County Tyrone



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County Tyrone

  • UF Tyrone
  • UF Co. Tyrone
  • UF Tír Eoghain

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County Tyrone

7 Collection results for County Tyrone

File relating to Fr Daniel J Shields SJ

  • IE IJA J/404/1
  • File
  • 6 August 1936-20 February 1986
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

File relating to Fr Daniel J Shields SJ which includes correspondence with Irish Fr Provincials, personal record, application to join the Society and photograph.

Fr Brian J Cullen SJ

File containing ordination papers, biographical material and some letters relating to Fr Brian J Cullen SJ.

Cullen, Brian J, 1917-1995, Jesuit priest

Fr Paul O'Flanagan SJ

Material relating to Fr Paul O'Flanagan SJ including application to join the Society, correspondence with Irish Fr Provincials and catalogue entries.

O'Flanagan, Paul, 1898-1974, Jesuit priest

Letters to Fr Henry Gill SJ from various scientists and scientific institutions on his research

  • IE IJA J/17/29
  • File
  • 22 May 1909 - 24 May 1944
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Letters to Fr Henry Gill SJ from various scientists and scientific institutions on his research. Includes:

  • letter from the Assistant Librarian of the Royal Institution, London giving Fr Henry Gill SJ permission to use one of the Libraries to demonstrate ‘the new glow in Vacuum tubes’ which Fr Henry Gill SJ discovered during the course of his research work in Cambridge (22 May 1909, 1p);
  • letter from Prof. Oliver Lodge, (The University, Edmund Street, Birmingham) thanking Fr Henry Gill SJ for sending him his article on ‘the Ether’ and discussing the theory propounded by Prof. J. J. Thomson, who, in a recent Address ‘allows for the possibility of extra condensation of ether close to matter’ (9 September 1909, 3pp);
  • letter from the Director of the Union Géodésique et Géophysique Internationale concerning Fr Gill’s paper, ‘Some Speculations on Wegner’s Theory of Continental Drift’ published in Publications du Bureau central séismologique international, série A: Travaux scientifiques, fascicule 15 - 1937 (18 January 1936, 1p.) and letter from J. E. Doyle (Mullaghadun, Dungannon, County Tyrone) discussing his ideas on entropy and concluding ‘I would strongly advise you to consult an authority on physics and biology before publishing anything more on this subject, as erroneous arguments, although they should not be taken as proving anything one way or the other generally throw some discredit on the thesis which they are used to support’ (3pp).

Royal Dublin Society, 1731-