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Copy of a letter from the Catholic inhabitants of the Isle of Man to Rev Dr Briggs

Copy of a letter from the Catholic inhabitants of the Isle of Man to Rev Dr Briggs, Roman Catholic Lord Bishop of the Diocese of the Northern District of England expressing their thanks for the care and interest the Bishop has shown for their well being. Requests more help from the Bishop. Remarks '…they cannot…refrain from expressing their sentiments upon…the future well being of the mission in this island where they regret to say such undesirable bigotry exists together with calumny hatred and abuse of the most virulent description is daily and yearly preached and propagated against their religion…they believe it the only means…of upholding successfully the Catholic Religion in this small island would be to appoint to the Mission and to its management here an able experienced clergyman…'

Fr Gahan's wish to administer to the Catholic population on the Isle of Man

Letter from James Duff, Liverpool to Rev. Matthew J. Gahan SJ, Hardwicke Street Chapel, Dublin seeking confirmation of Fr Gahan's wish to administer to the Catholic population on the Isle of Man. Remarks that he has been in contact with the Bishop who agreed to appoint Fr Gahan to the post as long as his own Bishop agrees.

Duff, James

Letter from Bishop Penswick to Fr Matthew Gahan SJ on a potential visit to the Isle of Man

Letter from Bishop Penswick, Liverpool to Fr Matthew Gahan SJ, Isle of Man concerning a visit he had intended to make to the island. Remarks that because the habeas corpus act has not been sanctioned by the legislators he is going to postpone his visit. Remarks 'I have often thought of you and even expected to be in a situation to relieve your wants; whenever my hopes are realised I will not overlook you.'

Penswick, Thomas, 1772-1836, Roman Catholic Bishop

Letter from Fr Charles Aylmer SJ, Palermo, Italy to Fr Matthew Gahan SJ, 14 Clarendon Street, Dublin

Letter from Mr Charles Aylmer SJ, Palermo, Italy to Fr Matthew Gahan SJ, 14 Clarendon Street, Dublin describing life amongst the community in Palermo and his work. Refers to Fr Gahan's work in Ireland. Remarks 'You cannot but be well persuaded of the interest we must all take in history of the commencement and progress of our little Irish Province. We have received no information whatever on this subject, and only know that three of you are actually in Dublin'. Remarks that both himself and Fr St. Leger have been ordained. Concludes 'Give me some account of your situation, employment etc. - but remember I do not mean to gratify curiosity; I only wish as much as may satisfy my affection and regard for you all and my zeal for the cause in which you have been the first to embark. Storms may assail you, but you know they are a distinctive mark of every good undertaking.'

Aylmer, Charles, 1786-1849, Jesuit priest

Letter from Fr Charles Aylmer SJ, Rome to Fr Matthew Gahan SJ, Clongowes Wood, Naas

Letter from Fr Charles Aylmer SJ, Rome, Italy to Fr Matthew Gahan SJ, Clongowes Wood, Naas, Kildare concerning domestic issues in Rome. Refers to a group of Polish fathers who are destined for Clongowes but remarks that he does not know when they will commence their journey. Refers to the General Congregation and the naming of the new Fr. General. Remarks 'You have no idea of all the imbroglios which I have witnessed here; men are men everywhere. I have so little that could edify you on the subject that I judge it more prudent not to enter upon it.' Asks to be remembered to members of the community in Clongowes Wood.

Aylmer, Charles, 1786-1849, Jesuit priest

Letter from William and James Duff, Douglas, Isle of Man to Fr Matthew Gahan SJ

Letter and copy of a letter from William and James Duff, Douglas, Isle of Man to Fr Matthew Gahan SJ, Hardwicke Street Chapel, Dublin expressing their satisfaction that Fr Gahan is to live and administer in the Isle of Man. Remarks 'we feel that in regard to pecuniary matters you will be a sufferer to a considerable extent by the change. But if the satisfaction of having done an important service to religion as well as to its followers, can be any compensation for this sacrifice you must certainly have an ample recompense.'

Duff, James

Nuttall’s Garden, Raleigh Row, Galway

File of correspondence related to the valuation and purchase of plot know as Nuttall’s Garden, Raleigh Row between Fr O’ Connor SJ, St Ignatius College, Galway and Joyce, Mackie & Lougheed, Auctioneers, 34 Eyre Square, Galway, Ambrose J. Roche, Auctioneer, 8 Forster Street, Galway, Richard G. Emerson, Solicitor, 22 Eyre Square, Galway. Includes valuation for purchase purposes of the value of a building site belonging to Messrs. McNamara, Maxwell & Co. Ltd.

Piscatorial School, Galway

Enquiry by Walter T. Murphy, Michigan, USA to Fr John Humphreys SJ relating to the supposed Jesuit involvement in a piscatorial school in Galway. Includes letters between Fr Humphreys and Padraig Folen, and Fr Humphreys response to Mr Murphy, with a copy of an article by Luke J. Tanney, O.P in which the Piscatorial School in Galway was a Dominican foundation and not a foundation of the Jesuits.

Murphy, Walter T.

Property at Renmore, Galway

File relating to the land at Renmore belonging to the Jesuit Fathers at St Ignatius’ Galway. Includes précis of evidence between the Jesuit Fathers and Galway Corporation and correspondence between W.B Gavin & Co. Solicitors, Fr Robert McGoran SJ, Galway and Donal O’ Buachall & Co. Ltd.

McGoran, Robert, 1920-2007, Jesuit priest

Red Cross, Irish Civil War and Eoin Mac Neill

File of material found in envelope, entitled Free State papers:

  • copy of a page from The Freeman’s Journal (12 April 1922);

  • newspaper clipping, Bulletin, L’Etat libre d’Irlande (written in French) (9 December 1922);

  • copy of a note from the Red Cross secretary Champain, London (on behalf of Sir Arthur Stanley), acknowledging receipt of your letter (3 December) and in reply ‘I am directed to say…My Society feels that it cannot at the moment take any action in the matter’ on the subject of the treatment of civilians in Ireland (13 December 1922);

  • letters from Madame Chaponniére-Chaix, ex-President, International Council of Woman, Geneva, Switzerland (16 December 1922-26 January 1923) to ‘My dear President’ (of International Council of Woman, Lady Aberdeen, Aboyne, Scotland). The first letter (written in French) comments on the potential for a Red Cross mission to Ireland (16 December 1922). The second letter (written in English), refers to a letter received from Miss O’ Brennan, through the Peace and Freedom League, regarding a visit from the Police at Dr Lynn’s Hospital and the arrest of Miss Mary Comerford. Madame Chaponniére-Chaix doesn’t believe that the time is right for a Red Cross mission to Ireland (26 January 1923);

  • copy of note ‘Projet Hayes Humanity Dublin’ which refers to Madame Chaponniére-Chaix and the establishment of the Red Cross in Ireland (In French), (nd.);

  • leaflet entitled ‘The extreme penalty’ which details the words of Mr Eamon Aylward in relation to his involvement in disturbances in Kilkenny "The extreme penalty”: Mr. Eamon Aylward, in the document with his signature attached which has been found upon an irregular captured by the Kilkenny force, has lighted up, as by a lightning flash, the criminality of the militarist attack upon the people...but that such an order could be issued by a man blaspheming the honourable name of Irish Republican will reveal to the people the tyranny that they have escaped (1922);

  • letter from Richard Mulcahy, Commander-in-Chief, Oglaigh na hEireann, Dublin to Miss Margaret MacNeill, Industrial Schools Office, Government Buildings apologising for keeping ‘those papers so long’ and ‘that the Red Cross people have been suitable replied to’ (25 January 1923);

  • pamphlets to the electors of the National University recommending the candidates Eoin Mac Neill and Patrick McGilligan [1927];

  • handwritten notes on the resignation Eoin Mac Neill from the boundary commission and events surrounding his candidacy for the university election of 1927;

Freeman's Journal, newspaper, 1763-1924

Small Crane, William Street West, Galway

Sketch maps of plot of ground at ‘Small Crane’, William Street West, Galway. Details location in relation to Galway city and St Ignatius Catholic Church in colour and a more detailed perimeter of plot of land is illustrated. Scale is given. Includes a letter from Ed. Ralph Ryan, Chartered Engineer, 1 Montpellier Terrace, Galway to Fr Pearse O’ Higgins SJ, Rector, St Ignatius College, Galway referring to the site map. A note by Fr Tom Scully SJ indicates the total area excluding and including the walls in perches.

O’Higgins, Pearse, 1916-1976, Jesuit priest

Title deeds for the Jesuit College, Galway, Sea Road and Columban Hall

Correspondence with solicitors, chiefly bill of costs and title deeds to property at the Jesuit College, Galway, Sea Road and Columban Hall (1936-1962); List of miscellaneous documents (numbered 1-11) on Jesuit College property, Galway (1911-1956). Includes:
costs to Mr Daniel Murray (10 October (1845);
John Blakeney, Solicitor (20 September 1850);
Mary Hernon William Street, Galway (1887);
Blake Kenny, Solicitor (1904);
costs of Daniel Purcell, Solicitor (1904-08);
notes on searches;
map of lot 26, Sherwood Fields and town parks, Galway;
map of Galway Estate of John Whaley (1911);
letter from W.B. Gavin & Co. Solicitors, 4 Devon Place, The Crescent, Galway to Fr John Dunne SJ, St Ignatius Church, Galway (5 December 1985) with enclosed lists of original documents held in W.B. Gavin strong-room. Refers to Jesuit college property, church and school grounds: Anne Tully portion and Joseph F. Costelloe;
Drs O’Flaherty (No.1 Ely Place, Galway);
Mary Withers (No.2 Ely Place, Galway);
Erna Walsh (No.3&4 Ely Place, Galway);
Dooley to Regis Limited, plot at Raleigh Row;
new primary school;
Columban Hall;
Michael Walsh property;
Davis Joseph Grealy and Thomas Halpin;
Whaley to Martin Hernon (3 Sea Road, Galway); Secondary school;
Whaley Estate – Columban Hall (5 December 1985);
letters from solicitors regarding fees requested by W.B. Gavin Solicitors for transfer of property of Erna Walsh, No 3 and 4 Ely Place (1986);
documents regarding the indenture of lease John Madden, 27 Sea Road Galway (1987);
sale of ground rents at Sea Road (10 June 1981);
lands at Knocknacarragh, Salthill, Galway and property at Raleigh Row (22-26 February 1980);
property at no.5, St Paul’s Road (16 June 1977);
lands at Dublin Road, sale to Corporation (10 July 1975-16 June 1976);
McNamara Estate, Ennis (2 January 1974);
See also SC/GALW/8/2/3

WB Gavin & Company, solicitors