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Irish Mission of the Society of Jesus, 1542-1773
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Society of Jesus in Ireland pre-1773

  • Fonds
  • 1600-2020

History of the Old Society
Catalogues, lists, necrologies
Information on individual Jesuits
Compilations of biographical notes
Transcripts of biographical notes
Jesuit Foundations in different counties

Irish Vice-Province of the Society of Jesus, 1830-

The Jesuit Mission to Ireland 1596-1626

M.A. thesis by James J Corboy SJ, entitled 'The Jesuit Mission to Ireland 1596-1626' at the faculty of Modern History, UCD (2 copies, 248pp each) (1941) with separate bibliography and index (34pp). Also includes letter from Dr R Dudley Edwards, UCD and Fr Jerome Mahony SJ concerning ‘Lord Justice Loftus’ and ‘Carew’ (5pp) (21 June 1954), and letter from Fr Jerome Mahony SJ to Fr Roland Burke Savage SJ that he has completed Menelogy up to 1800 (13 February 1956).

Corboy, James, 1916-2004, Jesuit priest and Roman Catholic Bishop of Monze

Books of Old Irish Mission

Notebook containing list of ‘Books of Old Irish Mission’ at Milltown Park, Dublin and list of 'Relics of the Old Society in Ireland' by Fr John MacErlean SJ, from notes by Fr Edmund Hogan SJ (4pp).

List of admissions to the Society from 1556 onwards

List of admissions by Fr John MacErlean SJ, to the Society from 1556 onwards, with some biographical information (mainly dates of entry, profession of fourth vows, death etc.) (45pp). Includes:
– list of the Rectors of the Irish College, Salamanca, from its foundation in 1592 to 1871 (1p);
– lists of Jesuits of the Old Society and their date and place of death/departure (c15pp) and
– extracts from catalogues of various Provinces (c20pp).

MacErlean, John C, 1870-1950, Jesuit priest, historian and archivist

Notes compiled by Fr James Rabbitte SJ on the history of the Society of Jesus in Ireland

Notes compiled by Fr James Rabbitte SJ (Custodian of the Province Archives, 1924 - 1930), on the history of the Society of Jesus in Ireland. Some inserts in the hand of Fr Edmund Hogan SJ. Includes lists of:
– Superiors of the Irish Mission (7pp);
– residences of the Old Society in Ireland (1p);
– ‘Summary of Work Abroad’ (1p);
– Summary of literary works by Jesuits of the Old Society (5pp);
– schedule of Jesuit writers and professors (5pp and 6pp);
– distinguished preachers (1p);
– those who suffered for the faith (2pp);
– aliases/variants on surnames (2pp);
– ‘Vestiges of the Old Soc(iety)’ (5pp);
– names of writers (arranged alphabetically) and of their works (c60pp) and
– some Jesuit schools of the Old Society (6pp).

Rabbitte, James, 1857-1940, Jesuit priest

Transcripts in Italian made by Fr John MacErlean SJ concerning the Suppression of the Society of Jesus

Transcripts in Italian made by Fr John MacErlean SJ from various sources, concerning the Suppression and preservation of the Society of Jesus. Includes:
– extract of a published document dating from 1773 ‘Frederic II to his agent in Rome, giving reasons why he wishes to preserve the Jesuits in his states’ and
– ‘Lettera del Cardinale Cristoforo Migazzi Arcivescovo di Vienna alla Santità di N.S. Papa Clemente XIV’ (3pp).

MacErlean, John C, 1870-1950, Jesuit priest, historian and archivist

'Conor O'Mahony SJ 1594 – 1656, Separatist' by Francis Finegan SJ

Pamphlet entitled 'Conor O'Mahony SJ 1594 - 1656, Separatist' Paper read at the Easter meeting of the Irish Catholic Historical Committee on 9 April 1970 by Fr Francis Finegan SJ (9pp) and draft typescript of the same paper entitled 'Conor O'Mahony SJ and the Stuart Alliance 1645', on the life of Fr O'Mahony and his book advocating the total separation of Ireland from Britain, 'Disputatio Apologetica, de iure Regni Hiberniae pro Catholicis Hiberniae adversus haereticos Anglos. Auctore C.M. Hiberno, Artium et Sacrae Theologiae Magistro. Accessit eiusdem auctoris ad eosdem Catholicos exhortatio' (1645).

Finegan, Francis J, 1909-2011, Jesuit priest

Manuscript by Dr Richard Robert Madden comprising a history of the Society of Jesus

Unpublished manuscript by Dr Richard Robert Madden comprising a history of the Society of Jesus from its foundation to the early nineteenth century. Attached is a printed title page dated 1874, ‘The Jesuits: In Relation to Religion, Civil Government and Society at Large, In the Several Countries From Which They Have Been Expelled’. Manuscript is divided into two ‘volumes’ (each with an attached printed title page). Volume 1 comprises 17 chapters (c.1,163pp) and Volume 2 contains 21 chapters (c.1,100pp). Also includes three sets of appendices – Volume 1 Appendix with 6 Sections (c500pp); Volume 2 Appendix with 4 Sections (c400pp) and Appendix with 14 Sections (c400pp). Also includes an explanatory note by Fr Fergal McGrath SJ (Irish Province Archivist until 1986) (2pp, 20 April 1977). (R.R. Madden lived at 3 Vernon Terrace, Booterstown, County Dublin; the manuscript also contains envelopes dating to 1874 addressed to Madden at the Loans Office, Dublin Castle) (Part of the last page of chapter 17, volume 1 is missing)

Madden, Richard Robert, 1798-1886, doctor, traveller, historian and anti-slavery campaigner

Irish Jesuits in Foreign Missions From 1574 to 1773

Pamphlet entitled 'Irish Jesuits in Foreign Missions From 1574 to 1773' by Fr John MacErlean SJ (n.d., 14pp) and typescript of same, consisting of brief biographical sketches of the following 41 Irish Jesuits:

Thomas Field (1549 – 1626);
Richard Cary or Carew (1619 – 1696);
Ruperto de Campos (Robert Field) (1637 – 1712);
Thomas Lynch (1685 – 1761);
William Lynch (1712 – 1774);

John William Butler (1703 – ?);

James Grace (1644 – 1673);
Francis Skerret (1683 – 1721);
James Alyward (17?? – 17??)

Michael Wadding (1586 – 1644);
John Vasquez (1631 – 16?);
Stephen Font (de la Fuente) (1631 – 1673);
Cornelius Guillereag (MacGiolla Riabhaigh) (1635 – 1671);
John Munoz (Muñoz de Burgos) (1645 – 1700);
Thomas Butler (1722 – 1790);
Thomas Arsdekin (1721 – 1767);
Joseph Arsdekin (1743 – 1788);

Nuevo Reino:
Francis Lea (1605 – 1675);
Ruperto de Acuna (Kyne?) (1620 – 1675);
Thomas Lewis (1648 – 1721);

Thomas Field (1549 – 1626);
Thomas Browne (1656 – 1717);
William Leny or de Leny (Delaney?) (1692 – 1769);
Thaddeus Enis (? – 1769);
Andrew Stritch (17? – 1773);
Thomas William Browne (? – ?);
Ignatius Walter (1625 – 1672);
Maurice Ophelan (1693 – 1772);
Michael Lynch (1701 – 17??);
John Brand (1712 – 17(62));
James Woulfe (1724 – 1783);

Philippine Islands:
John Baptist (1581 – 1630);
Francis O'Driscoll (1630 – 1682);
Richard O'Callaghan (1728 – 1807);
Charles O’Dwyer (1729 – 1772);

West Indies:
John Stritch (1616 – 1681);
John O'Daly (1663 – 1738);
James Galway (1655 – 1732);
Roger(?) Maguire (Louis de Magloire) (1701 – 17??) and
Philip O'Reilly (1719 – 1775).

MacErlean, John C, 1870-1950, Jesuit priest, historian and archivist

Coláiste Iognáid, Galway

The papers of Coláiste Iognáid (St Ignatius’ College) and the Jesuit community offer an insight into the social, cultural and religious life of Galway. There are documents on the history of the Jesuits in Galway, property details such as deeds, leases and plans of property at Sea Road, Renmore, Sherwood Fields and Nuttall’s Garden, and correspondence with various Bishops of Galway and Jesuit Provincials. These documents illustrate major events in Jesuit community life: the return of the Jesuits and the establishment of a residence and school; building developments, ‘Attacked by Beetle: work to save church roof’ (1939); 1963 centenary celebrations and the erection of St Ignatius as a parish (1971). House histories, minister’s journals, visitations, and consults illuminate the ordinary life of members of the Jesuit community in Galway, ‘we have been hit hard again by the “Flu” (25 February 1919).

Roll books, school diaries, college calendars and school publications, such as ‘Turas na Sóisear’, which detail bicycle outings in the Galway area, with hand-drawn maps and route schedule (1940-1947). The arts and sports at Coláiste Iognáid are documented through photographs, scrapbooks and programmes of plays (The Rising of the Moon by Lady Gregory, 1941, for example), debates, theatre and musicals performances, rowing, rugby and GAA. The administration of the Jesuit school, community and Jesuit-run church provides information on: the role of Irish in the school; staffing; past pupils; Penny Dinners; sodalities; altar notices and masses. Financial papers, which consist of church and college accounts, bequests and intentions, also exemplify church activity and functions.

Coláiste Iognáid SJ, 1862-