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‘Memorandum of the Irish Medical Guild of St. Luke, S.S. Cosmas & Damien'

Copy of ‘Memorandum of the Irish Medical Guild of St. Luke, S.S. Cosmas & Damien. The Proposed Reorganisation of Irish Hospitals. Grave Problems for Catholics’ sent to Fr Thomas A. Finlay SJ:. ‘This memorandum on the state of the Hospitals is the work of a special Committee of the Guild of St. Luke set up to investigate the hospital-problem from the stand-point of Catholic interests’ (11pp). Encloses two explanatory charts (1p.).

‘Visitations 1859 - 1961’’ to St Ignatius, Galway

Notebook with handwritten entries written by the Irish Fr Provincials on completing his annual visitation of the Galway residences. The first entry is by the Vice Provincial, Joseph Lentaigne. At the beginning of the notebook, a financial status is outlined for the
residences in Galway as they returned to Galway in 1859. The Provincials’ notes on their visitations refer to the physical and spiritual state of the college, house and church finances, and the observance of regulations; such as the pealing of bells and the non playing by the boys in certain areas. The community are commended for their successes with regard to religious observance, house regulations etc., and recommendations for improvements are made also. (In Latin and English).

Altar notices at St Ignatius, Galway

Lined notebooks and journals with handwritten entries for notices to be read out at Sunday Mass at St Ignatius, Galway. Each entry is headed with the relevant Sunday’s Title, such as the ‘Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost’, the ‘First Sunday of Lent’ etc, or the name of the relevant Feast, ‘Palm Sunday’. Each volume contains announcements in relation to rosaries, benedictions, devotions, novenas, confessions, Mass times, arrangements for Feast Days. There are also announcements in relation to recent deaths in the parish, and requests for prayers for the repose of the souls of those recently deceased and of those whose anniversaries occur. Insert letter, incomplete, in 1912-1914 journal, from an Ursuline nun [Sullivan], and referencing Fr Robert giving a mission in Queenstown (21 August 1862).

2 July 1905 - 12 May 1907;
31 May 1908 - 13 February 1910;
4 August 1912 - 13 December 1914;
20 December 1914 - 16 July 1916;
23 July 1916 - 6 May 1917;
13 May 1917 - 9 February 1919;
16 February 1919 - 2 March 1922;
26 March 1922 - 15 August 1924;
7 September 1924 - 8 January 1928;

Analysis by Fr Francis Finegan SJ of documents relating to the Irish College in Lisbon

Analysis by [perhaps Fr Frank Finegan SJ, however named on p3] of documents transcribed or listed re the Irish College of St Patrick in Lisbon, [1590-1754]. Refers to Gonçalves da Costa, Manuel (ed.), ‘Fontes inéditas portuguesas para a história de Irlanda’ Braga, (1981). and Collectanea Hibernica (1989). Includes documents (transcripts) examined by Fr Frank Finegan SJ.

Finegan, Francis J, 1909-2011, Jesuit priest

Appointment of Fr Frank Browne SJ as an Honorary Chaplain to the Forces 3rd Class

  • IE IJA J/7/8
  • File
  • 14 March & 25 August 1919; 14 September 1921
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Documents found among the papers of Fr Willie Doyle SJ (with whom Fr Browne briefly served as chaplain), collated by Fr Charles Doyle SJ, concerning Fr Frank Browne SJ. Includes telegrams to Robert Browne, Bishop of Cloyne (14 March & 25 August 1919) concerning Fr Browne & circular letter from the War Office to Fr Browne, St Francis Xavier’s, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin, informing him of his appointment as an Honorary Chaplain to the Forces 3rd Class ‘as from 1st Sept. 1921 on which date your commission as a temporary Chaplain to the Forces ceased to have effect.’ (14 September 1921).

British Army, 1660-

Beginnings of the Jesuits in Galway

Information related to the beginnings of the College and Church in Galway and history of persons and events related to the Jesuits in Galway. Written at the time of the centenary celebrations (1963) more than likely by Fr Francis Finegan SJ. Includes list of past pupils who became priests and their present location; details of renovations to the interior of St. Ignatius Church; list of rectors and vice-rectors of St Ignatius, Galway; background to the history of St Ignatius, Galway; details of decorative engraving on walls at the back of Powell’s at Miss Jordan’s bookshop (11 December 1963).

Finegan, Francis J, 1909-2011, Jesuit priest

Biographical information relating to Fr John Conmee SJ

Biographical information relating to Fr John Conmee SJ. Includes:
– potted biography by Fr Fergus O'Donoghue SJ (Irish Province Archivist, 1986 - 2019 (2pp);
– handwritten note on Fr John Conmee SJ made by an unknown person (probably a fellow-Jesuit) stating “Perhaps the first word that occurs to one when trying to describe Father Conmee is ‘delightful’. He was a delightful man – amiable, bright, entertaining… – his presence, the very thought of him did you good.” (n.d, 1p.);
– obituaries, with one document mentioning Frs John Hughes and Thomas Taaffe SJ (May 1910, 3 items);
– memorial cards (1910, 3 items) and
– copy of the death certificate of Fr Conmee (21 Oct. 1917, 1 item)

Blessed Ralph Corby SJ

Print out of personal history.

Corby, Blessed Ralph, 1598-1644, Jesuit priest and Martyr

Br Edward Foley SJ

Print out of personal history.

Foley, Edward, 1900-1967, Jesuit brother

Br James Early SJ

Print out of personal history.

Early, James, 1832-1908, Jesuit brother

Br James Egan SJ

Print out of personal history.

Egan, James, 1814-1892, Jesuit brother

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