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'Actus Generalis ex Universa Theologia'

Actus Generalis ex Universa Theologia, die 30 Junii 1893, (defendet P. Josephus Jouanen). Defence by Josephus Jouanen of his theological studies. at the Aula Maxima, University College. Includes letters to Fr Peter Finlay SJ concerning his organisation of the ‘Grand Act’ (a theological debate) which took place in the Aula Maxima of University College, Stephen’s Green on 30 June 1893 (4 May-16 July 1893, 9 items) and newspaper extracts concerning ‘The Grand Act’ (29 June-1 July 1893, 3 items).

Jouanen, Joseph, 1860-1952, Jesuit priest

17th century altar stone

Photocopy of newspaper article from The Irish Times entitled ‘Work on historical Galway shop ordered to stop’ which references an altar stone belonging to the Jesuits during the 17th century which had been smashed by Cromwell.

Irish Times Limited, 1859-

Biographical information relating to Fr Thomas A. Finlay SJ

Biographical information on Fr Thomas Aloysius Finlay SJ (1848-1940). Includes obituary of Fr Finlay by George O'Brien, Professor of Economics, University College, published in The Economic Journal, The Quarterly Journal of The Royal Economic Society, No. 197, Vol. 1, p.157-159 (March 1940, 3pp) and obituary, also by Prof. O'Brien published in the Irish Monthly (March 1940, p.142- 144) originally broadcast on Radio Eireann.

Finlay, Thomas A., 1848-1940, Jesuit priest and economist

Biographical material on Blessed Dominic Collins SJ

Biographical material on Dominic Collins SJ, martyred in Youghal, County Cork on 31 October 1602. Includes:
– copy of a typescript by Fr Bryan C. Fennelly SJ on Br Dominic Collins SJ (n.d., 5pp);
– copy of an Appeal by the Youghal Martyrs’ Memorial Committee to raise a memorial for Br Dominic Collins SJ (n.d., 2pp) ;
– photocopy of a cutting from the 'Southern Star' concerning Br Dominic Collins SJ (26 December 1959, 1p.) and
– article by Fr Francis Finegan SJ entitled 'The Beatifies Martyrs of Ireland (6) Dominic Collins' in Irish Theological Quarterly 65 (2000, 9pp).

Dance in aid of Penny Dinners and postponement

File of letters and copy of letters related to the postponement of the Penny Dinners in Galway at Columban Hall and its eventual re-establishment. Correspondence between Irish Fr Provincial Laurence Kiernan SJ, Fr John MacSheahan SJ, Rector, St Ignatius Church, Galway and Thomas O’Doherty, Bishop of Galway, Kilmacduagh and Kilfenora, relating to Bishop O’Doherty’s pastoral letter in which he indirectly refers to the Penny Dinners and the Jesuits, when he condemns dances organised in aid of Penny Dinners by non – Jesuits, ‘I have the strongest possible objection to the means of raising money employed last January…who can control the evils perpetuated in motor cars' (6 April 1926). Includes correspondence between Fr John MacSheahan SJ, Rector, St Ignatius Church, Galway and M. O. Lainn, Clerk, Galway Urban District Council, relating to the re-establishment of Penny Dinners.

MacSheahan, John, 1885-1956, Jesuit priest and chaplain

Documents relating to Fr Michael Pelly’s time as a chaplain.

Documents relating to Fr Michael Pelly’s time as a chaplain. Includes Fr Pelly’s ‘British Military Identity Document’ with photograph (December 1943, 1 item) and photocopy from a newspaper [Irish Independent?] of an article on the ‘Mass of Reparation said in Monte Cassino Ruins’ by Fr Pelly (1944, 1p).

Pelly, Michael C, 1907-1990, Jesuit priest and chaplain

Jesuit response to lack of housing provision in Galway

File of material related to the Jesuit response to the lack of housing provision in Galway for vulnerable groups in society such as the aged. Includes newspapers articles from The Connacht Tribune and Connacht Sentinel written by or quoting Jesuits, in relation to housing in Galway, ’No house should be held by one: Five priests plead for the aged poor’ (Connacht Sentinel, 13 May 1969) and ‘Flats for the Aged of Galway’ by Fr Charles O’ Connor SJ. (The Connacht Tribune, 8 August 1969); correspondence between Fr Charles O’ Connor and various individuals on the subject of housing for the aged including Brendan Holland, Hollands'; P. J. Watters, Town Clerk, Galway; The Mayor of Galway; Bobby Molly, T.D.; the editor of the Connacht Sentinel.

O’Connor, Charles E, 1920-2014, Jesuit priest

List of Coláiste Iognáid, Galway archives

Lists of letters from the archives of Coláiste Iognáid (St Ignatius College), Galway. Includes newspaper clipping on St Joseph Seminary and St Ignatius College students entry into University College Galway.

Newspaper entitled 'Tuairim'

Newspaper by the students of Coláiste Iognáid entitled ‘Tuairim’, Vol.1,2 and Vol. 2, 1. The cover of April 1969 (3 copies) has an image of Che Guevara on its front cover. Articles relate to the stories of students attending Coláiste Iognáid and their interpretation at current local, national and world events. Includes articles on the debating society, quiz, editorial, basketball, judo, football, Marxism and poetry. It appears 'Tuairim' issue for November was not published, and was banned.

Newspaper for Coláiste Iognáid entitled ‘Scorcher’

School paper for the Bun-Scoil and Mean-Scoil, Coláiste Iognáid, entitled ‘Scorcher’ written by pupils from Bun-Rang 6 of the primary school. Articles relate to Harry Roberts, council of Bun-Rang, sport, space, music, reflection on the 1960’s, Vietnam, poetry and quizzes. Refers to the banning of ‘Tuairim’ and Scorcher is the only paper now ‘published in St Ignatius College Secondary School or Primary School’.

Photocopies of obituary of Fr John Gwynn SJ

Photocopies of obituary from the Sunday Freeman of Fr John Gwynn SJ and a photograph of him as published in a supplement given away with the Weekly Freeman. Includes photographs of Fr Gwynn’s Memorial Tablet and a transcript of the inscription and document relating to his death (obituaries and appreciation by Lord Desmond Fitzgerald).

Poem by Stephen L. Gwynn entitled ‘We That Are Old’ beg

Cutting from the 'Times' of a poem by Stephen L. Gwynn entitled ‘We That Are Old’ beg. 'We that are old have little will To linger on'. Ten verses and copy of same written out by Fr Aubrey Gwynn (2pp).

Gwynn, Stephen Lucius, 1864-1950, author, politician, and soldier

Review of 'The Letters of Gerard Manley Hopkins to Robert Bridges' and 'The Correspondence of Gerard Manley Hopkins and Richard Watson Dixon'

Photocopy from the 'Irish Independent' of a review of two books by Claude C. Abbott (ed.): 'The Letters of Gerard Manley Hopkins to Robert Bridges' and 'The Correspondence of Gerard Manley Hopkins and Richard Watson Dixon' (London: Oxford University Press).

Irish Independent, newspaper, 1905-

Second draft of unpublished manuscript by Fr Henry Gill SJ recording his time as a chaplain

Unpublished manuscript by Fr Henry Gill SJ recording his time as a chaplain, entitled ‘1914 – 1918 As seen by a Chaplain with the 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Rifles’. Completed in 1933. Includes newspaper and journal articles and fifteen pages of original photographs. Manuscript appears to be an amended version of CHP1/27.

Gill, Henry V, 1872-1945, Jesuit priest, scientist and chaplain

The Connacht Tribune and The Connacht Sentinel

Newspaper clippings from the Connacht Tribune and the Connacht Sentinel relating to the Jesuits in Galway; the past pupil union and centenary ceremonies of St Ignatius Church and College in Galway; the building of an extension to Coláiste Iognáid.

The Connacht Sentinel, newspaper