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Album, with note on inside ‘Positive pack 1 (1897)'

Album, with note on inside ‘Positive pack 1 (2897) Suggest No.2: Menton, France & No.17: Arch of Titus, Rome. Photographs have been removed from the album. Pencil annotations on the album (not in Mr Frank Browne SJ hand) are in written here in italic.

  1. Sister Josephine, Ursuline, b. 1870
  2. Menton (on reverse) ‘Photo taken by Fr Earley. Stormy on the sands at Humewood P.E. Nov – 1902’. (Humewood is a coastal area, Port Elizabeth, South Africa).
  3. Cobh (on reverse) - ‘To dearest Joe With love From Sissie Oct. 31st 1902.
  4. Menton
  5. Rome
  6. Rome
  7. Rome
  8. Fontana de Trevi (Rome)
  9. (Menton, France)
  10. Venice
  11. San Marcs, Venice
  12. Doge’s Palace, Venice
  13. Via Appia
  14. Via Appia
  15. (Tour of Italy, Greece)
  16. (Tour of Italy, Greece)
  17. Arch of Titus, Rome
  18. Rome
  19. Rome
  20. (Tour of Italy, Greece)
  21. Pompeii?
  22. Pompeii?
  23. Naples
  24. Genoa
  25. Rome
  26. Rome?
  27. (altar)
  28. Venice
  29. Milan
  30. (Switzerland)
  31. (Switzerland?)
  32. (Switzerland?)
  33. (Switzerland?)
  34. (Switzerland?)
  35. (Switzerland?) 35
  36. Menton?
  37. Cork
  38. 1 38 Sheet 2 Cork
  39. 2 39 Timahoe
  40. 3 40 Switzerland
  41. 4 41 Switzerland?
  42. 5 42 Switzerland? Bellanzama?
  43. 7 43
  44. 8 44 Monte Carlo?

Browne, Francis M, 1880-1960, Jesuit priest, photographer and chaplain

Appointment of Fr Browne as an Honorary Chaplain to the Forces 3rd Class

  • IE IJA J/7/8
  • File
  • 14 March & 25 August 1919; 14 September 1921
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Documents found among the papers of Fr Willie Doyle SJ (with whom Fr Browne briefly served as chaplain), collated by Fr Charles Doyle SJ, concerning Fr Browne. Includes telegrams to Robert Browne, Bishop of Cloyne (14 March & 25 August 1919) concerning Fr Browne & circular letter from the War Office to Fr Browne, St Francis Xavier’s, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin, informing him of his appointment as an Honorary Chaplain to the Forces 3rd Class ‘as from 1st Sept. 1921 on which date your commission as a temporary Chaplain to the Forces ceased to have effect.’ (14 September 1921).


Appreciations of Fr Willie Doyle SJ

Original and copies of appreciations of Fr Willie Doyle SJ including letters from General Sir William Bernard Hickie, 16th Division, Hugh Doyle Esq., Melrose, Dalkey, Dublin (15 December 1917) and to Fr Charles Doyle SJ (14 October 1924); Private M. Murphy, France, (Fr Willie Doyle’s orderly) (22 August 1917).

Hickie, Sir William Bernard, 1865-1950, Major General in the British Army

Carte postale from Fr Frank Browne SJ, Lourdes, France to his brother, Fr William Browne, Bishop’s House, Queenstown, Cork

Carte postale from Fr Frank Browne SJ, Loudres, France to his brother, Fr William Browne, Bishop’s House, Queenstown, Cork with a photograph of Fr Frank Browne SJ and soldiers on the obverse. Individuals are named. Blank carte postale of Fr Browne and and Irish Guards outside entrance to a church in Loudres.

Browne, Francis M, 1880-1960, Jesuit priest, photographer and chaplain

Fr Frank Browne SJ with Fr Joseph Scannell, Arras, France

Fr Frank Browne SJ with Fr Joseph Scannell, Arras, France (1917-8) which includes soldiers in France, destruction in Arras, France and Bishop Keating giving Benediction at Corpus Christ, Warley Barracks, England (1919) , postcards and envelopes. Eight large negatives of Frs Joe Scannell, McShane and Fr Frank Browne SJ, Arras (1918) and bomb damage. Photograph of Fr Frank Browne SJ and Monsignor Joseph Scannell taken post-First World War.

Browne, Francis M, 1880-1960, Jesuit priest, photographer and chaplain

Irish Jesuit Colleges in Europe

  • Fonds
  • 1590-2009

The Irish Colleges were established chronologically as follows: Lisbon 1590, Salamanca 1592, Santiago de Compostela 1605, Seville 1608 or 1612, Rome 1628 and Poitiers 1674. Irish Jesuits were involved in the establishment or running of the colleges at Lisbon, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela and Seville. The colleges were established with the aim of educating and training students for the priesthood and acted as service and social centres for Irish religious communities all over Europe. Fr Thomas White SJ (1558-1622) founded Salamanca and went on to become Vice-Rector (for diplomatic reasons the title of Rector was held by a Spanish Jesuit) successively at Santiago (1612) and Seville (1619). Fr John Howling SJ (1543-1599) founded Lisbon.

The material comprises of notes on the Irish Colleges at Lisbon, Poitiers, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela, Seville and Rome by Frs Edmund Hogan (1831-1917), John MacErlean (1870-1950) and Fergal McGrath (1895-1988). Includes lists of rectors and students of the Colleges.

Two bound volumes relating to the Irish College, Lisbon concern the foundation of the college, accounts, custom book and statutes. Analysis of the documents relating to the Irish College, Lisbon by Fr Francis Finegan SJ (1909-2011).

Irish Mission of the Society of Jesus, 1542-1773

Letters from Fr Willie Doyle SJ, 1915-1917

  • IE IJA J/2/83
  • File
  • 1 December 1915 - 6 August 1917
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Holograph letters by Fr Willie Doyle SJ from his time with the 8th Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers, 49th Brigade, 16th Division and the 8th Battalion, Royal Dublin Fusilier’s: at Whitely Camp, Surrey; Bordon Camp, Hampshire; various locations in France. In the main, the letters are addressed to his father, but also his sister Mai. The letters document his time as a military chaplain, firstly at camp in England while preparing for embarkation and secondly, at the front in France. Some of the letters have been transcribed by Professor Alfred O’ Rahilly in his book - Father William Doyle SJ. (1922)
With envelopes and four undated parts of letters.

Includes notebooks written by Fr Willie Doyle SJ at the front (31 March 1916 - August 1917) with the following titles: ‘Bully Beef’ (20 - 29 December 1916); ‘Pork and Beans’ (16 January - 5 February 1917); ‘Bits and scraps for an old man’s breakfast’ (July 1917)’; ‘The Battle of Ypres’ (9 July - August 1917). Includes opening entry - ‘My dear Father, When I posted my letter to you this morning it occurred to me that perhaps if I kept a kind of diary for the next couple of weeks it might interest you and others, even if I had nothing of very great interest to relate (31 March 1916).

Letters from Major G.T. Noel

  • IE IJA J/7/94
  • File
  • 18 April-4 December 1912
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Letters from Major G.T. Noel, Hotel Julia, Pontaven, Finisterre, France and Temple Guiting House, Winchcombe, R.S.O., Gloucester, England. Describes his holiday in France after news of the Titanic disaster, request for copy of photograph of Bob and thanks for sending on a copy of The Belvederian, which contains Browne’s article on the Titanic.

Holograph letters to Frank Browne SJ from those who disembarked with Mr Browne SJ at Queenstown (Cobh), Cork and relatives of those who perished on the Titanic to Mr Frank Browne SJ. With Kodak envelope with note by Fr Browne, ‘Letters recd ap. 1912 concerning Titanic’.

Noel, G.T., Major

Photographs and postcards by the Imperial War Museum, London, England

Photographs and postcards sent to Prof. Alfred O’Rahilly by the Imperial War Museum, London, England, for use in his book on Fr Willie Doyle SJ. Includes a note ‘Don’t mix these with the others. Return these to me. These are photos which I bought but decided not to use.’ All photographs are dated and described on back. Photos are mostly of the ruins of Ypres, Guillemont, Loos etc. Sizes: 21 1/2cm x 16 1/2cm; 14cm x 9cm and 27 1/2cm x 9cm.

O’Rahilly, Alfred, 1884-1969, President of University College Cork

Postcards and photographs of ‘views in France and Belgium’

Postcards and photographs of ‘views in France and Belgium’. Includes photographs of Kemmel Chateau and the Convent at Locre, Belgium and General Hickie and aide-de-camp Captain O’Connell at St Omer, 16 July 1917; carte postale of Sr Antonius, Locre, Belgium, with inscription by Fr Charles Doyle SJ on reverse, indicating the room of Fr Doyle and church of Noeux les Mines, France.