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Jesuit houses of formation, Ireland

  • Fonds
  • 1500-2020

St Mary's, Emo, County Laois
St Stanislaus College, Tullabeg, Offaly
Rathfarnham Castle, Dublin

Irish Vice-Province of the Society of Jesus, 1830-

Irish Jesuits

  • IE IJA J
  • Fonds
  • 1540-2021

Irish Vice-Province of the Society of Jesus, 1830-

Special Collections

  • IE IJA S
  • Fonds
  • 1570-2020

Irish Vice-Province of the Society of Jesus, 1830-

Irish College, Lisbon

The Irish Jesuit College at Lisbon was established in 1590.
Two bound volumes relating to the Irish College, Lisbon concern the foundation of the college, accounts, custom book and statutes. Analysis of the documents relating to the Irish College, Lisbon by Fr Francis Finegan SJ (1909-2011).

Irish Jesuit Colleges in Europe

  • Fonds
  • 1590-2009

The Irish Colleges were established chronologically as follows: Lisbon 1590, Salamanca 1592, Santiago de Compostela 1605, Seville 1608 or 1612, Rome 1628 and Poitiers 1674. Irish Jesuits were involved in the establishment or running of the colleges at Lisbon, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela and Seville. The colleges were established with the aim of educating and training students for the priesthood and acted as service and social centres for Irish religious communities all over Europe. Fr Thomas White SJ (1558-1622) founded Salamanca. For diplomatic reasons the title of Rector was held by a Spanish Jesuit successively at Santiago (1612) and Seville (1619). Fr John Howling SJ (1543-1599) founded Lisbon.

The material comprises of notes on the Irish Colleges at Lisbon, Poitiers, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela, Seville and Rome by Frs Edmund Hogan (1831-1917), John MacErlean (1870-1950) and Fergal McGrath (1895-1988). Includes lists of rectors and students of the Colleges.

Two bound volumes relating to the Irish College, Lisbon concern the foundation of the college, accounts, custom book and statutes. Analysis of the documents relating to the Irish College, Lisbon by Fr Francis Finegan SJ (1909-2011).

Irish Mission of the Society of Jesus, 1542-1773

Volumes relating to the Irish College in Lisbon

Two volumes, one bound, relating to the Irish College in Lisbon. The volumes contain various papers bound together. The first volume relates to the foundation of the college (485ff). The second volume consists of six sections: Accounts of the college; Ordinances from Rome; Custom book of college life; Statutes and customs; Mass and Orders book; The narration of the imprisonment and expulsion of Fr Dionysius Charti. Note by Fr Francis Finegan SJ on provenance of volumes - that Fr Manuel Gonçalves da Costa SJ visited Milltown Park in 1948, consulted volumes which in custody of Fr John MacErlean SJ (1981), and translation by Fr Fergus O'Donohue SJ (5 February 1987).

Society of Jesus in Ireland pre-1773

  • Fonds
  • 1600-2020

History of the Old Society
Catalogues, lists, necrologies
Information on individual Jesuits
Compilations of biographical notes
Transcripts of biographical notes
Jesuit Foundations in different counties

Irish Vice-Province of the Society of Jesus, 1830-

Transcript of an account of the voyage from Coruna to Ireland

Transcript (perhaps by Fr Edmund Hogan SJ) of an account of the voyage of General Pettre de Cubuani from Coruna to Ireland with supplied of arms and men for the Spanish Army who has set sail for Ireland on an earlier occasion (from the Archives of the Irish College, Salamanca).

Hogan, Edmund, 1831-1917, Jesuit priest

Jesuit colleges in Ireland

  • Fonds
  • 1627-2020

Clongowes Wood College SJ, County Kildare
Coláiste Iognáid, (St. Ignatius’ College), Galway City, County Galway
Mungret College, Mungret, County Limerick
Crescent College Comprehensive SJ, Limerick City, County Limerick
Belvedere College SJ, Dublin City, County Dublin
Gonzaga College SJ, Dublin City, County Dublin
St Declan's School, Dublin City, County Dublin

Irish Vice-Province of the Society of Jesus, 1830-

The Elements of Euclid Explain’d

‘The Elements of Euclid Explain’d, in a new, but most easie method.’3rd Edition by Fr Claude Millet de Chales SJ, published in Oxford, 1700. Printed by L.L. for M. Gillyflower at the Spread-Eagle in Westminister–Hall and W. Freeman at the Bible over against the Middle-Temple-Gate, in Fleet-Street, 1700.

With inscriptions, ‘1703 Dec 23 Mr Phil[bishop] E[x] lib Jno (John) Ellis’, stamp of ‘N Riordan’ and ‘Edwin Barton from his father’
Presented to Fr Fergal McGrath SJ by Frances Riordan, 23 St Clements Rd, Harrogate, England (March 1953).

Dechales, Claude François Milliet, 1621-1678, Jesuit priest and mathematician

Coláiste Iognáid, Galway

The papers of Coláiste Iognáid (St Ignatius’ College) and the Jesuit community offer an insight into the social, cultural and religious life of Galway. There are documents on the history of the Jesuits in Galway, property details such as deeds, leases and plans of property at Sea Road, Renmore, Sherwood Fields and Nuttall’s Garden, and correspondence with various Bishops of Galway and Jesuit Provincials. These documents illustrate major events in Jesuit community life: the return of the Jesuits and the establishment of a residence and school; building developments, ‘Attacked by Beetle: work to save church roof’ (1939); 1963 centenary celebrations and the erection of St Ignatius as a parish (1971). House histories, minister’s journals, visitations, and consults illuminate the ordinary life of members of the Jesuit community in Galway, ‘we have been hit hard again by the “Flu” (25 February 1919).

Roll books, school diaries, college calendars and school publications, such as ‘Turas na Sóisear’, which detail bicycle outings in the Galway area, with hand-drawn maps and route schedule (1940-1947). The arts and sports at Coláiste Iognáid are documented through photographs, scrapbooks and programmes of plays (The Rising of the Moon by Lady Gregory, 1941, for example), debates, theatre and musicals performances, rowing, rugby and GAA. The administration of the Jesuit school, community and Jesuit-run church provides information on: the role of Irish in the school; staffing; past pupils; Penny Dinners; sodalities; altar notices and masses. Financial papers, which consist of church and college accounts, bequests and intentions, also exemplify church activity and functions.

Coláiste Iognáid SJ, 1862-

Archbishop Christopher Butler manuscript book entitled ‘Instructions on Catechizing , & preaching also on The Sacraments of Marriage & Penance’

Manuscript book entitled ‘Instructions on Catechizing , & preaching also on The Sacraments of Marriage & Penance’ by ‘the Right Revd. in God Christopher Lord Arch-Bishop of Cashel & Primate of all Munster’ ‘To the Secular, & Regular Clergy of both his Dioceses, having care of Souls’. With notes in unknown hand on front cover: ‘Found or got by E. Hogan, S.J. circ. 1858’ and ‘15th Aug. 1737 E. Hogan, S.J.’. Also includes note stuck on to back cover ‘Christopher Butler A(rch)B(ishop) of Cashel for 45 y(ea)rs died in 1757 aged 84 y(ea)rs’.

Butler, Christopher, 1673-1757, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cashel

Fr Thomas Betagh

Catalogue online late 2023.

Betagh, Thomas, 1738-1811, Jesuit priest

Cardinal Marefoschi's visitation of the Irish College in Rome

Marefoschi, Mario Compagnoni, and Clement. 1772. Relazione della visita apostolica del Collegio Ibernese. Roma: Nella stamperia di Marco Pagliarini.

Publication concerning Cardinal Marefoschi's visitation of the Irish College in Rome presented to Pope Clement XIV. Includes a Papal document of 20 September 1773 placing the college in new hands (the Society had been suppressed the month before). Includes two short MSS bound into the text. The book is annotated in pencil by Fr Edmund Hogan SJ, with inserts by Fr John MacErlean SJ.

Marefoschi, Mario, 1714-1780, Roman Catholic Cardinal

Manuscript by Donncha Bán Ó Flionn of poems and songs

Manuscript by Donncha Bán Ó Flionn of poems and songs in Irish. With inscription: ‘Seán Ó Síocháin a bhronn ar A of SI a, Meitheamh, 1934 ’(A present from Seán Ó Síocháin to A of the SJ, June 1934) (Seán Ó Síocháin was GAA Secretary from Cill na Marta, Cork). Broken spine. End papers have watermark, 1 Grove Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

Ó Síocháin, Seán, 1914-1997, General Secretary of GAA and singer

Fr Peter Kenney SJ

Catalogue online late 2024.

Kenney, Peter J, 1779-1841, Jesuit priest and educator

Rathfarnham Castle, Dublin

In 1913, the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) purchased the 16th century-built Rathfarnham Castle from a Dublin building company, Bailey and Gibson. Initially, the plan was for a noviciate for Jesuit novices and in time, for working men’s retreats to be established at the Castle. However, by September 1913, this had changed to a house of studies for those Jesuits attending university. This decision was made following the change of regulations to the National University requiring students to attend lectures whereas previously they could be prepared for examinations elsewhere. The Jesuit Juniors as they were known would live at the Castle and cycle to lectures at University College Dublin, then located at Earlsfort Terrace in the centre of Dublin. The Jesuits engaged the architect, Charles B. Powell to modify the Castle in the summer of 1913.

Some Jesuits on mission staff lived there. Became a home for tertian fathers (those Jesuits taking a renewal course following ordination) in 1940. Blessed John Sullivan SJ (1861-1933) was Rector of Rathfarnham Castle for the years 1919-1924. Sullivan was a convert and the son of Sir Edward Sullivan, Lord Chancellor of Ireland (1883-1885). Sullivan’s rectorship was significant for the building of the retreat house in 1922, (working men’s retreats at the weekends and boy’s during the week). The Castle continued to function as a Juniorate until 1975 and for retreats until 1986 when the Jesuits sold Rathfarnham Castle. The following year, it was purchased for the nation by the Office of Public Works.

The papers of Rathfarnham Castle concern: the management of Rathfarnham Castle (1911-1995); the Jesuit community (1913-1985); the history of Rathfarnham Castle (1912-1994); the farm (1917-1920); the seismograph (1918-1954) and retreats (1922-1995). Material is in the form of letters, plans, maps and photographs.

Rathfarnham Castle, Dublin

Fr Peter Egan SJ

Catalogue online 2023.

Egan, Peter, 1789-1855, Jesuit brother

Fr James Butler SJ

Catalogue available 2022.

Butler, James, 1790-1820, Jesuit Priest

Fr John Curtis SJ

Catalogue online late 2021.

Curtis, John, 1794-1885, Jesuit priest

Fr Robert Haly SJ

Catalogue online late 2024.

Haly, Robert, 1796-1882, Jesuit priest

Fr Joseph Brown SJ

Catalogue online late 2022.

Brown, Joseph, 1801-1879, Jesuit priest

Fr John Grene SJ

Catalogue available 2023.

Grene, John, 1807-1887, Jesuit priest

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