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Biographical information and military documents concerning Fr Cyril Perrott SJ

Biographical information, obituaries and memorial card of Fr Cyril Perrott SJ (4 items). Military file 3601/CH(RC) which contains various documents belonging to Fr Cyril Perrott taken from Irish Provincialate (2010). Includes:

  • 6 black and white photographs of unknown people (perhaps niece and brother who lived in Western Australia, and brother who was a Jesuit in Western Australia);
  • details of his successful application for rate of pay increase;
  • release certificate;
  • details of medical prescription;
  • receipt for demand for civilian clothing;
  • document outlining principles and priestly duties;
  • tax requests;
  • request and reply for contingency allowance;
  • documents outlining ration cards and national registration on return to the United Kingdom and instructions to personnel released or invalided during release period to Eire who are granted leave with pay and who are eligible for medical attendance etc, under army regulations (1945/46);
  • claim for award of 1939/45 Star/Burma Star/Defence Medal;
  • obituary (1952);
  • card to be shown by celebret whenever a Chaplain wishes to say Mass;
  • officers’ kit insurance;
  • copy of gospel in funeral Mass and
  • letters from Captain George P. Grossmith.

Perrott, Cyril, 1904-1952, Jesuit priest and chaplain

Biographical information on Fr Doyle

Biographical information on Fr Doyle including a copy of his birth certificate and memorial card.

Irish Vice-Province of the Society of Jesus, 1830-

Biographical information on Fr Henry Gill SJ

Biographical information on Fr Henry Gill SJ. Includes:
– extract on Fr Gill from the Catalogus personarum primus (1930, 2pp);
– potted biography of Fr Gill by Fr John A Leonard SJ (n.d., 1p.);
– photocopies of newspaper obituaries of Fr Gill (27 Nov. 1945, 1p.);
– photocopies of obituaries from 'The Belvederian' and 'The Clongownian' (1946, 1p. each) and
– photocopy of an obituary printed in the 'Irish Province News', (Jan 1946, 3pp).

Biographical information on Fr Leonard Sheil SJ

Biographical information on Fr Leonard Sheil SJ. Includes:
– potted biography by Fr Fergus O'Donoghue SJ (Irish Province Archivist, 1986-2019), (1984, 1p.);
– biography of Fr Sheil entitled 'Who Travels Alone' by Fr Robert L. Stevenson SJ (Dublin: C. Goodliffe Neale (Irel.) Ltd.) (1975, 56pp);
– photocopies from the 'Jesuit Year Book' of an illustrated article by Fr Robert L. Stevenson SJ entitled ‘Emigrants’ Priest: Fr. Leonard Sheil, S.J.’ (1969, 9pp) and an illustrated appreciation of Fr Sheil by Very Rev. Joseph Flynn, M.S.S (1969, 5pp).
Also includes appreciation of Fr Sheil by Very Rev. Joseph Flynn, M.S.S., printed in 'Irish Province News' (April 1968, 2pp).

Biographical information on Fr Michael Bergin SJ

Biographical information on Fr Michael Bergin SJ, M.C., (Province of Lyons) chaplain to Australian forces. Includes:
– extract on Fr Michael Bergin SJ from the Australian Dictionary of National Biography, Vol. 7, p.274 (n.d., 1p.);
– pamphlet entitled A Happy Warrior: Being a Sketch of the Life of Father M. Bergin SJ by Patrick J. Gannon SJ (1934, 2 copies, 19pp each);
– letter from Mr Graham Wilson (late of the Australian army) to Fr Stephen Redmond SJ (Assistant Archivist to the Irish Province) on Fr Michael Bergin’s military career and death in action on 12 October 1917, enclosing photocopy of a colour photograph of his grave (25 June 1996, 2 items);
– article on Fr Michael Bergin SJ entitled ‘Trooper Bergin SJ’ by Graham Wilson and Joe Crumlin (1997, 28pp);
– photocopy of obituary and photograph of Fr Bergin from the Irish Press (3 April 1933, 1p.);
– letters from various French and Syrian Jesuits on Fr Bergin and letter from Fr Bergin’s cousin Michael S. Bergin (solicitor) to Fr Farley SJ following his visit to Fr Bergin’s grave. Encloses photograph of grave (23 June 1923, 2 items);
– ‘A son of St. Patrick: memoir of Fr Michael Bergin SJ’ 1933 by Sister Sophie (his sister);
– exhibition curated by the Irish Jesuit Archives on Fr Michael Bergin SJ at Roscrea Library, Tipperary (October 2017) with invite and exhibition panels (by Alan Dunne); comment book; newspaper and website articles; details of Fancroft Mill and Gardens, Roscrea;
– copies of letters sent by Elaine O'Doherty (great grand-niece of Fr Michael Bergin SJ) found in the family’s possession (2017). Note from Fr Michael Bergin SJ to Lill (6 October 1917);
– copy of letter from Senior Australian Chaplain to Sister Madeline Sophie (15 November 1917) and a letter from Fr John Delaney SJ to Sister Madeline Sophie (December 1917).

Gannon, Patrick J, 1879-1953, Jesuit priest

Biographical information on Fr Peter Finlay SJ (1851-1929)

Biographical information on Fr Peter Finlay SJ including:
– memorial card (2 copies);
– obituary in The Catholic Bulletin, No. 11, Vol. 19, p.961-963 (November 1929, 3pp) and
– draft of article on his life written as a ‘short memoir of the distinguished author’ to prefix the re-issue of his ‘best known book’ The Church of Christ (n.d., 8pp).
See photographs of Fr Finlay in the individual photograph collection.

Biographical information relating to Fr John Conmee SJ

Biographical information relating to Fr John Conmee SJ. Includes:
– potted biography by Fr Fergus O'Donoghue SJ (Irish Province Archivist, 1986 - 2019 (2pp);
– handwritten note on Fr John Conmee SJ made by an unknown person (probably a fellow-Jesuit) stating “Perhaps the first word that occurs to one when trying to describe Father Conmee is ‘delightful’. He was a delightful man – amiable, bright, entertaining… – his presence, the very thought of him did you good.” (n.d, 1p.);
– obituaries, with one document mentioning Frs John Hughes and Thomas Taaffe SJ (May 1910, 3 items);
– memorial cards (1910, 3 items) and
– copy of the death certificate of Fr Conmee (21 Oct. 1917, 1 item)

Biographical information relating to Fr Thomas A. Finlay SJ

Biographical information on Fr Thomas Aloysius Finlay SJ (1848-1940). Includes obituary of Fr Finlay by George O'Brien, Professor of Economics, University College, published in The Economic Journal, The Quarterly Journal of The Royal Economic Society, No. 197, Vol. 1, p.157-159 (March 1940, 3pp) and obituary, also by Prof. O'Brien published in the Irish Monthly (March 1940, p.142- 144) originally broadcast on Radio Eireann.

Finlay, Thomas A., 1848-1940, Jesuit priest and economist

Biographical material concerning David Woulfe SJ

Biographical material concerning David Woulfe SJ. Includes

  • typescript on his life, by Fr James Stephenson SJ (n.d., 13pp);
  • correspondence collected by Fr Stephenson in the course of research for the article (19 February - 26 October 1953, 4 items);
  • notes compiled by Fr John MacErlean SJ on Fr Woulfe (n.d., 4pp);
  • reprint 'The Last Years of a Confessor of the Faith, Father David Wolf' from 'Archivium Historicum Societatis Jesu', vol. XV, 1946 (15pp);
  • journal of notes made by Richard Woulfe, Dromlought, Lisselton, County Kerry, intended to comprise a ‘short and incomplete family history’;
  • biographical notes on Fr Woulfe, copies of correspondence, letters contributed to various newspapers by Maurice Woulfe (5 Bolton Street, Clonmel) on Woulfe family history (1904 – 1928) and copies of letters of Dr T. Woulfe of Bruff, County Kerry (1923-1924) (25 November 1935, c76pp) and
  • draft typescript entitled ‘Unpublished Letter of Father David Wolf’ by Fr Manuel da Costa SJ (Portuguese Jesuit and historian). Foreword in English (3pp); letter (October 1568) in Latin to the Bishop of Killala, Redmond O'Gallaghair, written when Fr Woulfe was in jail in Dublin Castle, describing the events of 1566 – ‘68 (n.d., 24pp).

Biographical material on Blessed Dominic Collins SJ

Biographical material on Dominic Collins SJ, martyred in Youghal, County Cork on 31 October 1602. Includes:
– copy of a typescript by Fr Bryan C. Fennelly SJ on Br Dominic Collins SJ (n.d., 5pp);
– copy of an Appeal by the Youghal Martyrs’ Memorial Committee to raise a memorial for Br Dominic Collins SJ (n.d., 2pp) ;
– photocopy of a cutting from the 'Southern Star' concerning Br Dominic Collins SJ (26 December 1959, 1p.) and
– article by Fr Francis Finegan SJ entitled 'The Beatifies Martyrs of Ireland (6) Dominic Collins' in Irish Theological Quarterly 65 (2000, 9pp).

Biographical material on Fr Richard Conway SJ

Biographical material on Fr Richard Conway SJ. Includes 'P. Richard Conway SJ (1573 – 1626)' by Fr John MacErlean SJ, in 13 parts, being extracts from 'The Irish Monthly', February 1923 to February 1924, bound together in one hardcover volume (74pp) and bound extract from the 'Irish Jesuit Directory', 'Fr Richard Conway SJ 1573 – 1626. Abbreviated from the account published by Fr John MacErlean, S.J. in the Irish Monthly, 1923 – 24. (n.d., 17pp).

MacErlean, John C, 1870-1950, Jesuit priest, historian and archivist

Biographical sketch of Fr John Austin SJ

Biographical sketch of Fr John Austin, with note on first page ‘This brief Memoir of the Rev. John Austin SJ was sent to Canon Conlan, P.P. St Michan’s, Dublin, by Mr. Edward Evans, July 14, 1900’ ([1900], 5pp), typescript entitled ‘Father John Austin SJ 1717 - 1784’ probably by Fr Francis Finegan SJ (n.d., 2 copies, 4pp each), pamphlet entitled 'Rev. John Austin, S.J.' by Dr George A. Little, Irish Messenger Office (1960) and article on John Austin and Thomas Betagh.

Bishop James Corboy SJ

Catalogue online 2034.

Corboy, James, 1916-2004, Jesuit priest and Roman Catholic Bishop of Monze

Blessed Ralph Corby SJ

Print out of personal history.

Corby, Blessed Ralph, 1598-1644, Jesuit priest and Martyr

Booklet entitled “Fr. Willie”

Booklet entitled “Fr. Willie”; part of the Irish Messenger series. Subtitled ‘His world-wide appeal and favours attributed to his intercession’. Contains a short reflection on his life and a list of reports from around the world of how Fr Doyle’s intercession, when invoked, benefited those who sought it.

Irish Messenger Office, 1888-

Booklets by Fr Albert Power SJ

Booklets entitled 'Problems which Christ alone can solve: IV The flame of passion V. The tyranny of pain' (1925); 'The Inspiration of the Bible' (1945) and ‘The Great Quest and Other Papers’ by Fr Albert Power SJ.

Power, Albert, 1870-1948, Jesuit priest

Books of Old Irish Mission

Notebook containing list of ‘Books of Old Irish Mission’ at Milltown Park, Dublin and list of 'Relics of the Old Society in Ireland' by Fr John MacErlean SJ, from notes by Fr Edmund Hogan SJ (4pp).

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