1846-1909, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1026
  • Person
  • 01 August 1849-16 November 1909

Born: 01 August 1849, Belz, Morbihan, Brittany, France
Entered: 15 October 1869, Angers, France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Ordained: 1883
Professed: 15 August 1903
Died: 16 November 1909, Guelph, Ontario, Canada - Canadensis Province (CAN)

Part of the College of the Immaculate Conception, De Larimer, Montreal, Québec, Canada community at the time of death

Transcribed FRA to Camp : 1887; CAMP to CAN 1891

by 1885 came to Mungret (HIB) teaching 1884-1885

Daniel, Jacques, 1851-1921, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1164
  • Person
  • 05 April 1851-02 October 1921

Born: 05 April 1851, Mégrit, Brittany, France
Entered: 18 April 1875, Angers, France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Ordained: 1884
Final vows: 02 February 1893
Died: 02 October 1921, St Aloysius, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands - Franciae Province (FRA)

by 1887 came to Mungret (HIB) as Minister, Teacher and Church 1886-1888

◆ The Mungret Annual, 1922


Father Jacques Daniel SJ

Fr. Daniel was one of the French Fathers who were at Mungret in the early days of the College, during the years 1886 to 1888, He taught Metaphysics and Ethics, giving the lectures in Latin. His teaching was very efficient and very much appreciated by his pupils.

In the Jubilee number of the Mungret Annual (June, 1907) it is recorded under date 1888, July 26th : “Fr Aubier and Fr Daniel left Mungret to-day. Fr Daniel's departure is much regretted, especially by next year's philosophers. During his two years' stay in Mungret his labours as Professor of Philosophy were crowned with most brilliant success”.

In the year 1887-88 he was Prefect of Discipline for both Apostolics and Seminarists (ie, of the diocese of Limerick who were then at Mungret College). Fr J B R René was Rector of the House and Director of the Apostolic School; but we understand from one who was here at the'time that Fr Daniel had a great deal to do with the practical direction of the Apostolic students. In the same number of the Annual, among the distinctions gained in those years, mention is made in 1887 of honours in Mental and Moral Science with Exhibition awarded to Ed Cahill; and in 1888 the same successes secured by three, W Turner, D Danaher and P Horan. The Ed Cahill named is, we need hardly say, Fr Cahill SJ, who has been so long connected with the College in several capacities, and is now again amongst us as Superior of the Apostolic School. The W Turner developed into the author of the well-known History of Philosophy, and is now Bishop of Buffalo (USA). The P Horan referred to is now the distinguished V Rev P Horan, of Little Rock (Ark, USA). Others among Fr. Daniel's pupils were H Moynihan, the Rector of St Thomas College, St Paul (Ma), M J Gallagher, now Bishop of Detroit, P Enright, the late René Jeanniere SJ, and many others who have distinguished themselves in work for the Church.

We add a few facts as to the rest of the life of Fr Daniel, which may have a special interest for his old pupils. He was born in 1851 at Mégrit, in Brittany, passed some years at the Seminary of St Brieuc, entered the Society in 1875, and was ordained in 1884. After his time in Ireland he was successively Professor of Philosophy, of Dogma and of Moral Theology, and Spiritual Father at the scholasticate of Jersey from 1889 to 1901. He was Rector there from 1901 to 1906, when he was appointed Provincial of the Paris Province. In this capacity he went as visitor to the missions of the Society in China. Later he became Instructor of Tertians. Finally, in 1919, he returned to Jersey as Spiritual Father, an office which he discharged up to his death in the autumn of 1921. One morning last autumn, on being called at 4 o'clock, he had answered as usual. An hour and a half later he did not appear to say his Mass, and on his server going to look for him he was found dead in his room.

The previous evening he had received all who came to consult him up to the usual hour of retiring.

He was. remarkable for his clear intellect, for large mindedness and sureness of direction, as well as for a kindness and affability which endeared him to all. In fine, he was a model religious and observant of community life in all its details. RIP

de Bénazé, Octave Joseph, 1843-1908, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1430
  • Person
  • 14 September 1843-08 September 1908

Born: 14 September 1843, Meillac, Brittany, France
Entered: 03 March 1876, Angers, France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Ordained: 1883
Final vows: 15 August 1891
Died: 08 September 1908, Meillac, Brittany, France - Franciae Province (FRA)

Part of the Angers, France community at the time of death

by 1886 came to Mungret (HIB) as Minister, Teacher and Church 1885-1887

de Maistre, Joseph, 1861-1931, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1434
  • Person
  • 21 June 1861-03 May 1931

Born: 21 June 1861, Beaumesnil, Normandy, France
Entered: 14 August 1878, Angers France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Ordained: 1891
Final vows: 02 February 1894
Died: 03 May 1931, Paris, France - Franciae Province (FRA)

by 1883 came to Limerick (HIB) for Regency 1882-1887

Gaffney, Myles, 1798-1861, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/813
  • Person
  • 07 April 1798-05 February 1861

Born: 07 April 1798, Belfast, County Antrim
Entered: 10 October 1856, Milltown Park, Dublin
Ordained - pre Entry
Died: 05 February 1861, Angers, Loire, France

Grand-nephew of John Austin - RIP 1784; Older brother of John Gaffney - RIP 1898

by 1860 at Angers, France (TOL) English Confessor and caring for his health

◆ HIB Menologies SJ :
He had been Dean in Maynooth, and had been sent to Bordeaux for health reasons when he died.

Note from John Gaffney Entry :
Older brother of John Gaffney - RIP 1898. He had been Dean at Maynooth, and he resigned that position in order to spend the last years of his life in the Order his older brother had chosen long before him. Their Grand-uncle was the celebrated John Austin, a remarkable Jesuit in Dublin towards the middle of the eighteenth Century.

Mallac, Jacques, 1829-1891, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1664
  • Person
  • 28 September 1829-23 November 1891

Born: 28 September 1829, Port-Louis, Mauritius
Entered: 28 April 1862, Angers France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Ordained: 1870
Final vows: 15 August 1855
Died: 23 November 1891, Paris, France - Franciae Province (FRA)

by 1885 came to UCD (HIB) to lecture 1884-1887

Nowlan, Henry Stanislaus, 1718-1791, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1836
  • Person
  • 11 April 1718-03 December 1791

Born: 11 April 1718, Dublin City, County Dublin
Entered: 30 July 1746, St Andrea, Rome, Italy (ROM)
Ordained: 30 July 1744, Rome, Italy - pre Entry
Final Vows: 15 August 1756
Died: 03 December 1791, Townsend St, Dublin

Had been a student of the Irish College Rome before Ent and Ordained in 1744
1760-1766 Rector Irish College Rome - in 1762 was Irish Agent in Rome and in communication with Fr Ricci (cf Fr Ward letter to Fr Betagh)
1766 Living outside ROM

◆ Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
1757 he was no doubt the “Enrico Nolan” who preached before the Pope (cf de Backer “Biblioth. des Écrivains SJ” under “Rome”) This view is confirmed by the fact that he was a friend of Father Thorpe, who went to Rome in 1756,
1773 In Dublin at the time of the Suppression, and one of the fifteen Irish Professed Fathers who signed an agreement on the Feast of Aloysius, 1776, to preserve the Mission funds for the Society, which they hoped to see restored.
1784 On 31/07/1754 he along with Richard O’Callaghan and Paul Power were named legatees and executors in John Fullam’s will.
1785 An Irish convert and friend of his, Thomas Smyth, writes from Angers to the “Rev H Nowlan, 20 Fleet St , Dublin” and says he “had a letter from father Thorpe, nothing new, ad if any thing, will let him know”. He writes again in 1788 to “Rev H Nowlan, 122 Townsend St, Dublin”, and says “Mr Thorpe was well when I heard. My children are at the Academy of Liège (probably Charles and Harry Smyth - cf “Records SJ”, Intro, Vol vii, p li and lii). My brother has a leaning towards Catholicity and wants me to join him in selling our property in Ireland and settling here. Please get my Pedigree done, as my son is going to be a Chevalier de Malte”.
1789 On 20/01/1789 - Henry Stanislaus Nowlan, of Townsend St in the city of Dublin, gent, in his will desires to be buried in his family burial place in St Peter’s Churchyard” and leaved his property to Father O’Halloran )ex-Jesuit) and Mr O’Callaghan, flour merchant, and brother of the Jesuit, no doubt for the Societatis Ressurrectura. (From HIB Archives and Bracken’s “Memoirs of the Suppression”)
Fr Betagh wrote to Father Stone that all the fathers in Ireland at the time of the Suppression were Professed, so I had put Father Nowland down as such, as he was in Ireland 1768 and 1772 (Hogan’s note)

◆ Fr Francis Finegan SJ :
Had studied at Irish College in Rome and was Ordained there 30 July 1744
1748-1752 After First Vows he was sent for Regency to Ascoli teaching Humanities
1752-1754 He was sent to hold a Chair of Philosophy at Ancona
1754-1757 Sent to Rome as Prefect of Studies at the Irish College, and a year later appointed to teach Philosophy at the Roman College
1757-1759 He was sent to the English College as Prefect of Studies
1759-1766 Rector Irish College Rome on 16 September 1759
1766 Hard to determine his movements. It was said in ROM Catalogue that he was in England, but this is questionable. He was back in Ireland at the time of the Suppression, and was one of the ex-Jesuit signatories who accepted on this on 07 January 1774 At the Dublin brief.
1774 He was then incardinated in the Dublin diocese where he served successively as Curate at Mary's Lane and Townsend Street Chapels. He died at the latter sometime between 20th January and 27th June 1789
Up to the time of his death he took an active part in the discussions and resolutions of the Dublin ex-Jesuits concerning the funds of the former Society which they administered in trust against the hoped-for day of the 'Society's Restoration

◆ James B Stephenson SJ Menologies 1973
Father Henry Nowlan SJ 1715-1791
Fr Henry Nowlan was one of the trustees of the Mission Funds after the Suppression.

He worked as a secular priest in St Michan’s Dublin and died in Townsend Street Dublin in 1791.

◆ MacErlean Cat Miss HIB SJ 1670-1770
Loose Note : Henry Nowlan
Those marked with
were working in Dublin when on 07 February 1774 they subscribed their submission to the Brief of Suppression
John Ward was unavoidably absent and subscribed later
Michael Fitzgerald, John St Leger and Paul Power were stationed at Waterford
Nicholas Barron and Joseph Morony were stationed at Cork
Edward Keating was then PP in Wexford

O'Donnell, Stephen, 1835-1859, Jesuit novice

  • IE IJA J/1891
  • Person
  • 18 February 1835-24 June 1859

Born: 18 February 1835, Limerick City, County Limerick
Entered: 20 October 1856, Angers, France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Died: 24 June 1859, Limerick City, County Limerick

◆ HIB Menologies SJ :
He died of decline at home in Limerick.

Perrin, Felix, 1858-1911, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1974
  • Person
  • 21 November 1858-11 May 1911

Born: 21 November 1858, Quintin, Brittany, France
Entered: 09 October 1877, Angers France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Ordained: 1892
Final vows: 29 June 1897
Died: 11 May 1911, Hoai-yuen, Anhui, China - Franciae Province (FRA)

by 1885 came to Mungret (HIB) for Regency

René, Jean-Baptist, 1841-1916, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/2043
  • Person
  • 22 August 1841-06 April 1916

Born: 22 August 1841, Montrevault-sur-Èvre, Maine-et-Loire, France
Entered: 28 September 1862, Angers France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Ordained: 1876, St Beuno’s, St Asaph, Wales
Final vows: 02 February 1881
Died: 06 April 1916, Los Gatos CA, USA - Franciae Province (FRA)

Uncle of René Jeannière (FRA) - RIP 1918

by 1881 came to Mungret (HIB) as Director of Apostolic School; Rector 1885 1880-1888 and brought his nephew René Jeannière with him as a student in 1885 (he subsequently joined FRA Province in 1889 and worked on the Chinese Mission)
Rector: 1885 1880-1888

◆ The Mungret Annual, 1912

Silver Jubilee

Father Jean-Baptist René SJ

On September 28th, 1912, Father René 19 celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of his entrance into the Society of Jesus. The celebration took place in Gonzaga College, Spokane, Wash, where Fr René has been living since 1904. On the morning of the jubilee day, the professors and students of the college assembled in the great hall to tender him their good wishes. Several members of the staff had formerly been Fr René's pupils in Mungret, and now the life-story of the venerable jubilarian was fittingly recounted in prose and verse. At the close of the proceedings Fr René spoke very touchingly, telling the boys that he summed up the success and happiness of his life in the one word, “sacrifice”. He then gave the boys the expected holiday. On the following day, Sunday, Fr René celebrated the solemn High Mass in the college church, and the Rector of the college paid, in his sermon, a very eloquent tribute to Fr René's life-work, especially his seven years in Mungret and his nine years in Alaska. At the banquet which was given that evening in his honour a large number of secular priests, who esteen Fr René very much, were present. A very interesting sketch of Fr René is given in the “Gonzaga College Magazine”, from which we cult the following facts :

Father John Baptist René is a descendant of those illustrious Vendeans who in the sanguinary days of the French Revolution stood so firm in the defence of their Religion. He was born August 2nd, 1841, at Montevaux in Anjou, France. After a brilliant course of classical studies at Combrée, and after having obtained a degree in the French University, he entered the Society of Jesus at Angers, September 28ıh, 1862. He did his ecclesiastical studies at Laval, France, and at St Beuno's in England where he was ordained to the priesthood, 1876. He passed the third year of his probation under the shadow of the famous shrine of the Sacred Heart at Paray-le-Monial.

In the Jubilee Number of the Mungret Annual (July,'07), we have already recounted the history of Fr René's providential call to become the first director of the Mungret Apostolic School. Fr Ronan SJ always asserted that his meeting with Fr René was an immediate answer lo his prayers at he shrine of Blessed Margaret Mary, Fr René's labours in Mungret extended over seven years (1882-88) during all of which time he was director of the, Apostolic School, and during the last three years Rector of the College. In 1888 he was recalled to France by his superiors, and two years later he followed some of his spiritual sons to the Jesuit missions in the Rocky mountains. Soon after he was appointed Rector of Gonzaga College, Spokane, Washington.

During Fr René's vigorous administration, Gonzaga College advanced rapidly. There was a general improvement in discipline, and greater proficiency in class work and studies, and in consequence, so large an increase in the number of students that Fr René had to add greatly to the College buildings.

In 1895 Fr. René went as a missionary to Juneau in Southern Alaska; and a year-and-a-half later, in March,'97 he was appointed Prefect Apostolic and Superior of the Alaska Mission. In this most difficult mission Fr René laboured with heroic fortitude and self-sacrifice till, worn out by his incessant labours and cares, he was finally relieved of his onerous duties in May, 1904. Since that time Fr René had resided at Gonzaga College, Spokane, as professor of Theology for the Jesuit Scholastics, and later on as professor of Hebrew and Spiritual Father.

Fr René is still in fairly good health; his love for Mungret and his deep interest in everything that, concerns her welfare has not diminished during the twenty years of labour and of change that he has lived since he guided her destinies when he imparted a shape and a direction to the spirit of the Apostolic School which it has never lost.

◆ The Mungret Annual, 1916


Father Jean-Baptist René SJ

The death of Father Réné, which took place at the Sacred Heart Novitiate SJ, Los Gatos, Cal, USA, has sent to his reward of the last of the founders of the Apostolic School. With the memory of Father Ronan that of Father Réné will always be preserved. These were the two instruments which Providence selected to set on foot a work which though only yet in its infancy, has already rendered immense service to the great cause of Catholic missions. The idea of founding an Apostolic School was originated by Father Ronan, and was, in the face of great difficulties, reduced to a fact. If Father Ronan was the founder, Father Réné was the first Director. For six years the school grew under his wise care. In the work of drawing up a course of studies, of arranging a method of training and discipline, he took a leading part. . But a much more important work was that of giving a proper tone or spirit to the school : and the success of Father Réné in this respect must be judged from the work of Mungret priests in all the countries to which they have been sent.

Jean Baptiste Réné was a Vendean, and was born in 1841, at Montrevaux in Anjou. He: entered the Society of Jesus at Angers at the age of twenty-one, when he had already taken his degree with some distinction. His ecclesiastical studies he did at Laval and St Beunos (in Wales), and was ordained at this latter place in 1876. For a year after ordination he was director of the Apostolic School at Poictiers, and then passed on to Paray-le-Monial for his third year of probation. Here it was that he met Father Ronan, who, almost in despair at his repeated failure to find a suitable Director for his Apostolic School, had come to pray for assistance at this great shrine of the Sacred Heart. Father Ronan always regarded his meeting with Father Réné as a direct answer to his prayer.

From 1882-88 Father Réné was Director of the Apostolic School in Mungret, being also Rector during the years 1885-8. It was a period long enough to enable a man of strong personality such as Father Réné was, to leave his mark on the young foundation, to give it the bent and direction it would take. Changes and modification of detail there were inevitably to be; the rapid growth of the school was constantly presenting new difficulties to be met. But it is true to say that Father Réné's influence was incalculable, and that the Apostolic School has continued to move on the lines that he laid down and will continue in that direction for a long time to come. The years he spent at Mungret were among his happiest. With his old friends in the college,. who have dropped off one by one, he kept up correspondence and often spoke of the de light which the memory of those days. gave him.

Mungret Apostolic School was now firmly established, and in 1888 Father Réné was recalled to France, and two years later was sent to the Jesuit Missions of the Rockies, where he was made Rector of Gonzaga College, Spokane, Washington, which increased in numbers and prestige under his direction.

It was his fate to be a pioneer, and to see, without any bitterness, others succeed to the result of his labours; and so, in 1895, he left Spokane as a missionary for Juneau, in S Alaska. A year and a half after his arrival he was appointed Prefect Apostolic and Superior of the Alaskan Mission. In this arduous field he worked for seven years, till his growing infirmities compelled him to return to a more gracious climate. The evening of his laborious life he spent teaching. Theology and Scripture at Gonzaga College Spokane. In September, 1912, he celebrated his silver jubilee in the Society of Jesus. At his death he was seventy-five years of age, fifty-four of which had been spent in the Society.

Father Réné was a man of exceptional ability and possessed a firm and forcible personality, which made a deep impression on all who came in contact with him. His spirit of self-sacrifice and his generous zeal in every good cause were fitting qualities in one who was to train young men for the foreign missions. Many priests who are now working for the Kingdom of Christ in distant lands will acknowledge their indebtedness to his inspiring character, and will mourn the loss of a respected teacher and a dear friend.


Scott, Patrick, 1826-1858, Jesuit scholastic

  • IE IJA J/2099
  • Person
  • 17 October 1826-22 February 1858

Born: 17 October 1826, Tintern, New Ross, County Wexford
Entered: 12 September 1853, Amiens, France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Died: 22 February 1858, Angers, Maine-et-Loire, France - Franciae Province (FRA)

Sheridan, John Brinsley, 1840-1877, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/400
  • Person
  • 20 October 1840-23 February 1877

Born: 20 October 1840, Trim, County Meath
Entered: 04 September 1863, Milltown Park, Dublin
Ordained: 23 July 1871, Milltown Park, Dublin
Died: 23 February 1877, Milltown Park, Dublin

by 1865 at Bordeaux Residence France (TOLO)
by 1869 at Rome Italy (ROM) studying Theology
by 1870 at Angers France (FRA) health

◆ HIB Menologies SJ :
Had studied Humanities and Philosophy at Maynooth before Entry.

After first Vows he was sent to Clongowes for Regency, and here it emerged that his health was not very robust, and so he was sent to France for rest.
He was then sent to the Roman College for Theology, but he had to stop that and went to Aix-en-Chapelle (Aachen) recovering his health.
He then returned to Milltown to complete his studies and was Ordained there 23 July 1871.
Until his death 23 February 1877 he was a confirmed invalid, and so he remained at Milltown for the rest of his days.
He was very gently and remarkable for his devotion to the Holy Angels.

◆ James B Stephenson SJ Menologies 1973

Father John Brinsley Sheridan 1840-1877
Fr Sheridan was born in Trim County Meath on October 26th 1840. He studied Humanities and Philosophy at Maynooth, where he was distinguished for his piety He entered the Society at Milltown Park in 1863.

The years spent at Clongowes showed that his health was far from robust, and he was sent to France for a change and rest. He then went on to Rome to study Theology, but was compelled to give up study, and he retired to Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen) for a year.

He returned to Milltown in 1870, and the following year he was ordained priest. Until his death seven years later, he was a confirmed invalid.

He died in February 1877, being remarkable for his devotion to the Holy Angels.

Sherlock, James, 1831-1872, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/2125
  • Person
  • 14 February 1831-16 August 1872

Born: 14 February 1831, Dublin City, County Dublin
Entered: 04 October 1853, Angers, France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Ordained: 1858
Final Vows: 15 August 1871
Died: 16 August 1872, Guelph, ONT, Canada - Neo-Eboracensis-Canadensis Province (NEBCAN)