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  • Queen's County reverted to County Laois in 1922.

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County Laois (Queen's)

  • UF Laois
  • UF Co. Laois
  • UF Laoise
  • UF Queen's County
  • UF Laoighis

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County Laois (Queen's)

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Album, with note on inside ‘Positive pack 1 (1897)'

Album, with note on inside ‘Positive pack 1 (2897) Suggest No.2: Menton, France & No.17: Arch of Titus, Rome. Photographs have been removed from the album. Pencil annotations on the album (not in Mr Frank Browne SJ hand) are in written here in italic.

  1. Sister Josephine, Ursuline, b. 1870
  2. Menton (on reverse) ‘Photo taken by Fr Earley. Stormy on the sands at Humewood P.E. Nov – 1902’. (Humewood is a coastal area, Port Elizabeth, South Africa).
  3. Cobh (on reverse) - ‘To dearest Joe With love From Sissie Oct. 31st 1902.
  4. Menton
  5. Rome
  6. Rome
  7. Rome
  8. Fontana de Trevi (Rome)
  9. (Menton, France)
  10. Venice
  11. San Marcs, Venice
  12. Doge’s Palace, Venice
  13. Via Appia
  14. Via Appia
  15. (Tour of Italy, Greece)
  16. (Tour of Italy, Greece)
  17. Arch of Titus, Rome
  18. Rome
  19. Rome
  20. (Tour of Italy, Greece)
  21. Pompeii?
  22. Pompeii?
  23. Naples
  24. Genoa
  25. Rome
  26. Rome?
  27. (altar)
  28. Venice
  29. Milan
  30. (Switzerland)
  31. (Switzerland?)
  32. (Switzerland?)
  33. (Switzerland?)
  34. (Switzerland?)
  35. (Switzerland?) 35
  36. Menton?
  37. Cork
  38. 1 38 Sheet 2 Cork
  39. 2 39 Timahoe
  40. 3 40 Switzerland
  41. 4 41 Switzerland?
  42. 5 42 Switzerland? Bellanzama?
  43. 7 43
  44. 8 44 Monte Carlo?

Browne, Francis M, 1880-1960, Jesuit priest, photographer and chaplain

Christmas card from Uachtarán na hÉireann and AIB

Christmas card from Uachtarán na hÉireann, Mary Robinson and her husband Nick Robinson featuring a photograph of Áras an Uachtaráin, taken by Fr Frank Browne SJ in 1946 and Christmas card from AIB, featuring photograph by Fr Frank Browne SJ of mid-winter at Emo, Laois (1935).

Robinson, Mary, b 1944-, President of Ireland

Correspondence between Fr Leonard Sheil SJ and Irish Fr Provincial on the content of Fr Sheil’s mission sermons

  • IE IJA J/16/4
  • File
  • 16 June 1936 - 30 July 1940
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Correspondence between Fr Leonard Sheil SJ and Irish Fr Provincial Laurence J. Kieran SJ on the content of Fr Sheil’s mission sermons. Includes:
– censors’ judgements on the manuscript of a sermon on ‘Sin’ by Fr Sheil (Jun 1936, 2 items); copy of summary of censors’ judgements (n.d., 2pp) and letter from Fr Sheil to the Irish Fr Provincial after receiving the censors’ reviews (24 June 1936, 2pp);
– letter from Fr Sheil in which he explains his delay in sending the Irish Fr Provincial the texts of his sermons, ‘My delay, and indeed serious negligence, has not been due, I think, to wilful disobedience, or to the opinion that they did not need censoring, but to this. I have eight fully written sermons in my drawer at present, but my dissatisfaction with them has caused me to cross out and amend lines and pages, so that none of them are yet in fit condition to send.…also…between missions my head is so tired that I am loathe to work.’ Also refers to the Sodality and the Legion of Mary (see J16/3) (12 Oct. 1936, 2pp);
– copy letter to Fr Sheil from the Irish Fr Provincial calling attention to Fr Sheil’s ‘want of prudence and discretion’ and warning him that if he continues ‘on present lines’ he may be ‘removed from the mission staff and given work in a College. With a view to rendering such a change unnecessary I forbid you in future to speak in the pulpit on questions of sex or, on general, matters relating to the VI commandment, without having first submitted your MS to the Socius for censorship. I wish also that you give up mentioning in public estimates or conjectures regarding the number of Irish emigrants who lose the faith or give up its practice’ (24 Jan. 1938, 2pp);
– note from Fr Sheil to the Irish Fr Provincial in which he lists the topics of his sermons that have been passed by the censor (12 Mar. 1940, 3pp);
– letter from Fr Tom Counihan SJ to ‘Fr. John’ in which he refers to Fr Sheil’s sermons, ‘You should have heard his sermons on sin, temptation, holyhour, family life & Holy Communion to feel utterly ashamed of the twaddle neither here nor there (sic.) No Scripture, no sound reasoning & abundance of crudity & naked realism…It is very unfortunate & I am not at all comfortable when I have to hand over an out-church to his tender mercies!’ (15 May 1940, 2pp) and
– copy letter from the Irish Fr Provincial to Fr Sheil in which he states, ‘I have been regretfully obliged to change you from the mission staff, and it is only fair that you should know the reason of this change. From information I have received from many different quarters it seems clear that you are greatly lacking in prudence in the things you say; and I cannot help thinking that if you were allowed to continue working as a missioner you would land both yourself and the Society into serious trouble…you allow your zeal to get the better of you with the result that you act contrary not only to the advice of your colleagues but also to that of your Superiors. I am afraid also that your knowledge of theology is very much wanting in accuracy…As to your work in Galway in the coming year, I must forbid you to preach anything in the Church without first having shown the MS to Fr Rector…’ (30 Jul. 1940, 2pp).

Letter from Brother Aubury, De La Salle Retreat, Castletown, Queen's County concerning a foundation of Christian Brothers in Australia

Letter from Brother Aubury, De La Salle Retreat, Castletown, Queen's County (County Offaly) to Fr John Ryan SJ Gardiner Street, Dublin concerning a foundation of Christian Brothers in Australia. Remarks that he raised the matter a number of years ago with his superiors who were not supportive of the proposal. Continues '...I fear it would be rash for me to hold out hopes of being able to offer Your Reverence a community of Brothers for your interesting schools for a few years to come.'

Maher, Martin, 1861-1942, Jesuit priest

Letters from Fr Francis Browne SJ to the Irish Provincial on various matters

  • IE IJA J/7/10
  • File
  • 24 July 1942-14 July 1947
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Letters from Fr Francis Browne SJ, many written from St Mary’s, Emo, Portarlington, County Laois, to the Irish Provincial on various matters (mostly seeking permission to travel to different locations for the purposes of giving retreats, lectures, visiting friends and family), including his health and his photographic work. Includes letters:
– referring to his securing photos of ‘the ruins on Inniscaltra in Lough Derg…(and)…Castletown at Celbridge’ (29 June 1944, 2pp);
– referring to his eldest sister, Mother Josephine in the Ursuline Convent, Blackrock, County Dublin (17 and 20 September 1944, 2 items);
– concerning his travelling expenses (28 October and 2 November 1944, 2 items);
– his making ‘a set of photographs in Curraghmore House … because I am collecting a set of Georgian Houses & Curraghmore was on the list given me by the Georgian Society’ (9 April 1945, 3pp);
– regarding his ‘camera work’. ‘As you know, I am supplying a series of pictures of “Historic Mansions” each month to ‘Irish Tatler & Sketch’. The first of the series were photos of Shelton Abbey for which the present Lord Wicklow gave his very willing approval…he proposes utilising c as a kind of Hotel or “Country Club” He asked me whether it would be possible for me to go there again to take further photos before the necessary alterations are made’ (8 April 1947, 3pp);
– stating ‘…the editor of ‘Tatler & Sketch’ is pressing me for a further series of “Historic Mansions” to be published in the Autumn. Apparently he found that the first series – Jan. to May – was very popular. Would you permit me to do some journeys for this purpose & to debit them to a “Villa” account: not, as usual, to my Camera account?’ (23 June 1947, 3pp) and
– stating ‘I enclose a list of places I wish to photograph for my next series of “Historic Mansions” – which is due to begin in October. The last set – January – May, brought me £25, & the next will be even more profitable, because the Editor told me that he is so satisfied with the results, that he will print more pictures of each house in the next series’ (14 July 1947, 2pp).

Browne, Francis M, 1880-1960, Jesuit priest, photographer and chaplain

Letters to the Irish Fr Provincial, mostly from Fr Leonard Sheil SJ, relating to his Mission work throughout Ireland

  • IE IJA J/16/6
  • File
  • 24 Nov. 1943 - 18 May 1949
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Letters to the Irish Fr Provincial, mostly from Fr Leonard Sheil SJ, relating to his Mission work throughout Ireland. Includes:

  • letters concerning a Retreat given by Fr Sheil in Killorglin, County Kerry, a lecture in Cashel, County Tipperary and Missions in Cobh, County Cork and Harrington Street, Dublin (24 November 1943 - 7 August 1945, 6 items);
  • letter from Fr Sheil offering to ‘go to any country where…I would be of use in the service of God, Africa, Australia, China or the Continent.’ Also seeks permission to become the Spiritual Director of the International Catholic Girls’ Protection Society (see also J16/5). ‘Their work (they are some thirty years in existence in Dublin) was chiefly the meeting and protecting of girls travelling, especially to England. Now it includes a registry office of which the object is to find work for girls in Ireland and so obviate the necessity of going to England.…They hope to start a small training hostel for domestics. The Archbishop is very favourable.…I have given their radio broadcast for the past five years, bringing in £100 more or less each year. The work of the Spiritual Director would be to attend the monthly meeting of the Committee…and on these occasions to give what assistance he can as a priest.…In favour of it,…it offers a field of work for youth; and…perhaps no class of youth needs help more than the young country girl, perhaps from a convent orphanage, who comes to Dublin to domestic service…’ (21 Feb. 1946, 3pp);
  • letter from Socius Fr John Coyne SJ to the Irish Provincial relating to a report in the 'Irish Press' of a lecture on ‘Friends of Soviet Russia’ given by Fr Sheil to the Ringsend C.Y.M.S. in which Fr Sheil referred to Dáil Éireann members as ‘frightful loafers’. Encloses clipping of report (2 Dec. 1946, 1p.) and letter from Fr Sheil to Fr Coyne explaining the circumstances of the lecture (n.d., 2pp);
  • letter from Fr Sheil reporting on a number of young men who wish to join the Society and his activities on a recent visit to the North of Ireland (2 Apr. 1947, 4pp) and
  • letter to the Irish Provincial Fr Thomas Byrne SJ from Dr Edward Doorly, Bishop of Elphin stating ‘Father Sheil did not give any offence worth mentioning and further…he gave a splendid Retreat to the priests’ (18 May 1949, 1p.).

Material relating to Fr Laurence O'Neill SJ

A file relating to Fr Laurence O'Neill SJ, his entry into the Society of Jesus, his ill health, his four years in Australia as a scholastic and his death.

O'Neill, Laurence, 1907-1987, Jesuit priest

Photograph at St Mary's, Emo, County Laois

  1. Jesuits taking first vows at Emo, 1956 on steps of Emo Court. Back, l-r: Niall O'Driscoll, Vincent Murphy, Michael Ahern, Hugh Duffy, Brian Grogan, Brendan Duddy. Front: Ciaran Quirke, James Kelly, Paddy Doyle, Des O'Brien, Paul Cullen, Patrick Gallagher, Liam Grimley and Brian O'Leary

  2. Jesuits taking first vows at Emo, 1956 steps of Emo Court.

  3. Jesuit on the steps of Emo Court. L-r: Br Hassett and Br William Fitzgerald SJ.

  4. Stone lion on front steps of Emo Court. .

  5. Frs Paddy Cusack, Hebert Monaghan and Henry Croasdaile at Emo.

  6. Side view of Emo Court.

  7. Woodcutter with Jesuit brother, Emo;

Photograph of Fr Frank Browne SJ

Photograph of Fr Frank Browne SJ, probably taken at Emo.

Browne, Francis M, 1880-1960, Jesuit priest, photographer and chaplain

Photographic album of St Mary’s, Emo, County Laois by Fr Frank Browne SJ

Photographs are pasted into the album and relate to the following subjects: the interior and exterior of the St Mary's, Emo, gardens, farm, lake, the winter landscape, trees, Jesuit alterations to the house, individuals playing golf and men seated on a wall. Includes group photograph of six Jesuits in the garden, Cormac Gallagher, -,-, Alan Mowbray, Dermot Murray,-. Seven photographs were loose therefore these are stored in mylar sleeves. The photographs have captions by Fr Frank Browne on the reverse. These include:

  • A philosopher of the by road - Study by "F"
  • It did not ring! - For the first time in 70 years this bell did not call the people to Mass last Sunday. When lighting struck the Church of the Sacred Heart, Courtwood, near Ballybrittas, Leix, on Saturday morning it demolished the bell tower. Falling debris seriously damaged the roof of the n. aisle.
  • 3rd Centenary of the "Annals of the Four Masters" ‘Moygara Caste, Co Roscommon [Gurteen, County Sligo]

Browne, Francis M, 1880-1960, Jesuit priest, photographer and chaplain

Photographs in the possession of Fr Paddy Meagher SJ

Photographs in the possession of Fr Paddy Meagher SJ (1917-2005). Fr Eddie O'Donnell SJ notes ‘Not all enclosed photographs were taken by Fr Browne’ (May 2017). Many are of Emo Court (dated 7, 21 and 27 May 1967, February 1968) and later therefore not taken by Fr Frank Browne SJ. Some have on reverse ‘Lorna Madden, Artist Photographer, 50 Highfield Park, Dundurm Rd, Dublin, Irish Times, Studio M or Lensman.
Photographs of Irish Jesuits including:
Kieran Barry-Ryan;
Patrick Cusack;
Peter Doyle;
Michael Erraught;
Michael P Gallagher (1957);
Patrick Gannon;
John Hannon;
Brendan Hyland;
John Joy;
Tony McSheara;
John Maguire;
Br Matthews;
Paddy Meagher;
Leon O'Giollain;
Michael O'Sullivan;
Liam O’Hara;
Stephen Ryan;
Charles Scantlebury;
William White;

Jean-Baptiste Janssen SJ;
Jerry Headfort, Elsie, Michael and Lord Henry Taylor - Michael’s coming of age (Easter 1953);
Crescent College, Limerick, 1957, with Ray Quilligan (front, centre) who was a Jesuit scholastic and two to his right - Fr Billy Carroll SJ (RIP) by Egleston Bros, Limerick (1957);
Clongowes Wood College Irish Class, 1956-1957;
Ciary Quirke ordination (1968) with John Murphy kneeling and Michael Gallagher waiting for a blessing. Paddy Doyle in background, left;
Fr Philip Fogarty SJ giving a blessing to Fr Cecil McGarry SJ (1971);
Fr Paddy Cusack SJ with novices;
Fr Joe Dargan SJ with novices;
Milltown Park grounds. Library and ordinations, with Archbishop John Charles McQuaid;
Br McAuley, Frs Brendan Barry, Charlie O'Conor, Hebert Dargan, Pedro Arrupe, John Russell, John Byrne and John Kerr;
St Mary’s, Emo, Laois – grounds;

Photographs damaged by damp
Mr Frank Browne SJ as a scholastic novice;
Mr Frank Browne with family (Uncle Robert, Bishop of Cloyne);
Robert L. Stephenson, Frank Browne, William Prendergast, William Hogan and Richard Maguire;
George Byrne;
Hugh Kelly;
William Gwynn;
Wood carving;
Italian Jesuits - science;
Belvedere Villa group, Kerry, 1910;

Jesuits at Emo 1946:
Fred Cuffe, Donal O'Sullivan, Michael Garraghy, Patrick Gannon, Stephen Bartley, Frank Browne, Thomas Byrne, William Prendergast;

John Hannon, Thomas Byrne and Jerome Mahony at Emo, 1946;

Jesuits at Emo, 1946: Frank Browne, Fred Cuffe, Brendan Brennan, William Prendergast, Thomas Byrne, Richard Maguire, William Hogan, John Hannon, Stephen Bartley;

Meagher, Patrick, 1917-2005, Jesuit priest

St Mary's, Emo, County Laois

Emo Court, County Laois was under Jesuit ownership from 1930 until 1969. Now in the hands of the Office of Public Works, the history of Emo dates back to the Earls of Portarlington in the eighteenth century. The first earl, John Dawson, commissioned the building of Emo Court in 1790; it is one of only a few private houses designed by the architect James Gandon. The Portarlington’s sold Emo in 1920 to the Land Commission and the Jesuits purchased the property in 1930, to be used as a novitiate (house of first formation). The Jesuits found Emo in a dilapidated state, with grass growing up through the floorboards. They made significant structural changes in order for it to function as a novitiate rather than as a family home. Many items were removed however they were stored in the basement (fireplace wrapped in blankets). Renowned photographer, Fr Frank Browne SJ, was one of the first Jesuits to take up residence there and he took many photographs of Emo Court.

In 1969, the Jesuits sold Emo to Major Cholmeley Dering Cholmeley-Harrison. He restored the house, sparing no expense, and donated it to the Irish State in 1995. In 2012 the Office of Public Works opened a permanent exhibition on Fr Frank Browne SJ at Emo Court.

The papers of St Mary’s, Emo concern the management of the Emo estate (1900-1995), establishment of the Jesuit community (1928-1930), maintenance, upkeep and expenditure (1931-1970), forestry and the sale of Emo (1969-1970; 1995). There is some material on the Jesuit community (1934-1962) and novitiate (1930-1969) however there is very little in the way of information on individual novices. Material is in the form of handwritten letters, ledgers, architectural plans, maps and photographs.

Rector of St Mary's, Emo:
Master of Novices, St Mary's, Emo:

John Neary October 1934
Donal O'Sullivan
Paddy Cusack

St Mary's, Emo, Laois, 1930-1969

The Jesuit Mission to Ireland 1596-1626

M.A. thesis by James J Corboy SJ, entitled 'The Jesuit Mission to Ireland 1596-1626' at the faculty of Modern History, UCD (2 copies, 248pp each) (1941) with separate bibliography and index (34pp). Also includes letter from Dr R Dudley Edwards, UCD and Fr Jerome Mahony SJ concerning ‘Lord Justice Loftus’ and ‘Carew’ (5pp) (21 June 1954), and letter from Fr Jerome Mahony SJ to Fr Roland Burke Savage SJ that he has completed Menelogy up to 1800 (13 February 1956).

Corboy, James, 1916-2004, Jesuit priest and Roman Catholic Bishop of Monze