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Sodality of Our Lady and Christian Life Communities Molony, Charles W, 1894-1978, Jesuit priest
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Documents related to Sodality history and surveys

File of documents related to Sodality history and surveys. Includes 'Sodality Conference, 1955', 'A Sodality Venture: St Francis Xavier's Boys' Club' by Charles Molony SJ, '350 years - The Irish Sodalities 1598 - 1948' by Rev. E. O'Connor SJ, 'Memorandum on Sodalities of Our Lady in Ireland, 1958', Extracts from 'A History of the Society of Jesus' by Fr William Bagert SJ, 'General report on Irish Sodalities, 1966', 'The Sodality of Our Lady in Ireland', 'Sodalities of Our Lady: Survey: May 1967', 'The Sodality of Our Lady in Ireland in the Nineteenth Century' by Rev. E. O'Connor SJ, 'Report on the present state of the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin in Ireland' by T F Ryan SJ, 'Nursing Sodalities', 'Common Sample Commentary Constitution for a Diocesan Sodality Federation', 'Sample Constitution and By- Laws for Union of Adult Sodalities', 'Popes who were Sodalists', calendar of 'Sancti et Beati Sodales Mariani' and record of donations from the sodality to Pope Pius XII, 1954.