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Clongowes Wood College SJ, County Kildare, 1814-
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Album compiled by Fr Henry Gill SJ containing newspaper clippings, photographs and letters

Album compiled by Fr Henry Gill SJ containing newspaper clippings, photographs and letters. Includes:
– newspaper clipping referring to a meeting of the Royal Dublin Society before which a paper by Fr Gill entitled ‘The Theory of the Stratified Discharge in Geissler Tubes’ was communicated by the Registrar Mr. Moss (n.d., 1p.);
– letter from Prof Charles J. Joly, D.Sc., F.R.S., Dunsink Observatory, Co. Dublin (Honorary Secretary of the R.D.S.) stating ‘Your beautiful illustration of precession and nutation is quite new to me and I think you should certainly send it to 'Nature'. I am keeping the figures as you kindly say I may’ (24 March 1903, 1p.);
– black and white photograph of the hunt at Clongowes Wood College, Co. Kildare ([1903?], 1p.) and note to Fr Gill from the “Proprietors of ‘The Badminton Magazine’ enclosing a cheque for £1.1s as a prize in their photograph competition (27 April 1903, 1p.);
– clipping from a magazine/newspaper concerning the marriage of his sister, Miss Mary Catherine Gill, only daughter of Mr Henry J. Gill, M.A., J.P., of Roebuck House, Clonskeagh, Dublin with Mr. William Harrington, of Cherryfield, Templeogue on 16 June 19?? . Also includes two photographs of the room with the table laid out for the wedding breakfast (16 June 19??, 4 items);
– newspaper report on a lecture given by Fr Gill before the Royal Dublin Society on ‘a possible connection between the recent disturbances at Vesuvius and San Francisco’ ([June 1906], 1p.);
– clipping from the 'Freeman’s Journal' referring to Fr Gill’s theory ‘according to which earthquakes and such like disturbances at one place may, under certain conditions, give rise to corresponding shocks in other places’ (24 August 1906, 1p.);
– clipping on the opening of a new wing of the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge by Lord Rayleigh. Includes reference to Mr H. V. Gill’s experiments with spinning tops to illustrate earthquake reactions (19 June 1908, 2pp);
– extract from 'The Tablet' containing the following reference to Fr Gill in its University Notes, ‘…we must congratulate the Rev. H. V. Gill, of St Edmund House, upon his Research Degree won by a Thesis on ‘A New Glow in Vacuum Tubes.’ Father Gill has exhibited his apparatus before the Royal Society, and was also invited to exhibit it by the Royal Institution.’ (see also J17/29) (26 June 1909, 2pp);
– notice advertising Fr Gill’s ‘Earthquake Top…with handle for spinning, and lead bullets’ for 7s.6d. (n.d., 1p.);
– clipping from the 'Freeman’s Journal' on a lecture on ‘Wireless Telegraphy’ given by Fr. Gill in Belvedere College on 6 May 1912 (7 May 1912, 4pp);
– extract from 'The Tablet' of an article entitled ‘The Cardinal at Cambridge A Representative University Gathering’ containing the following reference to Fr Gill, ‘Sir J.J. Thomson, F.R.S., who responded for science, said that this was not the first time that he had had the pleasure of meeting and working with members of that Society. One of them, Father Gill, worked in his laboratory and did extremely valuable and able work, and developed a great power of dealing with physical problems’ (18 May 1912, 3pp);
– photograph of a physics laboratory (possibly one of the labs at Clongowes Wood College) (n.d., 1 item)
– photographs relating to Fr Gill’s research work (n.d., 5 items).

Cardinal Marefoschi's visitation of the Irish College in Rome

Marefoschi, Mario Compagnoni, and Clement. 1772. Relazione della visita apostolica del Collegio Ibernese. Roma: Nella stamperia di Marco Pagliarini.

Publication concerning Cardinal Marefoschi's visitation of the Irish College in Rome presented to Pope Clement XIV. Includes a Papal document of 20 September 1773 placing the college in new hands (the Society had been suppressed the month before). Includes two short MSS bound into the text. The book is annotated in pencil by Fr Edmund Hogan SJ, with inserts by Fr John MacErlean SJ.

Marefoschi, Mario, 1714-1780, Roman Catholic Cardinal

Decision to postpone Fr Hurley's last vows

  • IE IJA J/3/7
  • File
  • 27 December 1939-8 December 1940
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

A file relating to Irish Fr Provincial's Laurence Kieran SJ, decision to postpone Fr Joseph Hurley's last vows.

Kieran, Laurence J, 1881-1945, Jesuit priest

Diary of Fr William A Sutton SJ

  • IE IJA J/18/13
  • Item
  • 18 December 1901 - 17 December 1902; 31 August 1909; 1 October 1912 - 20 November 1912
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Diary includes entry dated 31 August 1909 which reads, ‘Since coming here to Mungret six years ago I’ve been struggling on much on the old lines ever seeking peace one way or another…It came upon me quite by surprise to be sent here from M(ill)town Park. I had been told I sh(oul)d be there 10 years (of course not for certain). Any way I made best of it. It was compensation to get away from relatives who had given me awful bother, poor creatures. I came here as Vice Rector & had lots of teaching. I had to study much & got on well enough. I expected to be appointed Rector, but after 2 years ceased to be Superior & felt it someways though I would have chosen it too.…In the matter of Latin it seems to me as if I had never known much about it before & still I am far from being a Latin scholar. This is absolutely true. Last year I had 2nd Arts Pass Greek & learnt a good deal about it too & glad of additional insight.…First year I had 1st Arts English Pass & Honors besides Pass [ ] of B.A. [And] 2nd Arts. Eyes got affected. Two months not allowed to read. Enjoyed the time. This year I had only Lat(in) B.A. & 2nd Arts & so like last year.…For all my reading, writing, thinking, results not much. I have not turned out at all what I expected. Much better so. I have given up thinking I ever shall.…I am now in my 63rd year, old enough to have sense. It is something to know that one has not much sense & never shall. Men are but children of larger growth.…one w(oul)d think I ought to have made more mark. Since I came here six years ago I have never been asked to preach anywhere, not even at the Crescent. I am glad now. I am determined for the future to be absolutely truthful with regard to mental state, & give up all sham.…I have a great deal of the buffoon in me. This vacation I was three weeks away at C.W.C.,…(Clongowes Wood College, Co. Kildare)…in Dublin & in [...]. All that time I was going about & meeting many. I joked & told stories & made people laugh &…in my own esteem shone & I am sure several thought I was always goodhumoured… the truth is very different.…As I have given up all desire of distinguishing myself, of attracting notice etc. I will try to make diary a companion.…The way to please God is to be as useful & helpful as one can. I must try. Reading & writing may be best for me.’

Diary is resumed after a three year break, on 1st October 1912, in an entry beginning ‘Tullabeg. here since Aug. 24th 1911.’

Letter from Fr Charles Aylmer SJ, Rome to Fr Matthew Gahan SJ, Clongowes Wood, Naas

Letter from Fr Charles Aylmer SJ, Rome, Italy to Fr Matthew Gahan SJ, Clongowes Wood, Naas, Kildare concerning domestic issues in Rome. Refers to a group of Polish fathers who are destined for Clongowes but remarks that he does not know when they will commence their journey. Refers to the General Congregation and the naming of the new Fr. General. Remarks 'You have no idea of all the imbroglios which I have witnessed here; men are men everywhere. I have so little that could edify you on the subject that I judge it more prudent not to enter upon it.' Asks to be remembered to members of the community in Clongowes Wood.

Aylmer, Charles, 1786-1849, Jesuit priest

Letter from Fr Hilary Lawton SJ to Irish Fr Provincial concerning changes in the course of studies of Clongowes

Letter from Fr Hilary Lawton SJ, Clongowes Wood College, Naas, County Kildare to Irish Fr Provincial Thomas Byrne SJ concerning changes in the course of studies of Clongowes he is planning. Seeks permission to travel to England, Holland and Belgium to see other methods of education at work.

Lawton, Hilary, 1912-1984, Jesuit priest

Letter to Fr William A Sutton SJ from his brother, Sir Abraham Sutton

Letter to Fr William A Sutton SJ from his brother, Sir Abraham Sutton following the publication of 'The Clongownian' in June 1921, containing a photograph of him (Sir Abraham), following his election as President of the Clongowes Union, for 1920 – 1921, and an appreciation (p.120 – 121). States in his letter ‘Dont fail to read 'The Clongownian'. You will be amazed to read about your younger brother as indeed he was to read about himself.…I suspect who wrote it but I am not quite certain. It is artistically done but much over laudatory. You cried when I returned to the world but Providence decreed otherwise for there were many family matters that required my special attention. Just think I entered my 73rd year on last Monday. Oh how short they appear now!’

Letters from Mr Willie Doyle SJ, 1897-1906

  • IE IJA J/2/81
  • File
  • 6 April 1897 - Easter 1906
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Holograph letters and typewritten letters by Mr Willie Doyle SJ while: at Clongowes Wood College to his mother and father, and sister Lena (6 April 1897 - 1898); undertaking philosophy at Enghien, Belgium to his mother and father (2 October 1898 - 3 June 1899); at St. Mary’s Hall, Stonyhurst College, England to his mother and father (14 October 1900 - 31 March 1901); at Clongowes Wood College to his mother and father, and sister Mai (18 December 1901 - 5 August 1903); undertaking theology at Milltown Park (23 December 1904 - Easter 1906).

Letters from Willie Doyle, 1886-1896

  • IE IJA J/2/80
  • File
  • 30 May 1886 - 23 August 1896
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Holograph letters and one typewritten letter by Willie Doyle: as a schoolboy in Ratcliffe College, Leicestershire, England to his brother Bob and mother (30 May 1886 - 9 April 1887); as a Jesuit novice at St Stanislaus, Tullabeg, County Offaly to his mother and father, and sisters Mai and Lena (8 August 1891 - 9 July 1892); as a scholastic at Milltown Park, Dublin to his father and brother Bob (31 May - Christmas 1893) and to Brother Cahill on finishing his noviceship (8 June 1893) and at Clongowes Wood College, County Kildare to his mother and father, and brothers Bob and Charles (3 September 1894 - 23 August 1896).

Letters to Fr Vincent Byrne SJ, regarding a Mungret College holiday

Letters to Fr Vincent Byrne SJ from various individuals including: note from Fr Kenny SJ, Clongowes Wood College, with instructions regarding a Mungret College villa (holiday) (June 1893, 2 items) and letter from Irish Fr Provincial Laurence Kiernan SJ congratulating Fr Byrne on the occasion of his being seventy-five years in the Society of Jesus (2 items).

Kenny, Timothy J, 1843-1917, Jesuit priest

Series of lectures for the students of Clongowes Wood College, arranged by Fr Matthias Bodkin SJ

Documents relating to a series of lectures for the students of Clongowes Wood College, arranged by Fr Matthias Bodkin SJ. Includes notification and programme of lectures to ‘encourage a wider range of thought and culture’ (1934-1935, 2pp);
– letters to Fr Bodkin from various academics and professionals arranging the lectures, including letters:
– from Patrick Semple, Professor of Latin, National University of Ireland (lecture on ‘The Roman Emperors’) (6 September-10 November 1934, 6 items);
– from John F Larchet, Professor of Music, National University of Ireland (lecture on ‘The Appreciation of Music’) (14 September 1934-22 February 1936, 4 items);
– from Canon P Boylan, Professor of Oriental Languages, Maynooth (lecture on Egyptology) (2 October, 4 December 1934, 3 items);
– from Michael Tierney, Professor of Greek, National University of Ireland (lecture on ‘The Historic Sights of Greece’) (7 September 1934 – 29 October 1935, 5 items);
– from Thomas Bodkin (Fr. Bodkin’s brother), D. Litt. (lecture on ‘The National Gallery’) (5 February 1935, 1p.);
– from John Joseph Robinson, F.R.I.A.I. (lecture on ‘Renaissance Architecture’) (8 September 1934-25 April 1935, 4 items);
– from Professor Joseph Doyle, Botany Department, University College Dublin (11 November-15 December 1936, 2 items);
– from Professor J.C. Sperrin-Johnson, Botany Department, University College Cork (12-22 November 1935, 2 items) and
– from Maurice Leahy (to Fr Fergal McGrath SJ), founder and editor of 'The Ireland – American Review' (14 January-25 February 1938, 6 items).

Bodkin, Matthias, 1896-1973, Jesuit priest and chaplain