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Jesuit colleges in Ireland
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‘Map of St. Patrick’s Chapel’, Galway

The area of the map which illustrates the chapel is bordered by a red line: ‘Contents Stat[u]t[e] Measure, 0 a[cres[ 1 r[ood] 6 p[erches]. Written on the rear ‘Plans for original College’. The names of individuals living adjacent to the chapel are given as are main routes: to the north, Ropewalk, Mrs Henry, Mrs Clare; to the south’ Costello’s lane, Mr Patrick Nugent, Johh O’ Shaughnessy, J[oh]n O’ Flaherty; to the west: College road; the east: Mr Forbes. Man made features include dwellings shaded in light blue, ruins, roads and a stable. Orientation is given by a compass. 1 inch to 20 feet. Colour washes on paper.

‘Mass Intention Book’ for St Ignatius, Galway

Ledger style notebooks with printed headings and tables and handwritten entries for Mass Intentions, St Ignatius, Galway. Divided by month. The tables detail those for whom the Masses are said; the priest who said the Masses in each case, the amount of money received, and remarks.

‘Record of 25 years of Weekly Offices etc…and some accounts’ at St Ignatius, Galway

Handwritten register of the dates, times and names of priest who offered Mass at St Ignatius Church, Galway. Includes accounts for St Ignatius Church, ‘received and payments’, which includes, for example, entries under the following headings; alms; stipends; collections; grants; cash for cheques; food; lights; travel; stationary.

‘Visitations 1859 - 1961’’ to St Ignatius, Galway

Notebook with handwritten entries written by the Irish Fr Provincials on completing his annual visitation of the Galway residences. The first entry is by the Vice Provincial, Joseph Lentaigne. At the beginning of the notebook, a financial status is outlined for the
residences in Galway as they returned to Galway in 1859. The Provincials’ notes on their visitations refer to the physical and spiritual state of the college, house and church finances, and the observance of regulations; such as the pealing of bells and the non playing by the boys in certain areas. The community are commended for their successes with regard to religious observance, house regulations etc., and recommendations for improvements are made also. (In Latin and English).

Abandonment of a procession that was due to take place to celebrate St Patrick's day in Galway

A file relating to the abandonment of a procession that was due to take place to celebrate St Patrick's day in Galway. The decision was made to abandon the procession after it became apparent that the IRA had been invited to take part. Includes a lengthy letter from Fr John Joy SJ, St Ignatius College, Galway to Irish Fr Provincial Laurence Kieran SJ concerning the situation. Remarks that Fr O'Farrell, SJ, as President of the Gaelic League, was invited to be Chief Marshal and became very upset when he discovered that the IRA were to take part. Remarks that he (Fr Joy) had an interview with the Bishop who was very angry. Explains how it was decided to abandon the procession (13 March 1933, 12pp).

Account book for the Jesuit community at St Ignatius College, Galway

  • IE IJA SC/GALW/8/13
  • File
  • September 1911-August 1913; September 1923-August 1926; 6 August 1927-October 1932; November 1932-August 1935
  • Part of Jesuit colleges in Ireland

Account book for the Jesuit community at St Ignatius College, Galway which details receipts and expenses, including reference to: Travel expenses, alms, draper, stationary, butcher, food, servant wages, books, organist, oil, dentist, watchmaker.

Account ledger of receipts and expenses for St Ignatius, Galway

Account ledger of receipts and expenses for St Ignatius, Galway. Receipts include church collections, intentions, pensions (record of the payment of school fees entered as paid, in instalments). Expenses include travel, food (butter, bread, vegetables, meat, fish, and fowl) stamps, milk, oil, candles, wages, printing and clothing repairs. Also includes handwritten inserts of expenses such as Gas (January 1892).

Account ledger of St Ignatius College, Galway

  • IE IJA SC/GALW/8/3
  • Item
  • (1 September 1911- ); 1 September 1919 - 1 August 1926; August 1927 - July 1933
  • Part of Jesuit colleges in Ireland

Handwritten account ledger of St Ignatius College, Galway. First entry is a balance sheet which includes: liabilities such as sundry creditors; loan; and assets such as sundry debtors, premises, church, furniture, schoolbooks, investments, and cash in bank. Entries are divided by month, ‘Fruit, Veg…Weekly Bills, Organ Blower, Choir Music, Mrs. Tierney, Books & Papers’(January 1921). Includes reference to school grants (1921 - 1925); electric light (1921 - 1927) dividends from investments (1922 - 1925); rates insurance and rent payable (1922 - 1925); visitors and their length of stay and payment (1921 - 1926), weekly bills (1919 - 1921); Personal (1921 - 1922) at rear of volume.

Account of Turas Na Sóisear, bicycle outings, Galway

Handwritten bound account entitled ‘Turas Na Sóisear’ which details Irish speaking cycling club for pupils at Coláiste Iognáid, Galway in the Galway area. Includes name of route, distance covered, account of route, names of party and hand drawn map. Inserts of pasted newspaper clippings. In Irish.

Administration of Gonzaga College SJ, Dublin

Taken from Br John Maguire SJ office, Milltown Park, Dublin, 2019
Minutes of meetings of for Gonzaga College SJ Board of Management, memorandums and correspondence for Gonzaga College SJ, Dublin (1996-2003); Check Education Delegate.

Admission register for Mungret College, Limerick

Admission register for Mungret College which details, date of admission, name of pupil, date of birth, admission age, name of parent or guardian, address, occupation of parent or guardian, school previously attended by pupil, school career, date of withdrawal, remarks. With index to names.

Admission ticket to a lecture by Fr John Gwynn SJ entitled 'Glimpses of the Irish Brigade from Limerick to Fontenoy'

Admission ticket to a lecture held in coordination with St Ignatius College by Fr John Gwynn SJ, entitled 'Glimpses of the Irish Brigade from Limerick to Fontenoy', at the Town Hall, Galway. Proceeds of the lecture to be given to the Committee for the Relief of Distress in Galway.

Gwynn, John, 1866-1915, Jesuit priest and chaplain

Album to celebrate the centenary of the St Ignatius Church and College

Photographic album mainly related to the events organised in 1963 to celebrate the centenary of the St Ignatius Church and College in Galway. Includes photographs of: Jesuit residences; the President of Ireland, Eamon de Valera with members of the Jesuit community; photocopies of photograph of the Hurling team and Irish Speakers in 1904 taken from ‘The Ignatian’; Fr Patrick O'Kelly SJ; pasted inserts of receipts from 1879 to 1895 for cleaning, stained glass windows of 2 lights and tracery and missal stand; group photograph of the St Ignatius Gaelic Football team of 1935-1936.

Connacht Tribune, newspaper

Altar notices at St Ignatius, Galway

Lined notebooks and journals with handwritten entries for notices to be read out at Sunday Mass at St Ignatius, Galway. Each entry is headed with the relevant Sunday’s Title, such as the ‘Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost’, the ‘First Sunday of Lent’ etc, or the name of the relevant Feast, ‘Palm Sunday’. Each volume contains announcements in relation to rosaries, benedictions, devotions, novenas, confessions, Mass times, arrangements for Feast Days. There are also announcements in relation to recent deaths in the parish, and requests for prayers for the repose of the souls of those recently deceased and of those whose anniversaries occur. Insert letter, incomplete, in 1912-1914 journal, from an Ursuline nun [Sullivan], and referencing Fr Robert giving a mission in Queenstown (21 August 1862).

2 July 1905 - 12 May 1907;
31 May 1908 - 13 February 1910;
4 August 1912 - 13 December 1914;
20 December 1914 - 16 July 1916;
23 July 1916 - 6 May 1917;
13 May 1917 - 9 February 1919;
16 February 1919 - 2 March 1922;
26 March 1922 - 15 August 1924;
7 September 1924 - 8 January 1928;

Alterations to the Sacristy, St Ignatius, Galway

Architectural drawings for St. Ignatius Church, Galway which detail alterations to the Sacristy etc. Includes drawings for front elevation, sectional, details of skylight and plan. Scale: 1/8 inch = 1 ft. Notes on the rear that ‘Sacristy and Sodality Room etc. about 1900. Obviously whilst general idea carried out, This plan was not carried out in detail'.

Annual report of the Apostolic School of Ireland

Annual report of the Apostolic School of Ireland, 1884 - 1885. Contains a sketch of the organisation of the Apostolic school, various extracts from the school diary and letters from the Rev. W. Ronan SJ to the fathers and students of Mungret College.

René, Jean-Baptist, 1841-1916, Jesuit priest

Annual report of the Apostolic School, Mungret

Annual report of the Apostolic School, Mungret 1884 - 1885. The contents include:

  • Sketch of the organisation of the Apostolic School;
  • Various extracts from the diary of the school during the years 1884 & 1885;
  • Letters from Fr William Ronan SJ to the Fathers and students of Mungret College including Fr Jean-Baptist René SJ.

Includes ground floor plan for Mungret College.

Printed by Bernard Kirby, Printer, Rutland Street, Limerick

Architectural plans for ‘Design for Proposed College of St Ignatius, Galway’

Includes: ‘Design for Proposed College of St Ignatius, Galway’ which details plan for Ground floor,1st Floor Plan, 2nd Floor Plan, Side Elevation and Front Elevation; ‘Design for Proposed College of St Ignatius, Galway’ which details Ground Plan, Plan of First Floor, Plan of Second Floor and Front Elevation; J. J. McCarthy R.H.A Arch[itec]t. Scale: 1 inch to 15 feet. Size: Colour washes on paper.

Attendance registers for guilds associated with, St Ignatius, Galway

Copy book attendance registers, with Fr Peader O'Higgins SJ as master. Includes aspirant names for the Sacred Heart Guild, Blessed Virgin Mary Guild, Mary Immaculate Guild, Realt na Maidne Guild, Mother of Good Counsel Guild, Mother of Christ Guild, Our Lady of the Rosary Guild, Our Lady of the Wayside Guild, Star of the Sea Guild, Our Lady of Lourdes Guild, Mother of Mercy Guild, St Aloysius Guild, Our Lady of the Perpetual Succour Guild, Holy Name of Jesus Guild, St Francis Xavier Guild, St Ignatius Guild, St John Guild, Seat of Wisdom Guild, St Nicholas Guild, St Patrick Guild, Queen of Heaven Guild, Good Shepherd Guild, St Brigid Guild.

Bankbooks for St Ignatius Church and Jesuit community, Galway

Record of all transactions involving St Ignatius Church and Jesuit community Galway. Describes transactions such as ‘Electric’, giving date and amount, (11 April 1910). Handwritten entries detail lodgements and expenses such as: choir, whiskey, stationary, clothing, electric light, rates, books, shoemaker, furniture, painting, plumber, printing, chemist etc…

Beginnings of the Jesuits in Galway

Information related to the beginnings of the College and Church in Galway and history of persons and events related to the Jesuits in Galway. Written at the time of the centenary celebrations (1963) more than likely by Fr Francis Finegan SJ. Includes list of past pupils who became priests and their present location; details of renovations to the interior of St. Ignatius Church; list of rectors and vice-rectors of St Ignatius, Galway; background to the history of St Ignatius, Galway; details of decorative engraving on walls at the back of Powell’s at Miss Jordan's bookshop (11 December 1963).

Finegan, Francis J, 1909-2011, Jesuit priest

Building plans for the proposed additions to St Ignatius College, Galway

File of drawings of the building plans for the proposed additions to St Ignatius College, Galway. Includes letter from J. A. Kenny & Partners, Consulting Engineers, Eglington street, Galway returning the drawings to Fr Fergus O'Keeffe SJ (Rector) St Ignatius College, Galway (15 October 1970). The drawings of the ‘new’ community consist of: ground floor plan, first floor plan, top floor plan and elevations. Premises are surrounded by William street to the south and Raleigh row to the north. Plans illustrate new and existing properties: library, rooms, bath, W.C, lavatory, chapel, sanctuary, sacristy, store, cubicle, brother’s recreation room, lobby, corridor and present rooms. Scale is given and directional arrow. Ink and colour washes on paper. Material includes three drawings which give alternative additions to St Ignatius College: first floor plan, top floor plan and ground plan. Orientation and scale is given.

Burses founded in the Apostolic School, Mungret College

A file relating to the Burses founded in the Apostolic School, Mungret College. Includes documents relating to the Harriett McDonnell Burse (11 August 1918 - 11 April 1933, 21 items). Includes a deed for establishing Free Burses (18 December 1883, 3pp), prospectus and typed notes by Fr John Guiney SJ (Province Treasurer).

Burses founded in the Apostolic School, Mungret College

A file relating to the Burses founded in the Apostolic School, Mungret College but given to All Hallows. Includes note explaining the provenance of the correspondence (25 September 1977) and documents such as; Lord Emly Burse (January 1883, 2 items); Boyce Burse (23 June 1905 - 10 October 1910, 5 items); Michael Leahy bequest (20 October 1909 - 31 May 1912, 4 items); Madeline Josephine M. Sampson Burse (St. Marie Therese of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face, 3 May - 6 June 1913, 2 items); Canon Doyle Burse (24 October - 28 November 1922, 5 items); letter from Fr O'Donnell SJ to Fr Edward Cahill SJ relating to ‘De Jure Burses’ (12 September [ ], 4pp).

Calendar for Coláiste Iognáid

‘Féilire 1956 – 57’; ‘Féilire 1958 - 59’; Coláiste Iognáid, S.J., Gallimh’. Calendar for Coláiste Iognáid which details the forthcoming events during the year (In Irish).

Catalogue for Mungret Apostolic College

Catalogue for Mungret Apostolic College which lists the alumni who have become bishops, priests, theologians, philosophers and members of religious order not yet ordained and obituaries. Includes reference to Jesuits.

Catalogues of benefactors to Mungret College

Catalogues of benefactors. Includes the names of benefactors, the date on which the donation was made and the amount of money donated. Includes details of the benefactors wishes. Includes a memorandum (by Fr Patrick Joy SJ) on Benefactor's Masses in Mungret College (nd, 8pp).

Centenary of the St Ignatius Church and College, Galway

Documents relating to events organised in 1963 to celebrate the centenary of the St Ignatius Church and College in Galway. Includes programme of events; ‘the Men’s Sodality of Our Lady and The Jesuits in Galway’; menus; concert programmes, messages from Dr Michael Browne, Bishop of Galway, Kilmacduagh and Kilfenora and Father General John Janssens SJ; letter from Fr Francis Finegan SJ to Rector, Fr Pearse O'Higgins SJ, St Ignatius College, Galway on a centenary brochure (2 November 1963); list of principal events of contrary celebrations (1963); rough plan of church placings; ‘Ceiliuradh Cead - Bliana Cholaside Iognáid. Deire Fomhir 1963’; ‘Cuirm Ceoil St Ignatius Centenary Celebrations 1863 - 1963 Concert’ and notes.

Characters scripts from the play ‘Crossroads’

Characters scripts from the play ‘Crossroads’ performed at St Ignatius College, Galway. Includes characters ‘Marnell’, ‘Carragher’, ‘Duggan’, ‘O’ Cuiv’, ‘Jennings’, ‘McGrath’,‘Whelan’, ‘Flanagan’, ‘MacDonagh’ and ‘Captain Lockard’. Note on front cover, 'Is it by T Sheridan SJ?'.

Circular letter from Fr Senan Timoney SJ, Rector, Mungret College, Limerick to parents and guardians concerning a proposed strike by ASTI

Circular letter from Fr Senan P. Timoney SJ, Rector, Mungret College, Limerick to parents and guardians concerning a proposed strike by ASTI. Remarks that the Catholic Headmaster's Association supports the teacher's pay claim.

Timoney, Senan P, 1927-2013, Jesuit priest

Coláiste Iognáid Booklet - Deed of Covenant

Leaflet outlining the history and developments of the Jesuits in Galway and of Coláiste Iognáid, with a request and information for parental funding in the form of a direct cash gift or deed of covenant. Includes details of covenant benefits, sketch map of school are and proposed development programme.

Coláiste Iognáid school play

Group photograph of students of Coláiste Iognáid, Galway, on stage during a play. Students are dressed as woman, a gardai, a prisoner and an archbishop - ‘This troupe, having won the Schools Competition in Connaught, went on to win the National Competition in Dublin’. Names are printed on mounted photograph. Includes Peader Feeney, later to become a Jesuit. Taken by photographer, Dowler, Presentation Road, Galway.

Coláiste Iognáid, Galway

The papers of Coláiste Iognáid (St Ignatius’ College) and the Jesuit community offer an insight into the social, cultural and religious life of Galway. There are documents on the history of the Jesuits in Galway, property details such as deeds, leases and plans of property at Sea Road, Renmore, Sherwood Fields and Nuttall’s Garden, and correspondence with various Bishops of Galway and Jesuit Provincials. These documents illustrate major events in Jesuit community life: the return of the Jesuits and the establishment of a residence and school; building developments, ‘Attacked by Beetle: work to save church roof’ (1939); 1963 centenary celebrations and the erection of St Ignatius as a parish (1971). House histories, minister’s journals, visitations, and consults illuminate the ordinary life of members of the Jesuit community in Galway, ‘we have been hit hard again by the “Flu” (25 February 1919).

Roll books, school diaries, college calendars and school publications, such as ‘Turas na Sóisear’, which detail bicycle outings in the Galway area, with hand-drawn maps and route schedule (1940-1947). The arts and sports at Coláiste Iognáid are documented through photographs, scrapbooks and programmes of plays (The Rising of the Moon by Lady Gregory, 1941, for example), debates, theatre and musicals performances, rowing, rugby and GAA. The administration of the Jesuit school, community and Jesuit-run church provides information on: the role of Irish in the school; staffing; past pupils; Penny Dinners; sodalities; altar notices and masses. Financial papers, which consist of church and college accounts, bequests and intentions, also exemplify church activity and functions.

Coláiste Iognáid SJ, 1862-

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