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Brady, Joseph, 1802-1875, Jesuit brother

  • IE IJA J/944
  • Person
  • 14 April 1802-16 March 1875

Born: 14 April 1802, Castlebar, County Mayo
Entered: 27 December 1826, Hodder, Stonyhurst, England - Angliae Province (ANG)
Final Vows: 15 August 1839
Died 16 March 1875: Nagapattinam Tamil Nadu, India - Franciae Province (FRA)

◆ Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
1843 Sailed with others for the new College and Mission at Calcutta 24/08/1843. When it closed, he got permission to join the French Fathers at Madurai, where, by his own exertions he had acquired a knowledge of Mathematics, he for some years taught at the College of Nagapattinamm. He died there 16/03/1875 aged 73

Bridge, John Brice, 1793-1860, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/2287
  • Person
  • 02 November 1793-20 February 1860

Born: 02 November 1793, Liverpool, England
Entered: 07 September 1814, Hodder, Lancashire, England - Angliae Province (ANG)
Ordained: July 1819, Dublin
Died: 20 February 1860, Allerton Park, Mauleverer, Yorkshire, England - Angliae Province (ANG)

Brooke, Charles, 1777-1852, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/2289
  • Person
  • Born: 08 August 1777-06 October 1852

Born: 08 August 1777, Exeter, Devon, England
Entered: 26 September 1803, Stonyhurst, England - Angliae Province (ANG)
Ordained: 12 June 1802, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, County Kildare
Died: 06 October 1852, Exeter, Devon, England - Angliae Province (ANG)

Son of James and Sarah (Hoare)

PROVINCIAL English Province (ANG) 1826-1832

Visitor to Irish Mission 1842

Brownbill, Francis, 1793-1895, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/2389
  • Person
  • 05 November 1793-13 May 1875

Born: 05 November 1793, Gillmoss, Lancashire, England
Entered: 07 September 1813, Hodder, Lancashire, England - Angliae Province (ANG)
Ordained: December 1819, Dublin City, County Dublin
Final Vows: 15 August 1834
Died: 13 May 1875, Stonyhurst, Lancashire, England - Angliae Province (ANG)

◆ Henry Foley - Records of the English province of The Society of Jesus Vol VII

Brownbill, Francis, Father, a native of Gillmoss, county Lancaster ; born November 5, 1793 ; educated at Stonyhurst College;entered the Society at Hodder, September 7,1813. After the usual scholastic course,he was ordained Priest in Dublin,December1819. Then filled the offices of Prefect, Professor of Mathematics,& c.,and became Minister of Stonyhurst College. He was made a Spiritual Coadjutor,August 15, 1834;August ,1835, Superior of the Residence of St. Michael. From 1838 to 1842 (when he was again appointedMinister of Stonyhurst College) he was both missioner and Superior of St. George's Residence, Worcester, and likewise Superior of the College of St. Francis Xavier. In September, 1847, Superior at the Seminary (St. Mary's Hall),Stonyhurst. From September 6,1843,until 1863,he was missioner at Newhall,Chelmsford. In December, 1864 , Superior at the Little College, Hodder. His health now declining, after several changes cur val ,he was removed to Stonyhurst College, where he died May 13,1875, æt.82.

◆ The English Jesuits, 1650-1829: A Biographical Dictionary

by Geoffrey Holt

Brownbill, Francis. Priest.
b. November 5th, 1793, Gillmoss, Lancashire.
s. of George and Margaret (Spenser). br. of James (2) and Thomas.
e. Stonyhurst 1807-13.
S.J. September 7th, 1813.
Hodder (nov) 1813-5.
Stonyhurst (phil and theol) 1815-9.
Ordained priest December 1819, Dublin.
Stonyhurst 1820-6. London 1826.
Stonyhurst 1826-32. Hodder (tert) 1832.
Stockeld Park 1832-8. (Superior,
Residence of St Michael 1835-8).
Worcester 1838-42. (Superior,
Residence of St George 1839-42).
Stonyhurst 1842-7. St Mary's Hall 1847-8.
New Hall 1848-63.
London 1863.
Exeter 1863.
Hodder 1864-8 (Superior).
Lincoln 1868-9.
Skipton 1869-72.
Accrington 1872-3.
Stonyhurst 1873-5.
d. May 13th, 1875, Stonyhurst. bu. Stonyhurst.

(Fo.7; Stol; Nec; CRS.6/183; 115).

Clarke, Thomas Tracy, 1802-1862, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1051
  • Person
  • 04 July 1802-11 January 1862

Born: 04 July 1802, Dublin City, County Dublin
Entered: 07 September 1823, Montrouge, Paris, France - Angliae Province (ANG)
Ordained: 24 September 1836, Stonyhurst College, England
Final Vows: 02 February 1844
Died: 11 January 1862, St Ignatius College, London, England - Angliae Province (ANG)

Older brother of Malachy Ent 18/09/1825; Cousin of Thomas RIP 1870 (ANG)

◆ Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
Studied Humanities at Stonyhurst and Maynooth College before Ent

1825-1829 Master at Hodder School until 08 December 1829
1837-1839 Missioner at Norwich, Preston and Pontefract
1840 Tertianship
1845-1860 Master of Novices at Hodder 28 August 1845-September 1860 Succeeded by Alfred Weld
1860 A Preacher at Immaculate Conception London and died at St Ignatius College, London in the presence of the Provincial Father Seed, and the community. His death was edifying, and his last act at the moment of death was to beg a Father standing by to assist him in raising his arm to make the sign of the Cross, being unable to move it himself (Province Register)

Note on Novitiate at Hodder :
By his exertions, the Novitiate was moved from Hodder Place, Stonyhurst to Beaumont Lodge, a noble mansion in the Parish of Old Windsor, purchased in August 1854, and given to the Province by Father Joseph Maxwell. The house was taken possession of by Fathers Clarke and Maxwell, and the compiler of the Collectanea on 04 September 1854.
The Novitiate at Hodder had begun in 1803 at the time of the Restoration of the Society, was closed for a time in 1821 and reopened again in September 1827, moving in 1854 to Beaumont. It moved again in 1861 from Old Windsor to Roehampton, with Fr Weld as Novice Master, and Beaumont becoming St Stanislaus College.

◆ HIB Menologies SJ :
Note from Edmund Donovan Entry :
Father Donovan entered the Society of Jesus on 07 September 1858 and made his Noviceship at Roehampton, under that distinguished Spiritual Director Father Tracey Clarke SJ.

Clarke, Thomas, 1804-1870, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1052
  • Person
  • 24 January 1804-02 September 1870

Born: 24 January 1804, Dublin City, County Dublin
Entered: 07 September 1823, Montrouge, Paris, France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Ordained: 20 December 1834, Stonyhurst
Final Vows: 15 August 1841
Died: 02 September 1870, Blackpool, Lancashire, England - Angliae Province (ANG)

Cousin of Malachy Ent 1825 and Thomas Tracy RIP 1862 (ANG)

◆ Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
Early education at Stonyhurst before Ent.

After First Vows, studies at Saint-Acheul, France and Stonyhurst, Regency and Theology at Stonyhurst, he was Ordained there by Bishop Penswick 20 December 1834
1834-1841 He was at the Gilmoss (near Liverpool) Mission
1841-1842 On the Lydiate - near Liverpool - Mission
1842 Appointed Rector of Mount St Mary’s. He left there some time after and served the Missions of Preston, Irnham, Lincoln and Market Rasen for brief periods.
1848-1850 Appointed Minister and procurator at St Beuno’s
1850-1859 On the Market Rasen Mission
1859-1867 On the Tunbridge Wells Mission, which was ceded to the local Bishop in 1867.
1867 He became a Missioner at Wardour Castle, from where, in declining health, he was sent to Blackpool, and he died there 02/09/1870 aged 66.
He was also Socius to the Provincial

Connell, George, 1800-1853, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1089
  • Person
  • 11 June 1800-29 March 1853

Born: 11 June 1800, Cabinteely, County Dublin
Entered: 10 May 1818, Hodder, Stonyhurst, England - Angliae Province (ANG)
Ordained: 22 Aeptember 1832, Stonyhurst, England
Final Vows: 15 August 1838
Died: 29 March 1853, Stonyhurst, Lancashire, England - Angliae Province (ANG)

◆ Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
Studied Humanities at Stonyhurst before Ent.

1820 Sent to Italy for health reasons, and studied Rhetoric in Rome.
1822 Philosophy, Regency and Theology at Stonyhurst, where he was Ordained by Bishop Penwick
1836 Sent to Preston as Missioner and Superior of St Aloysius College
1842 Appointed Master of Novices at Hodder 01 March 1842
1845 Appointed Rector of English College Malta 11 September 1845
1850 Sent to England with physical and mental health utterly broken, and died at Stonyhurst 29 March 1853 aged 52

Enwright, John, 1793-1843, Jesuit brother

  • IE IJA J/1257
  • Person
  • 1793-15 December 1843

Born: 1793, Castletown, County Limerick
Entered: 12 November 1817, Hodder, Stonyhurst, England - Angliae Province (ANG)
Final Vows: 15 August 1836
Died: 15 December 1843, Stonyhurst - Angliae Province (ANG)

◆ Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
1841 He was appointed Infirmarian at Stonyhurst, and died there himself Stonyhurst aged 50

Kenny, Patrick, 1889-1973, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/217
  • Person
  • 08 November 1889-17 March 1973

Born: 08 November 1889, Charleville Parade, Tullamore, County Offaly
Entered: 07 September 1909, St Stanislaus College, Tullabeg, County Offaly
Ordained: 15 August 1922, Milltown Park, Dublin
Final Vows: 02 February 1968, St Francis Xavier, Gardiner Street, Dublin
Died: 17 March 1973, Our Lady’s Hospice, Dublin

Part of the St Francis Xavier's, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin community at the time of death

Father was a solicitor and died in 1899. Family then moved to Dublin. Mother now resides at Brookfield Terrace, Blackrock, Dublin

Second eldest of three - 2 sisters.

Early education at a convent school in Dublin, then went to Dominican Convent Wicklow for two years and then at Clongowes Wood College SJ. Left CWC in 1906 for a year to go to the South of France for his health

Nephew of Timothy Kenny - RIP 1917 and Peter Kenny - RIP 1912

by 1913 at Stonyhurst, England (ANG) studying
by 1924 at Hastings, Sussex, England (LUGD) studying

◆ Irish Province News
Irish Province News 48th Year No 2 1973
Obituary :
Fr Patrick Kenny (1889-1973)
Our Church in Gardiner St, can have witnessed in its long history, few if any more impressive tributes to one of our dead than was paid there recently at the funeral of Fr Kenny. The Church was well filled with members of the Faithful who were joined on the occasion by an especially large number of members of the province. Some twelve or fourteen priests joined to concelebrate the Mass amongst whom Fr Eric Guiry, Fr Kenny’s Rector was principal concelebrant. The Choir from Milltown Park ably conducted by Michael McGuckian added solemnity to the funeral liturgy of the day.
After a long life of sixty four years in the Society and a rather long period of failing health prior to his death, Fr Kenny died in the late evening of St Patrick's Day, in the Rehabilitation unit of the Irish Sisters of Charity at Harold’s Cross. The tribute paid by Fr Guiry at the beginning of the Mass to Fr Kenny’s life and work in the Province - simple and straightforward - emphasised the ministry of service to the Province and the members of the Province which had been the dominant note in the appointments he had had. The same theme was reflected in the Prayers of the Faithful which were so thoughtfully composed and movingly expressed.
Service of the Province in its own members was indeed Fr Kenny's life’s work from the time of his ordination onwards. It was a service self-effacingly rendered in a well-founded spirit of faith and supported by a conscientiousness in religious observance which added to precept the support of personal example.
Fr Kenny was born in Tullamore 1890. His father, another Patrick, was a brother of two members of the Irish Australian Province (as it then was) of the Society - Fr Timothy Kenny, who was successively Irish Provincial and Australian Superior in the 1880s-90s and Fr Peter Kenny who died in Dublin in 1912. Fr Kenny’s father died while Paddy was a young boy. The family moved to Dublin and it was natural enough that he should go for schooling to Clongowes. He was on the roll of the College from 1901-09. During an interval of that period he was threatened with a delicacy and spent a year in the South of France for the benefit of the air; the remedy apparently was effective, - the symptoms did not recur.
He entered the Society at the age of twenty in the year 1909. He did his noviceship in Tullabeg and after that spent a year as a Junior studying at Milltown Park. His next move was to St Mary’s Hall Stonyhurst for philosophy. He was then appointed in 1916 to the prefectorial and teaching staff at Clongowes. In 1920 he proceeded to Milltown Park for theology returning to Tullabeg for Tertianship in 1924. In 1925 he remained there as Minister of the House and Socius to the Master of Novices.
In 1927 he succeeded Fr Larry Potter as Minister at Rathfarnham Castle where he did a great deal to put into shape the new Juniorate wing occupied for the first time twelve months earlier. From the first, he showed a concern and kindness for the aged and infirm which remained characteristic of him throughout his life.
On his arrival at Rathfarnham he was already of course well acquainted with practically all the younger members of his community, initiating that kindly interest in them that he maintained to the end. In 1930, he was appointed first Superior of the new noviceship house at Emo. Here as with the setting up of the new Juniorate quarters in Rathfarnham he took an immense interest in organising the house and in endeavouring to restore the grounds which had been neglected previously while the house was unoccupied. Later on he was Minister at Clongowes for a term of years, Minister at Milltown Park, Vice-Rector there, Rector at Rathfarnham Castle, Economus at Leeson Street and in his later years operarius in Gardiner St. In all these occupations service of Ours was his principal commitment. The years add up to an imposing total, punctuated here and there by historic incidents of one kind or another for Fr Kenny had a disconcerting charism of being at times in just the places where he was least expected to be found. Some of these incidents, to the recalling of which he was later a listener and into which he entered with a wry smile, centred on the summary judgment delivered, on occasion, with a gleam of grim humour that discouraged further debate!
But while we pay well merited tribute to his work within the Province as such, we would be mistaken if we considered that his activities were wholly thus confined. Fr Kenny was interested in helping those in need whoever they might be: he was interested also and took his share in the work of retreats and triduums. For some years he was official Director of Mission and Retreats for the Province. In Gardiner Street he was most conscientious in regard to his duties in the Church where his absence will assuredly be mourned. His was a well-filled and well-spent life.
His interest in the work for poor churches was engrossing and persisted in sedulously even in declining health; the members of the St. Vincent de Paul Conference with which he was associated practically from his arrival at Gardiner St, and which devolved to Fr John Neary when Fr. Kenny's energies were failing were eloquent witnesses of what was possibly Fr Kenny's most abiding interest in the poor.
We offer sincerest sympathies to his two devoted sisters Mrs Matson and Mrs Martin in their loss. RIP

◆ The Clongownian, 1973


Father Patrick Kenny SJ

By the death of Fr Paddy Kenny the Irish Province of the Society of Jesus has lost one of its most devoted members, and Clongowes a sincere and loyal friend. Patrick Kenny was born in 1889 in Tullamore, where his father was a well known solicitor. On the latter's death in 1890 the family moved to Dublin. Paddy began his school career with two years at the Dominican Convent, Wicklow, and came to Clongowes in 1901. During these early years his health was not good, and, as a precaution, he spent the year 1906-07 in the south of France. He then returned to Clongowes from 1907-09. In the 1908 Clongownian he appears in a group of the officials of the Pioneer Association, and in the following number as one of the house officials in charge of the school shop, and also in a most interesting group of the last 1st Arts class of the Royal University, with their class master, Fr. John Sullivan.

Paddy Kenny entered the Society of Jesus at Tullabeg in 1909. He studied Philosophy at Stonyhurst from 1912 to 1915, and then worked for five years as prefect and master in Clongowes. His four years of theology were spent in Milltown Park and Ore Place, Hastings, with the French Jesuits who had opened a house there on their expulsion froin France, and he was ordained priest in 1924,

Father Kenny early showed a marked gift for administration, and for the rest of his life he was continually employed in posts of responsibility, Minister in Tullabeg, Rathfarnham, Clongowes, Milltown Park, Gardiner St, Superior in Emo Park, Vice-Rector in Milltown, Rector in Rathfarnham Castle. There was nothing spectacular in his tenure of office in these various houses, but, viewing his long and active life as a whole, it stands out as a most remarkable example of whole-hearted devotion to duty, inspired by the highest spiritual motives. He was utterly unselfish, or, to put it in a more positive way, utterly devoted to the welfare of others. This showed itself particularly in his care for the sick, his charity towards the poor, the trouble to which he went to help others in their difficulties. Those who knew him well will agree that the amount of time he devoted to his own pleasure or relaxation was minimal His one desire seemed to be that he should be on the job and at the disposal of others at any time. Nor was there anything cold or impersonal about his devotion to duty. Rather, it was inspired by a really warm and kindly love for others and a sympathetic understanding of their needs.

It has been mentioned that Father Kenny had Father John Sullivan as his class master in Clongowes. He was afterwards often associated with Father Sullivan, during his years as a scholastic and as Minister in Clongowes. In the latter capacity he was constantly in attendance on Father Sullivan in his last illness, and administered the sacrament of Extreme Unction to him before he left Clongowes. Father Kenny had the greatest admiration for Father Sullivan, whom, indeed, he resembled in many characteristics, notably his devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and his kindness towards the poor, and it was due to his urgent representations that the Life of the Servant of God was published, which, in turn, led to the introduction of his Cause of Beatification.

Father Kenny is survived by his sisters, Mrs Anne Martin and Mrs May Matson, to whom we offer our sincere sympathy.

Kerwick, James, 1796-1870, Jesuit brother

  • IE IJA J/1534
  • Person
  • 02 February 1796-04 April 1870

Born: 02 February 1796, Co Tipperary
Entered: 20 September 1827, Hodder, England - Angliae Province (ANG)
Final Vows: 15 August 1839
Died: 04 April 1870, Stonyhurst, England - Angliae Province (ANG)

Mahon, Henry, 1804-1879, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1660
  • Person
  • 25 September 1804-04 May 1879

Born: 25 September 1804, Dublin City, County Dublin
Entered: 01 November 1823, Montrouge, Paris, France - Angliae Province (ANG)
Ordained: 20 December 1834, Stonyhurst
Final Vows: 15 August 1841
Died: 04 May 1879, Stonyhurst, Lancashire, England - Angliae Province (ANG)

◆ Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
Early education in Humanities at Stonyhurst before Entry

1827 At a newly opened Jesuit school in London
1834 Ordained at Stonyhurst by Bishop Penswick 20 December 1834
1842-1847 After serving at Wardour Castle and St Ignatius Church, Preston, he was appointed Superior of the St Francis Xavier College (Hereford District), and of the Residence of St George (Worcester District), and residing as Chaplain at Spetchley Park.
1848-1851 Served the Shepton Mallet and Bristol Missions, also being Superior At St George’s.
1851-1858 Served on the London Mission
1858 he served the Great Yarmouth, Edinburgh, Worcester, London and Liverpool Missions, and then went to Stonyhurst for health reasons in 1872. He died there 04 May 1879 aged 75.

He was distinguished for his eloquence in the pulpit and skill as a Confessor. (Province Record)

McCann, Matthew, 1810-1874, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1690
  • Person
  • 12 November 1810-01 June 1874

Born: 12 November 1810, Drogheda, County Louth
Entered: 09 September 1828, Hodder, Stonyhurst, England - Angliae Province (ANG)
Ordained: 19 September 1840, Stonyhurst, England
Final Vows: 25 March 1848
Died: 01 June 1874, Wardour, Tisbury, Wiltshire, England - Angliae Province (ANG)

McClune, John, 1809-1848, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/2346
  • Person
  • 19 April 1809-16 December 1848

Born: 19 April 1809, Liverpool, England
Entered: 07 September 1826, Avignon, France - Franciae Province (FRA)
Ordained: 24 December 1839, Clongowes Wood College SJ
Final Vows: 02 February 1847
Died: 16 December 1848, Stonyhurst, England - Angliae Province (ANG)

O'Brien, John, 1769-1854, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1854
  • Person
  • 29 February 1796-19 December 1854

Born: 29 February 1796, Enniscorthy, County Wexford
Entered: 30 July 1827, Montrouge, Paris, France - Angliae Province (ANG)
Ordained: 22 September 1832, Stonyhurst, England
Final Vows: 02 February 1847, Stonyhurst, England
Died: 19 December 1854, Stonyhurst, Lancashire, England - Angliae Province (ANG)

◆ Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
Studied Humanities at Stonyhurst before Entry.

1832 He was Ordained at Stonyhurst 22 September 1832 by Bishop Penswick., and was sent to the Lincoln Mission 16 October 1832.
1840 Sent to the Spinkhill Mission
1842 Sent on the Portico Mission
1843 Sent to Stonyhurst as an assistant-missioner, and died there from paralysis, from which he had suffered for several years on 19 December 1854 aged 58.

O'Carroll, Richard, 1807-1858, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1871
  • Person
  • 14 July 1807-14 February 1858

Born: 14 July 1807, Dublin City, County Dublin
Entered: 18 September 1825, Chieri, Italy - Taurensis Province (TAUR)
Ordained: 20 December 1834, Stonyhurst
Final Vows: 02 February 1845
Died: 14 February 1858, St Francis Xavier, Liverpool, England, England - Angliae Province (ANG)

◆ Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
Early education at Stonyhurst

After First Vows spent two years studying Philosophy at at Dôle and Aix.
1834-1849 Taught at Stonyhurst, and was a Prefect. He was Ordained there 20 December 1834. He continued teaching at Stonyhurst, was Superior of the Seminary, and Missioner for a short time at Holywell, and then Superior of the Seminary again in 1845.
1849 Sent to St Francis Xavier, Liverpool. He became a distinguished Preacher, his religious and striking appearance in the pulpit adding weight to his impassioned addresses. Worn out by his work, he died there 14 February 1858, aged 51, and was buried at Gilmoss, attended by a great procession of the congregation by whom he was much beloved.

Parker, Richard, 1791-1836, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1965
  • Person
  • 23 July 1791-03 September 1836

Born: 23 July 1791, Preston, Lancashire, England
Entered: 07 September 1810, Hodder, Lancashire, England - Angliae Province (ANG)
Ordained: December 1819, Dublin City, County Dublin
Final Vows: 02 February 1833
Died: 03 September 1836, Chorley, Lancashire, England - Angliae Province (ANG)

Rector of the Stonyhurst College community at the time of death

◆ George Oliver Towards Illustrating the Biography of the Scotch, English and Irish Members SJ
PARKER, RICHARD, born at Preston, 23 July 1791, arrived at Stonyhurst in October 1894, entered the Society in 1810, ordained priest in December 1819, and 6 October the ensuing year became the Missionary at Wardour. Here his prudence, his uniform piety, charity, zeal and urbanity of manners endeared him to all. To the deep regret of his flock and his noble patrons, obedience summoned him away from Wardour to Stonyhurst College, 12 June 1832, to fill the office of its Rector. Fr Parker was admitted to the rank of Professed Father 2 February 1833. For the last year ofm his life his patience was tried by a complication of maladies that defied all the power and skill of Physicians, and he died most piously at the house of his dear friend Mr Harrison of Chorley, whose unremitting attentions to the last exceed all praise. The precious remains of this worthy Father were honourably conveyed to Stonyhurst for interment.

Scott, John, 1793-1854, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/2098
  • Person
  • 25 February 1793-17 December 1854

Born: 25 February 1793, Shevington, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Entered: 07 September 1815, Hodder, Lancashire, England - Angliae Province (ANG)
Ordained: September 1822, Dublin
Died: 17 December 1854, Boston, Lincolnshire, England - Angliae Province (ANG)

Segrave, Henry, 1806-1869, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/2105
  • Person
  • 22 October 1806-13 February 1869

Born: 22 October 1806, Dublin City, County Dublin
Entered: 24 March 1828, Hodder, Stonyhurst, England - Angliae Province (ANG)
Ordained: 24 September 1836, Stonyhurst
Final Vows: 15 August 1847
Died: 13 February 1869, Stonyhurst, Lancashire, England - Angliae Province (ANG)

◆ Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
Studied Humanities at Stonyhurst and then graduated BA from Trinity College Dublin (28/02/1828) before Ent

After studies and Regency at Stonyhurst he was Ordained there 24 September 1836 by Bishop Briggs.
Served various offices at Stonyhurst, then at Preston and was then appointed Rector of the English College Malta, where he served for six years. He then returned to the London Mission for two years.
1857 He was sent to Barbados.
He then returned to England again, and was sent to London, and for a short time was at Wardour Castle, Wilts, and later as Spiritual Father at Beaumont College.
He was sent to Stonyhurst with broken health and died there 13 February 1869 aged 63