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St Stanislaus College

St Stanislaus College

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St Stanislaus College

  • UF Coláiste Ainéislis

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St Stanislaus College

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'A Diary or Jottings' by Fr James F. Murphy SJ

  • IE IJA J/15/1
  • Item
  • 25 December 1889 - 1 November 1892
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

'A Diary or Jottings, from day to day of events, especially 1 Nov. 1892 regarding the Society and, in particular, this (Irish) Province, which may prove interesting &, perhaps, even useful when The Writer shall be many years dead and gone.’ Found enclosed is a typed note (n.d., 2pp) by an unknown Jesuit (possibly Fr Fergal McGrath SJ, Irish Province Archivist 1975-1986) giving brief biographical details of Fr Murphy. Also comments on the contents of the diary, ‘Some interesting things recorded are: the initial history of all the houses of the province: the story of the setting up of Milltown as a Coll. Max.: the dispute with the Bishop of Meath (Dr Nulty) over faculties for fathers at Tullabeg: the biographies of various S.J.s (and, e.g., reference to W. Coyne, later father of Fr Eddie Coyne and to Charles Kennedy a benefactor of the province): the account of the great storm of 1890/1 and of the influenza epidemic which swept over Europe from Russia. Minutiae of the day-to-day life, customs, studies and so on, and the final account of the Provincial Congregation (June 1892) after Fr General’s (Anderledy) death are also of interest and some historical value.’ Enclosures includes extracts from diary kept in Tullabeg, 1856 (9pp).

Diary of Fr William A Sutton SJ

  • IE IJA J/18/13
  • Item
  • 18 December 1901 - 17 December 1902; 31 August 1909; 1 October 1912 - 20 November 1912
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Diary includes entry dated 31 August 1909 which reads, ‘Since coming here to Mungret six years ago I’ve been struggling on much on the old lines ever seeking peace one way or another…It came upon me quite by surprise to be sent here from M(ill)town Park. I had been told I sh(oul)d be there 10 years (of course not for certain). Any way I made best of it. It was compensation to get away from relatives who had given me awful bother, poor creatures. I came here as Vice Rector & had lots of teaching. I had to study much & got on well enough. I expected to be appointed Rector, but after 2 years ceased to be Superior & felt it someways though I would have chosen it too.…In the matter of Latin it seems to me as if I had never known much about it before & still I am far from being a Latin scholar. This is absolutely true. Last year I had 2nd Arts Pass Greek & learnt a good deal about it too & glad of additional insight.…First year I had 1st Arts English Pass & Honors besides Pass [ ] of B.A. [And] 2nd Arts. Eyes got affected. Two months not allowed to read. Enjoyed the time. This year I had only Lat(in) B.A. & 2nd Arts & so like last year.…For all my reading, writing, thinking, results not much. I have not turned out at all what I expected. Much better so. I have given up thinking I ever shall.…I am now in my 63rd year, old enough to have sense. It is something to know that one has not much sense & never shall. Men are but children of larger growth.…one w(oul)d think I ought to have made more mark. Since I came here six years ago I have never been asked to preach anywhere, not even at the Crescent. I am glad now. I am determined for the future to be absolutely truthful with regard to mental state, & give up all sham.…I have a great deal of the buffoon in me. This vacation I was three weeks away at C.W.C.,…(Clongowes Wood College, Co. Kildare)…in Dublin & in [...]. All that time I was going about & meeting many. I joked & told stories & made people laugh &…in my own esteem shone & I am sure several thought I was always goodhumoured… the truth is very different.…As I have given up all desire of distinguishing myself, of attracting notice etc. I will try to make diary a companion.…The way to please God is to be as useful & helpful as one can. I must try. Reading & writing may be best for me.’

Diary is resumed after a three year break, on 1st October 1912, in an entry beginning ‘Tullabeg. here since Aug. 24th 1911.’

Letters from Jesuits volunteering to serve as chaplains

Letters to the Irish Fr Provincial Laurence J. Kieran SJ from various Jesuits volunteering to become military chaplains following the outbreak of the Second World War. Includes letters from: Frs Michael J. Morrison SJ (See CHP2/29), Arthur Little SJ, Fr Edward J. Coyne SJ, Joseph Garland SJ, Thomas Shuley SJ, Richard Kennedy SJ (See CHP2/23), Leonard Sheil SJ, James McCann SJ and Michael Pelly SJ (See CHP2/33).

Letters from Willie Doyle, 1886-1896

  • IE IJA J/2/80
  • File
  • 30 May 1886 - 23 August 1896
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Holograph letters and one typewritten letter by Willie Doyle: as a schoolboy in Ratcliffe College, Leicestershire, England to his brother Bob and mother (30 May 1886 - 9 April 1887); as a Jesuit novice at St Stanislaus, Tullabeg, County Offaly to his mother and father, and sisters Mai and Lena (8 August 1891 - 9 July 1892); as a scholastic at Milltown Park, Dublin to his father and brother Bob (31 May - Christmas 1893) and to Brother Cahill on finishing his noviceship (8 June 1893) and at Clongowes Wood College, County Kildare to his mother and father, and brothers Bob and Charles (3 September 1894 - 23 August 1896).

Letters to the Irish Fr Provincial from Jesuits in response to call to serve as chaplains

Letters to the Irish Fr Provincial from various Jesuits in response to Fr Provincial’s letter (16 April 1941, 1p.) seeking volunteers to serve as chaplains: ‘Mgr. Coghlan (an Irishman from the diocese of Meath) who is in charge of the military chaplains has called upon me and informed me that the need of chaplains is acute and urgent, in some areas Catholic soldiers have no priests to look after them’. Includes responses from: John Hayes SJ (See CHP2/18); John Burden SJ (See CHP2/13); Thomas O'Donnell SJ; Cyril Perrott SJ (See CHP2/35); Conal Murphy SJ (See CHP2/30); Thomas P. Kelly SJ; Brendan Lawler SJ; John McCarron SJ; Brian MacMahon SJ; Daniel Shields SJ (See CHP2/37); Maurice Dowling SJ (See CHP2/16); Frank O'Riordan SJ and Joseph Garland SJ.

Material relating to Fr Laurence O’Neill SJ

A file relating to Fr Laurence O’Neill SJ, his entry into the Society of Jesus, his ill health, his four years in Australia as a scholastic and his death.

O’Neill, Laurence, 1907-1987, Jesuit priest

Photocopy of novice journal which mentions Fr Hopkins at Loyola House, Dromore, County Down

  • IE IJA J/11/60
  • Item
  • 15 & 26 September 1887
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Photocopy of pages from the Novice Journal (Beadle) at Tullabeg (IE IJA FM/TULL/55, early part of journal; deals with Loyola House, Dromore, County Down), which references the arrival at Dromore of Fr Hopkins ‘from Dublin to make his Retreat’ (15 September) and ‘Rev[eren]d Fr Rector came to evening recreation accompanied by Fr Hopkins whom he introduced to the Novices (26 September).

Sketches compiled by Fr Joseph Dalton SJ on deceased members of the Society

Sketches compiled by Fr Joseph Dalton SJ on deceased members of the Society in Australia for 'Memorials of the Irish Province' including Frs John Cunningham SJ (1817-1858), and the pilgrimage to St Stanislaus College, Tullabeg, County Offaly before the Irish famine on the 'first Sundays' (Bona Mors) and Br Philip Reilly SJ (1784-1868).

Dalton, Joseph, 1817-1905, Jesuit priest