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Album compiled by Fr Henry Gill SJ containing newspaper clippings, photographs and letters

Album compiled by Fr Henry Gill SJ containing newspaper clippings, photographs and letters. Includes:
– newspaper clipping referring to a meeting of the Royal Dublin Society before which a paper by Fr Gill entitled ‘The Theory of the Stratified Discharge in Geissler Tubes’ was communicated by the Registrar Mr. Moss (n.d., 1p.);
– letter from Prof Charles J. Joly, D.Sc., F.R.S., Dunsink Observatory, Co. Dublin (Honorary Secretary of the R.D.S.) stating ‘Your beautiful illustration of precession and nutation is quite new to me and I think you should certainly send it to 'Nature'. I am keeping the figures as you kindly say I may’ (24 March 1903, 1p.);
– black and white photograph of the hunt at Clongowes Wood College, Co. Kildare ([1903?], 1p.) and note to Fr Gill from the “Proprietors of ‘The Badminton Magazine’ enclosing a cheque for £1.1s as a prize in their photograph competition (27 April 1903, 1p.);
– clipping from a magazine/newspaper concerning the marriage of his sister, Miss Mary Catherine Gill, only daughter of Mr Henry J. Gill, M.A., J.P., of Roebuck House, Clonskeagh, Dublin with Mr. William Harrington, of Cherryfield, Templeogue on 16 June 19?? . Also includes two photographs of the room with the table laid out for the wedding breakfast (16 June 19??, 4 items);
– newspaper report on a lecture given by Fr Gill before the Royal Dublin Society on ‘a possible connection between the recent disturbances at Vesuvius and San Francisco’ ([June 1906], 1p.);
– clipping from the 'Freeman’s Journal' referring to Fr Gill’s theory ‘according to which earthquakes and such like disturbances at one place may, under certain conditions, give rise to corresponding shocks in other places’ (24 August 1906, 1p.);
– clipping on the opening of a new wing of the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge by Lord Rayleigh. Includes reference to Mr H. V. Gill’s experiments with spinning tops to illustrate earthquake reactions (19 June 1908, 2pp);
– extract from 'The Tablet' containing the following reference to Fr Gill in its University Notes, ‘…we must congratulate the Rev. H. V. Gill, of St Edmund House, upon his Research Degree won by a Thesis on ‘A New Glow in Vacuum Tubes.’ Father Gill has exhibited his apparatus before the Royal Society, and was also invited to exhibit it by the Royal Institution.’ (see also J17/29) (26 June 1909, 2pp);
– notice advertising Fr Gill’s ‘Earthquake Top…with handle for spinning, and lead bullets’ for 7s.6d. (n.d., 1p.);
– clipping from the 'Freeman’s Journal' on a lecture on ‘Wireless Telegraphy’ given by Fr. Gill in Belvedere College on 6 May 1912 (7 May 1912, 4pp);
– extract from 'The Tablet' of an article entitled ‘The Cardinal at Cambridge A Representative University Gathering’ containing the following reference to Fr Gill, ‘Sir J.J. Thomson, F.R.S., who responded for science, said that this was not the first time that he had had the pleasure of meeting and working with members of that Society. One of them, Father Gill, worked in his laboratory and did extremely valuable and able work, and developed a great power of dealing with physical problems’ (18 May 1912, 3pp);
– photograph of a physics laboratory (possibly one of the labs at Clongowes Wood College) (n.d., 1 item)
– photographs relating to Fr Gill’s research work (n.d., 5 items).

Album to celebrate the centenary of the St Ignatius Church and College

Photographic album mainly related to the events organised in 1963 to celebrate the centenary of the St Ignatius Church and College in Galway. Includes photographs of: Jesuit residences; the President of Ireland, Eamon de Valera with members of the Jesuit community; photocopies of photograph of the Hurling team and Irish Speakers in 1904 taken from ‘The Ignatian’; Fr Patrick O'Kelly SJ; pasted inserts of receipts from 1879 to 1895 for cleaning, stained glass windows of 2 lights and tracery and missal stand; group photograph of the St Ignatius Gaelic Football team of 1935-1936.

Connacht Tribune, newspaper

Biographical information on Fr Michael Bergin SJ

Biographical information on Fr Michael Bergin SJ, M.C., (Province of Lyons) chaplain to Australian forces. Includes:
– extract on Fr Michael Bergin SJ from the Australian Dictionary of National Biography, Vol. 7, p.274 (n.d., 1p.);
– pamphlet entitled A Happy Warrior: Being a Sketch of the Life of Father M. Bergin SJ by Patrick J. Gannon SJ (1934, 2 copies, 19pp each);
– letter from Mr Graham Wilson (late of the Australian army) to Fr Stephen Redmond SJ (Assistant Archivist to the Irish Province) on Fr Michael Bergin’s military career and death in action on 12 October 1917, enclosing photocopy of a colour photograph of his grave (25 June 1996, 2 items);
– article on Fr Michael Bergin SJ entitled ‘Trooper Bergin SJ’ by Graham Wilson and Joe Crumlin (1997, 28pp);
– photocopy of obituary and photograph of Fr Bergin from the Irish Press (3 April 1933, 1p.);
– letters from various French and Syrian Jesuits on Fr Bergin and letter from Fr Bergin’s cousin Michael S. Bergin (solicitor) to Fr Farley SJ following his visit to Fr Bergin’s grave. Encloses photograph of grave (23 June 1923, 2 items);
– ‘A son of St. Patrick: memoir of Fr Michael Bergin SJ’ 1933 by Sister Sophie (his sister);
– exhibition curated by the Irish Jesuit Archives on Fr Michael Bergin SJ at Roscrea Library, Tipperary (October 2017) with invite and exhibition panels (by Alan Dunne); comment book; newspaper and website articles; details of Fancroft Mill and Gardens, Roscrea;
– copies of letters sent by Elaine O'Doherty (great grand-niece of Fr Michael Bergin SJ) found in the family’s possession (2017). Note from Fr Michael Bergin SJ to Lill (6 October 1917);
– copy of letter from Senior Australian Chaplain to Sister Madeline Sophie (15 November 1917) and a letter from Fr John Delaney SJ to Sister Madeline Sophie (December 1917).

Gannon, Patrick J, 1879-1953, Jesuit priest

Coláiste Iognáid school play

Group photograph of students of Coláiste Iognáid, Galway, on stage during a play. Students are dressed as woman, a gardai, a prisoner and an archbishop - ‘This troupe, having won the Schools Competition in Connaught, went on to win the National Competition in Dublin’. Names are printed on mounted photograph. Includes Peader Feeney, later to become a Jesuit. Taken by photographer, Dowler, Presentation Road, Galway.

Coláiste Iognáid, Galway class photograph

Coláiste Iognáid, Galway class group, which includes three girls. Front row, l-r: Liam Greene SJ, Thomas MacMahon SJ, Mr Aidan Ryder, Patrick Tyrrell SJ (Headmaster), Mr Alexander [Eatern] (Deputy Head), Edward Diffely SJ, Padraig Folen and Kevin O'Rourke SJ.

Documents relating to Fr John Gwynn’s service as a chaplain

Documents relating to Fr John Gwynn’s service as a chaplain attached to the 1st Battalion of the Irish Guards, B.E.F., France. Includes:
– letters written by Fr John Gwynn volunteering to be a chaplain (23 August – 8 November 1914, 2 items);
– documentation dealing with Fr Gwynn’s appointment as a military chaplain (9 November 1914 – 16 March 1915, 9 items) including the certificate appointing him chaplain to the Forces, 4th Class, Land Forces, (Temporary) (16 March 1915, 1p.);
– certificate of safe conduct with attached photo of Fr Gwynn (4 July 1915, 1p.);
– letters and notes sent to the Irish Fr Provincial Thomas V. Nolan SJ (n.d., 3 items);
– official letters sent to the Irish Fr Provincial Thomas V. Nolan SJ following Fr Gwynn’s death in action on 12 October 1915 (11 October 1915 – 19 September 1921, 23 items);
– pamphlet 'A Great Irish Chaplain: Father John Gwynn, S.J.' by John Bithrey SJ (n.d., 20pp);

  • material on centenary of Fr Gwynn's death - the Bishop of Arundel and Brighton celebrated Mass at the Sacred Heart Church, Caterham, Surrey, England where the Irish Guards have erected a tablet in Fr Gwynn’s memory (11 October 2015).

Gwynn, John, 1866-1915, Jesuit priest and chaplain

Jesuit community and Fr John J McMahon SJ, at St Ignatius, Galway

Photograph of the community at St Ignatius, Galway, at the time of Fr John J McMahon’s visitation. Taken outdoors in three rows by Yann Studios, 3 Mainguard St, Galway. Includes names.

Top row, from left: Fr Michael Morahan SJ, Fr Kieran Ward SJ, Fr Senan Timoney SJ, Fr Richard Butler SJ, Fr Sean O'Duibhir SJ, Fr Paddy Tyrrell SJ, Br Michael Crowe SJ.
Middle row: Fr Peader Feeney SJ, Fr Patrick O'Kelly SJ, Br Andrew Colgan SJ, Fr Andrew O'Reilly SJ, Br Francis Bonfield SJ, Fr Jim Christian SJ.
Front row, sitting: Fr Paul Leonard SJ, Fr Joseph O'Connor SJ, Fr Pearse O'Higgins SJ (Rector), Fr John J McMahon SJ (Visitor), Fr Michael McGrath SJ (Minister), Fr Bob McGoran SJ, Fr Francis McSwiggan SJ.

Letters and postcards from Fr Francis X O'Brien SJ to the Irish Fr Provincial Thomas V. Nolan SJ written while a chaplain

Letters and postcards from Fr Francis X O'Brien SJ to the Irish Fr Provincial Thomas V. Nolan SJ written while a chaplain attached to the No. 5 Prisoners of War Company, B.E.F., France and the 30th General Hospital, B.E.F., France.

O'Brien, Francis X, 1881-1974, Jesuit priest and chaplain

Letters and postcards from Fr Hugh Mulhall SJ to the Irish Fr Provincial written during his time as a chaplain

Letters and postcards from Fr Hugh Mulhall SJ to the Irish Fr Provincial Thomas V. Nolan SJ written during his time as a chaplain to the 3/1st East Lancashire Division, Codford, Wiltshire and 5th East Lancashire Regiment, Witley Camp, Surrey and in Park Hall Camp, Oswestry.

Mulhall, Hugh, 1871-1948, Jesuit priest and chaplain

Letters and telegrams to the Irish Fr Provincial from Fr Conal Murphy SJ written while serving as chaplain

Letters and telegrams to the Irish Fr Provincial from Fr Conal Murphy SJ, written while serving as a chaplain with the 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers in Christchurch and Aldershot, Hants., Langholm, Dumfriesshire and The Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire; 587 Field Company, [Royal Engineers], Estate Camp, Inverkip, Scotland and in North Africa; 78th Division, British North Africa Force in Tunisia and 78th Division, Central Mediterranean Force (C.M.F.) in Sicily and Italy; 67 Garrison, B.N.A.F. in Tunisia and No. 1 Casualty Clearing Station, Italy, C.M.F., and Austria. Includes his first letter to the Irish Fr Provincial written from Salisbury (4 September 1941, 2pp); letter from Ursula Murphy [Fr Murphy’s sister] to Fr Coyne stating she had received word that Fr Murphy had gone overseas (1 December 1941, 1p.); letter to Fr Michael O’Meara (See CHP2/32) (13 October 1943, 1p.) and letter to Fr Provincial from Fr Murphy written on ‘a memorable day, the end of the war in Italy’ (2 May 1945, 2pp). Includes leaflets for the Service of Remembrance and Dedication at St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin in which Fr Conal Murphy SJ contributed to (1976; 1978), and photograph of Fr Conal Murphy SJ in military chaplains uniform, with military ribbon rack underneath.

Murphy, Conal K, 1902-1979, Jesuit priest and chaplain

Letters and telegrams to the Irish Fr Provincial from Fr Laurence Kearns SJ written during his time as a chaplain

Letters and telegrams to the Irish Fr Provincial from Fr Laurence Kearns SJ written during his time as a chaplain serving with various anti-aircraft units: 117 Z.A.A. Battery, 7 (M) Z.A.A. Regiment, Royal Artillery: Stockton-on-Tees; 107 Anti-Aircraft Brigade, Surrey; 32 Light Anti-Aircraft Brigade: France; 52nd Lowland Scottish Infantry Division, 157 Infantry Brigade: Holland, Germany, Belsen and in Garrisson Catholic Church, Bordon, Hants. Includes:
his first letter to the Provincial from Edinburgh (18 September 1943, 2pp);
– photographs of Fr Kearns and his driver (November, December 1944, 6 items: 8½cm x 6cm);
– copies of extracts from Irish Province News on the chaplains (14 – 28 January 1945, 2 items, 1p. each);
– letters describing his car accident (24 June 1945, 8pp), operations to rebuild his damaged face and his convalescence (11 July – 21 December 1945, 5 items).

Kearns, Laurence M, 1912-1986, Jesuit priest and chaplain

Manuscript by Fr Joseph O'Malley SJ on his system of teaching sight-singing and harmony

Manuscript, ready for the publisher, by Fr Joseph O'Malley SJ, Norwood, Australia of a book on his system of teaching sight-singing and harmony. Includes a table of contents (3pp). ‘Dedicated to Charles Levy, Leader of the Lyric Orchestra & the Hawthorn Choir.’ Includes a number of testimonials by various individuals and a photograph of Fr O'Malley.

O'Malley, Joseph, 1832-1910, Jesuit priest

Material concerning the Jesuits in Waterford in the seventeenth century

Documents concerning the Jesuits in Waterford in the seventeenth century. Includes:

  • notes by Fr John MacErlean SJ (n.d., 73pp);
  • ‘Jesuits resident in Waterford 1660 - 1798’ notes by Fr John MacErlean SJ (n.d., 12pp);
  • typescript entitled 'Jesuits acting as Parish Priests in Waterford' (n.d., 1p.);
  • typescript article entitled 'The Jesuits in Waterford' by Fr Francis Finegan SJ. With handwritten corrections and annotations (n.d., 27pp);
  • copies of 'The Catholic Record of Waterford and Lismore', containing an article in three parts entitled 'St Patrick’s Church and Parish', by Rev. P[ower]. Patrick, M.R.I.A. (June, August, October 1916, 3 items);
  • photocopy of an article, 'St Patrick’s Church, Waterford 1750 - 1984', from 'The Pioneer' (February 1985, 2pp);
  • material relating to Jesuit records of St Peter’s Church (1646 - 1650, 8 items).
  • photocopy of an article, 'Recent Archaeological Excavations in Waterford City', by Maurice Hurley, ‘annotated with numbers to accompany photographs by M. Brennan SJ’ with references to St Peter’s Church ([post 1987], 5pp);
  • black and white prints of the excavations at St Peter’s Church, taken by the archaeologists (n.d., 3 items), colour photographs of the excavations taken by Fr Martin Brennan SJ (7 items) and their negatives (8 frames);
  • photocopies of documents (some of whose originals are also in the Irish Jesuit Archives) [sent to/by? Fr Martin Brennan SJ in 1988]: 'Spicilegium Ossoriense: Being a Collection of Original Letters and Papers Illustrative of the History of the Irish Church from the reformation to the year 1800', by Right. Rev. Patrick Francis Moran, DD, Bishop of Ossory (original in the Jesuit Library, Milltown Park) (1878, 9pp);
  • transcript dated c29 Dec 1646, beginning ‘sanctissimus D. N. Paulus felicis recordationis Papa Quintus per literas…’ (6pp);
  • photocopy of a Fr John MacErlean transcript SJ ‘Patres Missionis Hiberniae Innocentio Papae X’ (1646/7, 2pp);
  • ‘Pro Patribus S.J. Waterfordia’ (29 December 1646, 2pp);
  • ‘24 Junii 1649 Parisiis P. Mercure Verdiere to Fr General Vincent Caraffa’ (3pp);
  • ‘Catalogus Tertius Missionis Hibernicae Anno 1650’ (1p) and ‘P. Gulielmus Malonius P. Francisco Piccolomineo Waterfordia 31 Augusti 1650’ (3pp);
  • notes from Rev. Prof. Patrick Power to Fr John MacErlean SJ, on Waterford Jesuits, made in the course of Prof. Power’s research for a history of the Waterford diocese (20 May 1935 - 7 December 1947, 31pp) and
  • article by Fr Michael G Olden in the 'Furrow' entitled 'A diocese remembers: A tribute to the Jesuits' (November 1991).

MacErlean, John C, 1870-1950, Jesuit priest, historian and archivist

Material related to Fr Albert Power SJ

A file relating to Fr Albert Power SJ. Includes a group photograph taken at Corpus Christi College, Melbourne on the occasion of his golden jubilee (1931, 1 item). Includes photographs of himself, members of his family and the family grave in Glasnevin cemetery. Includes letters written to his cousins Daisy and Vonnie, John Comford and Georgie Power. Includes various personal items.

Power, Albert, 1870-1948, Jesuit priest

Memorial cards of Fr Aubrey Gwynn’s family

Memorial cards of Fr Gwynn’s family:
– brother Owen John Gwynn (died 24 January 1919) (1919, 1 item);
– brother Edward Lucius Gwynn (died 7 September 1919, age 28) (1919, 2 items; 1 includes a photograph);
– mother Mary Louisa Gwynn (died 26 April 1941) (1941, 2 items);
– aunt Jane Emily Dumergue (died 2 May 1949) (1949, 1 item) and
– brother Denis Gwynn (died 10 April 1971, age 78) (1971, 1 item, with photograph).

Miscellaneous items belonging to Fr Michael Morrison SJ

Miscellaneous items belonging to Fr Michael Morrison SJ. Includes:

  • photograph (8½cm x 13½cm) of Fr Michael Morrison SJ, (1945-1955);
  • group photograph (8½cm x 6cm) of Jesuits including: back, l-r, Michael O’Grady, [Frank Finegan], Michael Morrison, J. Kelly, Maurice Dowling, Conal Murphy, Sydney Lennon. Front, l-r: Perrott, John McAvoy and Michael O'Meara;
  • pouch containing various documents belonging to Fr Michael Morrison SJ such as: British Forces Identification Card (with photograph); Chaplains’ Identification Cards; Officer’s Ration Card; War Department Driving Permit; British Red Cross Identity Certificate; travel permit, ‘Authorisation for Travel To and From Eire by Personnel During Release Leave’; Services Clothing Coupon Sheet; details of his eyesight from Davidson & Regenstreif ‘Ophthalmic Opticians’ in Cairo and ‘Most Secret’ list of ‘Unit Vehicle Numbers’ of the First Armoured Division (194[1]-194[6], 12 items);
  • leather cover (9cm x 14½cm) for the identity card of Fr Michael Morrison SJ;
  • ‘Field Service Pocket Book. Part I – Pamphlet No. 13. Discipline, Office Work, Pay, and Burial Parties’ (June 1943, 25pp);
  • booklet entitled ‘Infantry Training. Part I – The Infantry Battalion' (1943, 54pp);
  • booklet entitled ‘Memorandum for Catholic Army Chaplains and Officiating Chaplains to the Forces’. With annotations by Fr Morrison (1941, 59pp);
  • signed photograph (10cm x 7cm) of five girls/woman, dated ‘Belsen 24-8-45’ [24 August 1945], [Eva Nuosnovicz], Geūia Freūkiel, with my friendship [Feuier], Best regards from Cecilia, Best wishes [ ]';
  • typescript account of the ‘Chaplains’ Work in Belsen’ by Fr Michael Morrison SJ (1947, 3pp);
  • illustrated booklet ‘The Story of Belsen’ written by Captain Andrew Pares, Adjutant of the 113 L.A.A. Regiment, R.A. (D.L.I.) T.A.. (Cover is detached) (n.d., 12pp);
  • medals belonging Fr Michael Morrison SJ. Includes ‘The 1939-1945 Star’; ‘The France and Germany Star’; ‘The Africa Star’; ‘The Defence Medal’ and a medal for serving from ‘1939-1945’. Includes original box in which the medals were sent to Fr Morrison in Australia in March 1950 by the War Office (6 items, 1950) and
  • file relating to the exhibition in Belvedere College of two cases of material from the Fr Michael Morrison SJ collection as part of a commemoration ceremony to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Belsen concentration camp. Includes a copy of the labels used for the exhibition and a programme of events for the commemoration ceremony (April 2005, 5 items).

Morrison, Michael, 1908-1973, Jesuit priest and chaplain

Negative of photograph of Fr Aubrey Gwynn SJ

Negative of photograph of Fr Aubrey Gwynn SJ, taken from a group with Eamon De Valera and Prof. Michael Tierney. Original copyright the Irish Times.

Irish Times Limited, 1859-

Notes by Fr James Rabbitte SJ on the history of the Jesuits in Galway

Volumes of handwritten notes by Fr James Rabbitte SJ charting the history of the Jesuits in Galway: ‘The fragments gathered in this book deal with the Society in Galway. 1: From the time Fr Holywood was appointed Superior of the Irish Mission in 1598 down to the Suppression of the Soc[iety]. 2: From the coming of Fr Haly as Superior of a Residence and School to Galway in 1859.’ Includes inserts of hand drawn maps of Galway; local history notes; photographs and newspaper clippings; Fr Rabbitte traces the history of the Jesuits in Galway through the use of primary material which are quoted and his knowledge of Jesuit history. Details Superiors of the College and Residence in Galway; Directors of the Confra[ternity] of the Sacred Heart; list of priests educated at St Ignatius College, Galway. Early photograph of St Ignatius Church, Galway and St Ignatius College Athletic Sports at Merlin Park.

Rabbitte, James, 1857-1940, Jesuit priest

Notes on the Jesuits in Kilkenny in the seventeenth century

Notes on the Jesuits in Kilkenny in the seventeenth century. Includes:

  • notes by Fr John MacErlean SJ (3pp);
  • material relating to the Jesuits’ printing press in the city in the seventeenth century, in 'The First Printers in Waterford, Cork and Kilkenny Pre-1700' by William K. Sessions, (The Ebor Press, York, England, 1990) (310pp);
  • letter from Margaret Phelan, Kilkenny Archaeological and Society to Fr James B Stephenson SJ (2 May 1962);
  • short account of the Jesuits in Kilkenny by Fr Stephen Redmond SJ (January 1991);
  • article by Fr Francis Finegan SJ on 'Jesuits in Kilkenny', 'Jesuit Year Book', (1970, pp9-23);
  • twelve colour photographs by Fr Fergus O'Donoghue SJ of various sites in Kilkenny relating to the Jesuits - St John's Priory, Irishtown (June 2001).

Page with Jesuit community at St Ignatius, Galway

Page from publication with a black and white group photograph of the Jesuit community at St Ignatius, Galway, at the turn of the century. Taken outside in two rows.

Back: Br William Canty SJ, Fr Stanislaus MacLoughlin SJ, Fr William Byrne SJ, Br James O'Grady SJ.

Front: Fr Richard Rochford SJ, Fr Patrick O'Reilly SJ, Fr Henry Foley SJ, Fr Edmund Donovan SJ.

Photocopies of obituary of Fr John Gwynn SJ

Photocopies of obituary from the Sunday Freeman of Fr John Gwynn SJ and a photograph of him as published in a supplement given away with the Weekly Freeman. Includes photographs of Fr Gwynn’s Memorial Tablet and a transcript of the inscription and document relating to his death (obituaries and appreciation by Lord Desmond Fitzgerald).

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